A Immortal Rebellion: The Academy (IC) (Still accepting)

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  1. -Cai-
    The first day of his last year here at Gray's academy. Cai had trained many years here, but this year was going to be different according to Headmaster Fiery, this year was to be hard, especially since the training sessions were longer and more brutal. Cai sighed in frustration. He didn't want to leave the cosmos for school, but he had to, he felt obligated to protect his home and return the one lost back to the people. Beaming down to the docks of the school, Cai laughed a little. The docks still were not fixed from last year's boating accident. Standing there taking in the scenery, Cai picked up his small army bag a walked towards the stairs, up towards the school and through the side doors in the vacant church. The school use to be a off route village, that was built back when the supernaturals first came to this Island. After centuries of it being stationed, the buildings began to break down, causing the villagers to leave and start again elsewhere, forgetting about the town. Later on the town was found and changed into a school by Headmaster Fiery's father. The church was the only thing still standing in original condition, which Cai found funny. The least religious place in the universe and yet here stands an ancient church that still is in mint condition. No one seemed to have use for it though, as dust collected on the seats, and birds nest hung on the rafters. The door that conjoined both the church and the school itself had vines growing on it. Entering the school, Cai was hit with a ice cold breeze. The Air conditioning was fixed and on full blast. He smiled and continued down the dark hallway and made a right, climbing the stairs that was immediately there, he reached Dragons keep. The doors had a old picture of a dragon sword on them, both identical in shape and color, it seemed like they faded in the same spots at the same time. Pulling out his student key, he slide it into the lock, and walked through the door. At the back of the lounge area was a spiral staircase leading to the second floor, after climbing it, Cai saw the third door on the left with his name on it. It was nice that each student got their own room, if only they could be bigger. Examining the room, Cai thought of a way to decorate it, focusing, he brought it to life. His room was now fully equipped with everything a warrior student, and regular one, would need. He brought his bedroom back home here and it satisfied him, at least at this moment it did. Dropping his bag into the closet, Cai exited both his room and Dragons keep. Making his way into the courtyard and into the building containing his homeroom. Cai walked into room 189B, and found a adviser handing out schedules to students. After grabbing his schedule, Cai looked at the clock, he was ten minutes early and decided to take a seat by the window, then looked out on to Dead-Moon Lake. He smiled as he watched the fog roll over the water. The school had a faint sense of death and destruction to it and he liked it.
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  2. ~Valentine~
    This was the last year of her life at this academy. Val felt like she had trained for longer than the few short years she had been here, and according to the headmaster this year is to be the toughest. The training sessions were suppose to be brutal and more strategized, she groaned in realization of this factor. She was reluctant to leave her home in the icy mountains but she had no choice in order to rule her land efficiently Val had to graduate this school. Her carriage arrived in the front of the school still frost covered, she stepped out with one of her bags. She went to the back grabbing her trunk and made her way to her newly assigned dorm. She found the stairs that were to her right and climbed up and spotted her name almost immediately on the right hand side across form a room that was labeled Cai. Her face flushed as she hurried to her room setting her things onto the single bed before making her way to her homeroom 189B. She walked in and the room dropped a few degrees cooler as she grabbed her schedule from the professor and found a seat towards the back away from the other students. She passed by Cai and sat on the same side as him by the window.​
  3. ~Cloey~
    First day of school, but last year of her life at this academy. Cloey had been trained and pushed to get stronger,thinking this year would be easy the headmaster proved her wrong. Training sessions would be brutal, school would get harder,and she would have to meet new people. Glad to get away from where she had been staying,she got ready to leave and started off to school. As she arrived to the acadamy she felt all her nerves lift,like she was home. She grabbed her bags and made her way to her new dorm. She found the stairs to the right and climbed up, and spotted her name on the left side. Anxious she went to her room set down her things and made it feel like home. After getting settled she made her way to her homeroom 189B. She walked in the room grabbed her schedule from the professor and found a seat where she could see the clock, but still see out the window.
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  4. Loralie and Rowl

    Loralie sighed heavily as she came upon Dead-Moon lake. Rowl's golden orb glowed slightly as he led her in the direction of the school. "What is it about this place, Loralie, that makes you wish to be here?" Loralie stopped walking, the whites of her eyes darkened a bit as her visions faded, "Troubles are brewing, Rowl. These people need us. There are quite a few people here." Rowl began urging Loralie forward again as they walked past the lake. When they came to the courtyard, Rowl gazed around. "Where do you need to go?" Loralie's eyes brightened again, "I see a door with numbers and a letter. 189B is the place I believe we should go." Rowl led her to the building, finding the homeroom. Loralie's eyes darkened once more at the doorway, but she hesitated going inside. She trembled a bit knowing that there were already a few people in the room. She turned herself against the outside wall. She took a few deep breaths as she felt a wave of anxiety hit. Rowl spoke gently, "You do not have to do this." Loralie ignored him. She knew what needed to be done. She once again entered the room, using her fingertips against the wall. She told the adviser her name, and was given a schedule written in braille. Rowl glowed slightly as he led her to a chair. She sat down nervously, her gaze to the floor. She wrapped her ragged cloak around herself as she felt a bit of a chill in the air.


