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  1. Dean Winchester parked his 1967 Impala on the first decent restaurant that he spoted in that haunted town. Haunted was a adjective that Dean himself have given to Mystic Falls, because he couldn't stop having that bad feeling about it. Yes, he was there for some "animal attacks" that were clearly made by vampires, but he still believed that he would find something much greater than a simple vampire nest. Much greater and much more dangerous. That very same day, he had been in multiple occasions really close to call his little brother and ask him to come and help him, but he was too proud for that. He couldn't do that after the fight they had.

    Anyways, he had been all morning on the morgue looking at the dead bodies and he now needed some time to relax and eat a big hamburguer full of fat. The "Mystic Grill" seemed as the perfect place for it. He would just sit there and think about anything but all that supernatural and brother fighting crap he had to deal with. And, who knows, maybe ask for the waitress phone number, now that Sammy wasn't around to bother him. It sounded like a really nice plan.

    When he walked in the place, his perfect little plan vanished as the feeling that had been following him the whole day became greater. He tried to ignore it, trying to convince himself that it was just because of being in a mission all by himself after all that time. He sat down and hoped for a hot waitress to appear.
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  2. Pouring some water into a woman's glass, Natalia let the water fill up until it reached a couple centimeters from the end before she tipped the jug back. The woman gave a nod of appreciation as she looked up towards the young adult with seemingly flawless beauty portraying long luscious brown hair, sun-kissed skin, and green-gray eyes. She turned away from the table, walking up to another and taking out a checkbook from her front pocket, as well as a pen for that person. Natalia rounded the corner, continuing her trek and pushing open the doors to the kitchen as she walked right past one of her co-workers by the name of Cameron. "Hey, Natalie," he spoke, grinning slightly. "My hands are full. Mind getting that table over by the window?" Natalia rolled her eyes in mock amusement. "Can't you get it yourself?" she inquired, standing up on her tip toes, looking through the round window only to see a man straight across from her line of vision, sitting alone at a booth within Mystic Grill.

    Her eyes flickered over his body and face, observing his collected actions, just simply waiting for someone to come along and serve him. Cameron laughed, stepping out into the busy atmosphere, ignoring her question. "He's all yours," he stated, and before Natalia had a chance to retaliate, Cameron was already off and serving another couple on the right wall of Mystic Grill. She let out a small huff and tightened her waiting apron before opening the door and heading straight towards the man's table, intentions oblivious to the humans around her. As Natalia approached the man, she took out her writing pad, ready to take his order, if he was good to go. A glass of water while he waited for her to come back would be okay. "Good afternoon," she told him. "My name is Natalie and I'll be your waitress for today. Can I start you off with anything to drink?"
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  3. Dean failed at not thinking about his case and started wondering about the corpses. They were totally drained out but showed not signs of fighting back, which was a little weird. The only wound they had were the clearly vampiric bites. Anyways, he was quickly interrupted from his thoughts. He turned around when he heard the polite words of the young woman. He looked at her and couldn't avoid to smirk; she was definitely a good definition of a hot waitress.
    "Hey" he greeted her with a slightly smile. "Yes, please. I'd like to have a small beer. And I'm also ready to order my food. Just a cheeseburguer with fries. But if you can add some bacon, it would be great." told her, feeling how his stomach made a small growl at the thought of the food. The dead bodies had kept him from being hungry, but at that time he was ready to eat a living cow.
  4. Natalia seemed to be completely oblivious to the smirk according to those around her, but she wasn't. She understood what that meant right away, just made no effort to bring the idea that he seemed interested in her, or perhaps he was. Natalia nodded in acknowledgement, pressing the tip of her pen down onto the notepad, scratching his order down. "Any specific kind?" she questioned, referring to his statement of wanting a small beer. They had many, so it was hard to make out what their customers wanted unless they made it clear. Then again, there was always the element of surprise. She wrote down cheeseburger onto the pad, her wrist gently guiding the black inked tip to form the words, adding on "bacon" to the end. That was something they could do- something Natalia craved occasionally.
  5. "Not really. Surprise me." answered, changing a little bit his expression into a friendly smile. She was not the kind that took interest on him just with a smirk. And, unfortunately, she was definitely not the kind that would write her number on his plate with ketchup. So it would be hard to get her number, but that made it a little more interesting. Anyways, his mind moved quickly from the waitress back to the case, and he took his laptop out. He decided that he couldn't spent all the time he would be waiting for his food and eating it doing nothing, so a little web research could work. The young hunter started by analysing every single article that reported the animal attacks, seeing if there was any useful witness to talk to.
  6. Natalia felt a sense of interest in her customer. He seemed to be her type, assuming he had all the physical qualities of a man she liked. She had to look beyond that, and wonder about him on the inside. What was he actually like? What sort of job did he do? He had a laptop- Natalia supposed he was some sort of computer technician or a computer engineer. Then again, there was always the idea that he could've just been on social media like Facebook or Twitter. She shrugged the thoughts off, despite them still being inside her head. The order did not take long, as Mystic Grills was a fast working place filled with quality work and food. Around 5 minutes after, Natalia came back with the small beer he had requested as a surprise. "I hope you can hold this in," Natalia teased, setting the small glass of beer down in front of him. "It's strong."
  7. Dean got a little frustrated at not finding nothing. Of course, he didn't spend more than five minutes on his research and was already giving up. That part of the job was supose to be Sammy... Sam's work. He couldn't find a single name to interrogate, nothing. It seemed to be no witnesses. He left his case aside for a second as he saw the charming waitress approaching. Dean smiled at her comment.
    "You should never underestimate me, Natalia." playfully answered her. He then tasted the beer in front of him and looked back at her. "It's really good, thank you." sincerely told her. It was strong, but a really good choice. He smiled once again, the service was certainly good, the beer was good... he couldn't wait to taste that bacon burguer.
    "May I ask you something? It may sound a little odd, but I'm just really curious about it and I don't really know anyone around. Do you happen to know something about those strange animal attacks? They certainly drew my attention and there is not much information available about it." finally asked her, with her best innocent expression. It seemed that not even a beautiful woman like her could make Dean forget about a case. He wasn't expect to get much from her, but she will probably think that it was a dumb attempt to make a conversation, so he wouldn't lose anything either. "I'm sorry if I'm taking your time."
  8. Natalia raised an eyebrow at her customer's enthusiastic reply. She couldn't help but scoff in amusement. Now that was something she wanted in a man. "Not afraid to take challenges, huh?" she perceived, giving him a wholehearted smile. Just as she turned around to leave, he caught her attention once more. Natalia's green-gray eyes found their way back to her customer, setting weight on one hip as he explained his situation. She mused over it for a moment- animal attacks? She shook her head at his apology. "No, it's fine. I got a few minutes on my hand." Sitting down across from him, she folded her arms on the table in front of her, leaning in slightly, green-gray eyes sparkling with interest. "What kind of information are you looking for?" she inquired evenly. "I've lived here for quite a while, even if not my whole life. I think I can offer up some decent information if I know what you're looking at." Natalia knew what he was talking about- the vampires- but he didn't know she knew. She'd have to play it cool, especially when she was a vampire herself.

