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  1. I'm just going to jump straight in with a roleplay plot that I have really really wanted to try.

    After a failed stunt attempt which broke both of [A]'s legs and one of his arms, he is stuck in the hospital for a month for surgeries and therapy to repair his fractures. Because he is restricted in movement now, he has become bitter and has pushed all his friends to the side because of his misery. Everything is a struggle for him: walking, opening cans, even just getting off the hospital bed. But he is proud and refuses to let anyone help him unless he really can't do it, which is the attitude that has led him to walking on his casts in the halls late at night.

    B is an alcoholic with a stubborn self-victimizing attitude. She has struggled with her addiction for years and thinks the downward spiral she has fell into will never end. She is ashamed of her alcoholism and seeks help from the hospital in secret. After having gone cold turkey for a day or two though, she is in much mental pain and reluctantly checks herself into a teen support group.

    This group is where [A] and will meet. They are assigned to each other as "rant buddies" through some absent-minded counselor's demands. Will they become friends and help each other cope with their troubles?

    * Alternate version has the same characters, but [A] falls for . Literally. After taking a bad fall in the hallway and being unable to get up by himself, [A] calls to , who is startled but tries to help. From there, they chat a lot, as if the other's presence helps sooth their own pains.

    I don't mind playing A or B, and B can be turned into a male character if that is desired. If you have any suggestions for this plot, fire away.
  2. Jayden found himself cursing his own stupidity again. He should never have tried that stunt. The pain from his injuries now, was totally not worth it. He didn't want pity, or even sympathy, he just wished to be left alone.

    He shifted his casted legs awkwardly, trying to find a comfortable position, but it was all the same. His legs itched and ached and the casts made it impossible to bend his leg joints. His arm was not much better. Bundled up in a sling close to his chest, he couldn't even move his thumb without feeling aches in his broken upper arm. So that left him with one good limb.

    He sighed and tried his best to get out of bed. Difficult as walking was at this point, he had been grateful enough that his legs had healed enough to bear weight, and he had practiced enough to get to the hospital gardens with minimal trouble.
  3. Hannah was sick sick sick of alcohol. It was ruining her. The hospital seemed to be helping. But the urges...they were so strong! She didn't know what to do. One more drink couldn't hurt. But it could, and she knew that now. She signed up for some stupid teenager thing for support even though she didn't want to and she didn't need support...much.

    Feeling empty without a drink inside her, Hannah looked at the scars on her wrists, and suddenly felt shame. She was hurting herself. Something she didn't want to do, and it was making her feel ugly. At least when she was drunk she felt happy and beautiful.

    'No, Hannah, stop thinking of alcohol...just...one...no...' she thought.
  4. With some effort, Jayden got out of bed and reached for his crutch. He hobbled out of his room towards the gardens and courtyard. On the way there, there was a woman handing out fliers and she kept staring at him and his casts.

    "What? You never seen an injured dude?" He growled. The woman, undeterred, handed him...or rather, stuffed into his arm sling, one of the fliers she had been handing out and didn't give him another look. That was enough to make Jayden sigh and get out of that hallway as soon as possible.
  5. Hannah reached the courtyard. It was pretty empty. She plopped down onto a bench. She wanted to get out of the hospital. She had to start thinking about...urgh...water.
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