    Max had his duffel bag slung easily over his shoulder as he ascended the stairs toward the dorm. He thought it was cool that the dorms were labeled with names. He was also happy that everyone appeared to have their own room. He found his off to the left side. He opened the door and placed his bag onto the floor. He placed his hands over his hips as he glanced around. He was thinking of ways that he wanted it to look. He glanced at his watch, deciding the decorating would have to wait. He jogged his way to the homeroom. As he entered, he got his schedule, glancing it over a quick moment with a smile. He then looked at the others in the room. He studied everyone, evaluating them but his smile never left his face. "Hello everyone." He waved a hand while he went toward the window. It seemed like the hang out spot. He took a seat close to Cai. He put his hands behind his neck, stretching out his legs out under his desk.
  5. Wyatt

    Unlike most supernatural creatures who resided on the island, Wyatt and his family lived among the humans who had no knowledge this world even existed. They went on with their technology and internet while a war that's been waging for years is coming to a head right under their noses. Of course residing with the humans had its fair share of criticism from the supernatural community. Some called his family cowards for not staying and fighting while Wyatt felt like they were smart for leaving something they had no power to control. Wyatt coming back to the native land to fight in the war was their family's way for feeling bad. However they had no intention of returning and decided to stay in the Americas. Now with it being Wyatt's last year in the Academy, he had a choice to make: Stay and fight or go back home. After so many years attending school in the native land, he felt an obligation to them.

    Wyatt made his way up the steps to the male dormitories in order to pack his belongings. Luckily the island had a portal that took him to and back from the mortal world since the island is shielded from human technology. He found his name on the door that was a few floors up from the lounging area. He took his time unpacking his belongings before making his way back downstairs to attend his first period which was only homeroom. After roaming the halls, he found the classroom that read 189B and entered without hesitation to find students had already arrived. Wyatt found the room slightly chilly as he grabbed his schedule and sat in the first row, in front of the teacher. Unlike most of the school's introvert, he was outgoing and liked to be known. He sat his belonging on the floor next to his desk and waited. One thing he did like about this school is that there were many attractive people in it. Wyatt wasn't really defined by a sexuality and thought all creatures were beautiful. He's dated both men and women, even just getting out of a relationship with a charming young guy from back home. He was open to pretty much anything that was able to catch his interest long enough.

