A human, owning a plethora of paranormal servants. Basically, Being Human just got better!

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  1. A human of good standing has contracts for an unspecified number of servants. Here's the catch--Each one of them is a different type of paranormal creature. Remember, this is Victorian England, if anyone was to find out, certainly it would be bad for him, as people are all superstitious. If anyone did find out, his reputation would be irreparably sullied, and he would have to leave the country for fear of lynch mobs.

    I will play the master and one of his servants, if this roleplay gains any interest. Basically, you are a paranormal creature, in lieu of fantasy month, who has a specific job in this large mansion. Of course, a vampire wouldn't have a job as a gardener, because, think of it. He/she would be dead in minutes! So, have some common sense. Also, only one of each race is allowed. If you are a vampire, you can't just be a vampire. You have to be a specific species of vampire, that's what Google is for! Try to be as specific as possible when saying what race you want to be, so it leaves room for others to be a different race like it, but different. Understand?


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  4. I am extremely interested! *goes to do research*
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  6. XD I'm thinking a water-based creature, like a Selkie or a Merrow...
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  9. got mine!

    Kallikantzaros- a molevalent spirit know for coming out during the twelve days of xmas 12/25-1/6 to cause chaos and mayhem on unsuspecting people, lore states that people born during the twelve days of xmas are a risk of becoming one as well

    The Kallikantzaroi are creatures of the night. There were ways people could protect themselves during the days when the Kallikantzaroi were loose. They could leave a colander on their doorstep: if a Kallikantzaros approached for his evildoings, he would instead decide to sit and count the holes until the sun rose and he was forced to hide. The Kallikantzaroi also could not count above 2, since 3 is a holy number, and by pronouncing it, they would kill themselves. Another method of protection is to leave the fire burning in the fireplace all night so that they cannot enter through there.
    Legend has it that any child born during the twelve days of Christmas was in danger of transforming to a Kallikantzaros for each Christmas season, starting with adulthood. The antidote: Binding the baby in tresses of garlic or straw, or singeing the child's toenails.
  10. Okay~! Since it seems like we have an healthy amount of people wanting to join, I think I'll get the OOC thread up~! I'll post the link here when it's up~! xD
  11. Okay, we have already started the thread, and I think it would be sort of weird if there's someone conner didn't introduce, so PM or VM me when you can aboout possible entrancings~