    The worst resolution for this case: being suspected yourself despite being innocent.
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  9. He smirked at her first comment, answering to it just with his expression, which gave a big "I love challenges" back at her. Dean was surprised, and of course glad, with her reaction to his question. It seemed that he wouldn't only get some information, but they were also having a decent conversation. He was captivated from those green-gray eyes that immediatly were full of interest. That was probably why it took him a few seconds to start talking.
    "I just read a few articles about it, so pretty much everything would help. I just can't understand how is this unknown animal making so many deaths and, not only in the woods, but also in same places of the city." started, trying to justify his "casual" interest on it. "Did this happen before? Didn't anyone witness one of this attacks? Do you really think that it can be just an animal?" asked, maybe getting a little excited about it. It was a good thing he was trying to play cool, because he would flood her with questions otherwise.
  10. I didn't witness it but I knew they were on the prowl for their own kind...

    Well, he was certainly interested in finding out about her "kind", if you will. Was he a vampire hunter? She'd never seen him around Mystic Falls before, so if not, what was he tracking them down for? She was intrigued by his sincere interest in the situation. "Yes, it's happened before," she stated evenly, knowing so much over the years that had gone by- her first killing spree by that lethal injection... "I don't know about anyone witnessing the attacks- so far, there's been none," she noted smoothly, then responded to his last question with her enlightenment on the subject. "And the circle of life goes around- we're all animals in this case. The attacker could just be a rabid dog, for all we know. Anyways, do you mind if I take a look at those articles? They have pictures, right? Pictures are always helpful."
  11. He paid close attention to her answers. It did happen before? So there had been a vampire nest living in that city for a long time without him noticing it, that was almost a fact. They were neat vampires that do not leave traces behind, another fact. Finally, Dean could take three possible assumptions from her last answer. First, she may not know a thing about those attacks, because it was impossible for a dog to kill that neatly, with only one wound, a human being. Second, she may really believe that those were just normal attacks, which, according to how smart she looked so far, wasn't really an option. And, finally, she may knew much more than what she was telling. Besides, what did she mean with the "We're all animals in this case?". Anyways, he just slightly smiled at her.