    "You look nice today. I would burn that shirt, but everything looks good," Wyatt said to the adviser without any filter. He had a habit of saying what was on his mind without thinking which had gotten him into trouble numerous times. He felt he had to break the silence somehow since everyone decided to keep silent. He smiled charmingly, thinking he said nothing wrong and proceeded to take out his journal to begin writing.
  6. -Natasha-
    For the fourth and final time, Natasha walked through the woods that were at the base of the school. She always enjoyed the bliss that came with nature. As a kid Natasha always played in these woods and the one on top Devil's Gate mountain, where her home stood. Her home was Helsing castle, a ancient and old styled place, full of Hunters and a few Lycan. Natasha was one of the two female Lycans in her family, and the only one that had survived more then the standard amount of shifts. Nearing the academy, her ears perked up, she could hear the voices inside. That was, to her, her greatest gift, the ability to hear everyone's business when she chose to. She stopped when she heard a low growling coming from behind her. She turned to see no one, there was nothing or anyone there. So she continued on towards the gates, pushing them open. She could feel the shift in her mood. All her worries at home seemed to float away, and all her problems here at school seemed to start. She smiled, there was the challenge about being a next generation soldier. She had to face all the problems school held for her. It wasn't the social part about school, it was the fact of her anger controlling a part of her shifts. That was always one way to shift, the other was will. She learned the difference earlier in her life time, which was one key to allowing her to survive shifts. Smiling, she pulled open the dorm that lead to the dormitories. Everything about the school was dark, even the dorms. It was a gothic styled town/school, and she loved it. She felt at home in places like this. Walking up the few steps at the end of a hallway, opposite of Dragons Keep, she came to Mermaidic Reach, the girls dorm. She smiled pulling out a coral shaped key, she put it into the heart of the ocean styled door, that stood in front of her. Crossing the lounge area climbing the stair case, Natasha felt a hint of excitement course through her body. She saw her name on a door, going in she dropped her bag off and swiftly left. She searched the school for 189B, it took her awhile to find it, but when she did she stepped in to see some other students. Smiling she stepped up to the adviser and took her schedule. Taking the nearest seat to her, she leaned into the chair and relaxed.
  7. Roman
    To Roman, this wasn't his first nor last year at the academy. Yes he would join the military, but only half the year, the other half he would be a trainer here at the academy. He would be teaching kids to use the strengths they have to submerge themselves into the Kelonas society and leave without it effecting them. That was one of the two things Roman was good at, playing mind tricks and fighting. As he walked into his dorm, he found his room at the end of the hallway. He opened the creaky door and slung his bag in, not caring where it landed. He walked out the dorm and found his homeroom, he saw people already had arrived, they should have, Roman was late. Smiling at the adviser he took his schedule, but not without the warning of tardiness is unacceptable at the academy. He couldn't help but laugh in his, though his body "acted" like it was understanding what the adviser warned. He took a seat away from the window towards the middle aisle, and looked around at the people. "So it is our last year, next year we get to go die for what we love." Roman held up air quotes as he said love. Truth is for him, he would be dying for what his parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and so on, loved. He loved I'ole. He had never even set foot on Kelonas till his parents had him come to the academy. He thought to himself -What if all we ever do is lose to the shadows- Roman wanted, sometimes more than anyone else, to eliminate all shadows, but he always fear if they would one day take over I'ole to. Shaking his head, he focused in on his schedule. Oh what fun this year was going to be,
  8. -|Alex|-
    Alex looked up at the school building with dismay, seeing that she was back yet again. She had gone though rough times back at human school, some she still had nightmares about. She just hoped her incident from last year wouldn't be brought up at school... again. She ran a hand though her hair, heaving a sigh as she tried to keep her anger in check. Walking over towards the school building, she trudged inside with her bag swinging from her hand. This was no fancy shmansy place, but it would do for her. She moved past the dull and lifeless students and towards her homeroom, being careful so as not to touch someone. Touching someone, meant talking, talking usually meant arguing, arguing meant blood. So for the sake of everyone else, she kept herself in check. She found her dorm, eventually, and she opened it up, finding it blissfully empty. She carefully set her bag on one of the beds before turning strait around and walking towards homeroom.

