A humans mind and heart

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    Two older women was walking down the road while having their hand filled with bags and an umbrella.
    -"Sure is nice to have a walk outside, no?" The other woman said that had white curly hair, the other woman nodded.
    -"Yes, who needs food and air anyway?" She said with a calm mechanical tone. When the other was about to say something they saw someone just run forward run with all their might.
    -"Who was that?" The older woman then said, the other shrugged, just knew as much as she did.

    The man panted and kept on running down the road, he was soon there. Soon, he could have freedom from all this madness, he smiled and saw the exist and as he was about to touch the door he felt a pain through his chest and fell. He didn't even have the time to scream in pain before he saw his end. Two policemen was standing infront of him with their newest weapon upgrade. The other started to kick the man weakly to see if he was really dead. Then one of them started to touch their ear and the radio started.
    -"We have killed the human." He said.
    -"Shall we take him to The Mechanical Operation TMO?" He asked, a time of silence was over the air until the police nodded.
    -"Yes, sir." He said and started to bow down to the dead man and the other helped him to take the man's arm.
    The two women, watching all the drama silently shook their head and the other started to talk.
    -"Humans... Sure are weird creatures." And the other could only nod as reply.



    The man sighed and fixed his thin glasses that rested on his nose and then turned around to meet a small guy that looked neither old nor young.
    -"Throw him." He said with a cold tone and pointed at the humanoid on the floor. If the little guy didn't follow Dr. Drenn C2P's order, he would be like the guy on the floor.
    -"B-but sir..." The tiny guy looked at him with shaky hands.
    -"He works perfectly well, why throw him away?" He said with a shaky voice and swallowed even though he couldn't produce any saliva. When the doctor heard him he quickly turned around and looked at him with shiny purple eyes.
    -"He works too well." Drenn said and the little guy felt even smaller than ever.
    -"Do you know why we don't do any better robots anymore?" He said while turning around. The guy shook his head even though the doctor couldn't see it.
    -"Because, what if we do a better upgraded new robot that can do more stuff than we can now? Other robots would want the new robot and buy more and we would have to make even more new upgraded robots like him and then the new upgraded robots will be so many that they could even start to destroy us just like we did to the humans and we wouldn't want that, right?" Drenn looked at him with fearful eyes, he was a high-class upgraded android and was almost the newest robots of them all, he couldn't get glitches like most of the robots nor moving slower, he could react just like any human nervs only a little bit faster. The little guy looked up at the doctor.
    -"Y-yes, sir. We wouldn't want that." The doctor started to laugh a little.
    -"Luckily the "newest" robots are just mechanical crap, the only new about them is that they have a little more space in their memory." He looked at the little guy that didn't know what to say or how to react.
    -"Well? Throw away the humanoid." He said very calmly and the little guy did so right away. He carried the body right away to the Delete-room.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.