    "Sure, here they are." finally told her, handing her his laptop. Of course, he closed a few tabs first, leaving open just two of the many articles he was looking at. He was already looking as an obsesive freak, but he didn't want to make it worse. He watched her as she read the articles and looked at the pictures. She really looked cute investigating a case with him. "Thank you for the help." said, with a half smile on his face.
  12. Natalia had only a few minutes to glance at the pictures before she heard her manager calling her name across the room. Shit... Natalia gazed silently at the computer, starting to rush her own little investigation, staring at the pictures and making observations about them. "Natalia!" Her manager seemed to be getting irritated. She let out a sigh of exhaustion, then pulled out her notepad, wrote something down on it with her pen, and handed it to her customer just as she stood up from the booth. "Here, just call me later," she spoke. "My shift ends at 6:00 this evening. I can help you out then, if you're still interested." Natalia glanced over her shoulder at her manager and cringed at the face he was making. So much for trying to help out a customer. Natalia gazed back over the man, offering him a slight wave of her hand. "See you later," she spoke quickly, then dashed away to meet her manager and try to persuade him that she was doing her work and other concerns he had with her.
  13. He rolled his eyes when he heard someone calling her. It probably was the manager or someone who could boss her. Dean was about to shout him to shut up, but it would probably be an unecessary scandal and wouldn't be good for her job. So, he just swallowed everything he was about to say at the screaming jerk and watched her, powerless. He really hoped that Natalia wasn't in trouble because of him. He wished there was something he could do.

    Anyways, all his worries disappeared when he realised that, in the paper she was handing him, there was a phone number. Even if it was to talk to him about the case, it left him almost speechless. "See you later." managed to repeat after her, while his face was forming an incredibly wide smile. Yes, of course he would be interested. He watched her walk away, still with his stupid smile on his face, but tried to hide it when he realised that he probably looked dumb. What was happening to him? He used to deal with hot waitresses giving him their numbers a lot better. Maybe this one was different.

    He saved the paper in a really safe pocket and went back to his laptop, just to look as if he was doing something instead of thinking about her. Dean stayed there, waiting for the other part of his order.
  14. Being brought back to the manager's office was not a good thing. Natalia got a lecture yes, but that was it. "Go get his meal before it gets cold," her manager had muttered afterwards. It just got off the grill... Natalia thought sourly, pursing her lips in irritation as she left the room, grabbing the cheeseburger with bacon and walking out of the back once more. Her eyes were set on him, swiftly bringing his meal around. As soon as she set it down in front of him, she glanced around for a moment before leaning towards him. "Tell me your name," she abruptly demanded, her voice full of sincere and sparkling interest. It wasn't everyday you came across a guy like him, and even then, if these men were still interested in something, she'd want to know his name before she ever got further into anything else.
  15. He took his gaze off the screen, to place it on her once again, completely ignoring the cheeseburguer she was bringing. Dean half smiled at her request, the demanding attitude really suited her. Besides, the interest she had on him was obviously not only about the case.
    "Dean, Dean Winchester." answered right away. It didn't take too long to regret it, because he remembered that his real name wouldn't match his fake ID and the credit card that went with it. He would either look as a thief or as a jerk, so he hoped he had enough cash to pay. He was seriously considering if he had always been that stupid.
    "Thank you" added, refering to the cheeseburguer. He took a look at it and went back to Natalia. It looked great. "Hey, I'm sorry if I put you into some kind trouble... I can talk to your manager and clarify some things if you'd like." told her, still feeling a little bad about it.
  16. Natalia waved the man's- whom she now knew as Dean- apology off. "Meh, it's not as if I'm not used to it. You're forgiven." She gave him a big warm smile. "You all good?" she inquired, gesturing towards his meal- the glass of beer and cheeseburger with bacon on it. "Would you like some ketchup or mayonnaise, maybe some mustard?"
  17. He thought she had a really pretty smile, so he smiled back at her. "It's all perfect." answered taking a second glance at his meal. It actually looked so good that it was a little difficult to wait until she left so that he could devour it. It was probably also the growling in his stomach what provoked that feeling. But, of course, he wouldn't look that desperate for food in front of her, so he just looked back at her with another thankful smile.
  18. (Little time skip after Dean leaves Mystic Grill?)

    "Great," Natalia grinned, her tone calm and enthusiastic. "Have a nice lunch, Dean. I'll be back in a little while with your paycheck." She left the table, hips swaying as she made her way towards the back. There was another order she had to fill for a man and woman on the other side of Mystic Grill.
  19. (Hey! Sorry for taking so long! I don't know if I got to warn you, but I've been on a trip for almost a month. That's why I didn't answer. I had almost no time and not much wi-fi. Anyway, I'd love to continue this RP if you are still interested. And, sure, a time skip would be great.)

    He finished his meal, payed the check in cash and left the restaurant. Dean spent the rest of his day driving to every place where an animal attack had taken place, desperately looking for a vampire or something to interrogate. Anyway, he found nothing. He got to his hotel room at 6:30 pm, pretty tired and frustrated. At that moment, he remembered the cute waitress from the place he went to have lunch. It was irresponsible to try to get a date in the middle of a case, but of course that wasn't what he pretended. He only wanted to discuss about those animal attacks with her, or at least that was the excuse he would have said to Sammy if they were together.

    He took one of his cellphones out and started dialing. He waited until she picked up.
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