    Again, she had to try and avoid everyone, hoping to avoid a blood bath. She had already started one as soon as she had gone back home. Shaking her head, she let her hair fall freely and she walked into homeroom, not really caring where she sat. She plopped herself down in a seat next to some tall guy, she thought his name was Roman or something. She had seen him a few times last year, and he seemed to be thinking about something, not that it concerned her. She flicked her tail out, curling it around her waist as she sat back in her seat, crossing her fingers that he didn't want to chat.
  9. Roman
    Roman looked up from his schedule, when a girl walked in and took the seat next to him. He recognized her as Alex, she was cute, but very self-driven to the point she liked being alone most of the time. He didn't know her whole story, only what people told him, so he couldn't judge her. Taking a breathe his mouth opened "So, I can sense your not enthusiastic about the whole back to school thing. Which brings me to my question, Why come in the first place, why not be home schooled?" Roman didn't fully feel comfortable letting people in, but if they were willing to show some sign of opening up to him, he would be more willing.
  10. -|Alex|-
    And yet again, crossing her fingers had failed her. She had already tried homeschooling, that didn't work. Frankly, being around anyone that wasn't supernatural was hard on her. A lot of them liked to push her buttons, thinking it was funny. They didn't think it was so funny when they saw a 200 pound panther chewing on their friends bones. Alex let out a soft sigh to herself, turning herself slightly towards him. "Last time I was homeschooled, I almost lost control of myself. I need to stay away from humans." She explained, though she was totally lying. She didn't almost loose control, she did. She had bitten the heads off of three students, and scared the life out of another two. She couldn't emphasize more that she needed to be here without giving away her secret.
  11. Roman
    Roman nodded his head "Understandable. I can't really stand humans that much." There was a lot of truth in his voice, but he didn't want to go into detail. If asked he would, but he hated thinking about some parts of his past more than others. "So...what are you planning to do then, I mean after school. Are you joining the fight or what?" He looked out the window at the outdoor training fields.
  12. -|Alex|-
    Alex wasn't necessarily annoyed by talking to him, rather a bit interested. It was the first time anyone had show interest in what she wanted to do, though all of it was about the future. She snuffed softly, blowing a strand of hair out of the way. "I will probably join the fight, only because I don't want to go back to a lands with humans." She said softly, her tail flicking softly across her arm as she talked, showing that she was relaxing a bit, but she still didn't let her guard down. She had fight training later, which she was looking forward too, and she hoped that no one saw her coming, though they probably did.
  13. *Roman*
    Roman smiled, he felt like he understood where she was coming from. Roman spent a summer in the human world, when his father was injured in the war. Most of his family moved over there between eighth grade and freshman year to support his fathers recovery. Though his father recovered, they lost a great asset to both the war and family. He looked at Alex "That seems like a plan then. Personally I have never thought about what I want, just what my family wants me to do." He looked down at his schedule, he wanted to be here, but at the same time he wanted to have the choice to do whatever he desired, and at the moment it wasn't the rebellion.
  14. -|Alex|-
    Alex looked at him, raising an eyebrow. She snorted softly, her tail uncurling from her waist a bit, flicking playfully at her face. "Well you should really think for yourself sometime." She suggested lightly, not trying to be rude, though it may have come off that way. She ran a hand though her hair, slicking it back. "I mean, who wants to spend their life doing what someone else wants of them." She said softly, her ears just poking out from underneath her beanie.
  15. Cai
    Cai sat there in silence for a few. Val, Max, Roman, Natasha, Wyatt, and a girl he did not know with a orb had come in after him. He wasn't really great friends with most people here, it wasn't that he didn't want to be, it was the fact he felt like isolated most of the time from being the only traveler born. As he thought, his jaw tightened. He disliked the feelings that he had since he was a kid, the feeling of being alone at moments. He could always just imagine friends there and bring them to life or escape by changing his surroundings like everyone else of his kind did, but for Cai he felt like he had his magical side and then his real side. The side where he needed to interact with others, it what kept him anchored to the earth. The people here reminded him of what he thought was his true destiny, to help them reclaim their home. He laughed a little, "their" home, it was also his, his family all came from there, but they escaped into the cosmos first chance they got. The rebellion was their ticket out of there and since he found out how they just abandoned the civilization they helped to start, he was aggravated with their existence. He cherished the time away from them, which was now four years. When he told his parents he enrolled in Gray's they told him that he wasn't going, it wasn't their responsibility anymore, they gave the supernaturals a start now it was their job to fix the problem of the shadows. He jaw tightened to the point it looked like it was going to break he needed to talk with someone anyone. He immediately turned his chair and looked at Val, "Hey Valentine, so how was your break? Do anything special up in your kingdom?"
  16. Roman
    Roman grinned a little "I wish I could." He looked down and then back up. "See I live by a honor code within my kind, at least since birth. All within the code must listen to their commanding officer, this includes parents, leaders, elders, etc. To me, it is complete bullshit, but the consequences are real and frightening." He hated the founders of his kind and the rules, most he did break, but this was one he never wanted to. "I do think for myself all the time, but this is one thing I wont' speak against. If i did I wouldn't be here or anywhere, besides six feet in the ground." He smiled a small wicked grin, his kind was nice, but were strict for the most part.

  17. -|Alex|-
    Alex snorted softly, her tail wrapping around her arm. "Sounds like a fun life, being tied to a pole." She joked softly, in the only way she could. She was feeling a bit more comfortable with him, but she still guarder herself, as she leaned forwards on her desk. "Uggg, when do we get out of here?" She asked, glaring up at the clock with distaste.
  18. Cloey
    Cloey sat there watching eveyone come in. Seeing all the students got her excited, she loved meeting new people but never really knew what to say. As people started talking and getting their schedule, all she could think about was when she could go outside. Cloey loved the outdoors, she felt as if she was at peace with her self, kinda like the nature and Forrest made her feel like she belonged somewhere. Scared to talk to anybody she just sat there waiting to leave homeroom and get the day started.
  19. Roman
    Roman laughed "It is the best!" He said sarcastically looking at the clock "In like five seven minutes. The clock is running slow in this room." Roman looked back at her, "So your a panther, huh? That must be fun at times." Smiling, he hoped to further the conversation. He didn't know how she truly felt about her gift, for him he liked his, but hated the draw backs of the rules. His other side, his father's side was what he loved the most, the earth was his playing field.
  20. -|Alex|-
    Alex let out a very long exasperated sigh as he said they had several minutes left. "I wish it would just end." She mumbled to herself, her hat twitching again. As he asked her about being a panther, her golden eyes shot open and she looked at him. "I wish I was never this way in the first place." She growled, clearly not enjoying the topic of conversation. Her powers only ended her up in a blood bath, that and or naked, scarred, and stuck behind some bushes. She wrapped her tail tightly around her arm, her hat not moving at all now as she closed her eyes, her tiny little fangs just barely visible.
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