A House of Birthdays and First Meetings

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  1. It was evening on August 21st, and it had been a surprisingly hot day. This day would seem just another Saturday to the random bypasser, but to some, this proved to be a very special sort of day. This day was, for some people, a birthday, exactly. The birthday in question was to be held for a young man with silvery hair and eyes, a boy named Lucas. He had invited friends and family alike to a party starting at 6 PM in the evening, urging for everyone to arrive and enjoy the evening. He had always been taught that the more, the merrier.

    Lucas had many siblings, and they were five kids including himself. He had a big brother, two little brothers and a little sister. His family was one big mess, but it had been a bit easier when his brother had moved away and gotten a car so he could help with the kids in the morning, where Lucas was alone to bring all three to their destinations.

    One of the people invited to the party was Lucas' classmate, Alexander. When they had first become friends, Alex had been a sweet boy, but he'd moved away for a few years and it made him gloomy when he came back. After that, though, he had gained back his kind nature, but with a new set of scars, and, surpisingly, tattoos. They were a constant reminder that he didn't have a white and pure past, but he was very determined to change himself.

    The biggest problem had been his relationship with a guy, and his parents had given him the worst for it. After that, he'd deliberately started changing himself so that they would get mad. It was all he could do to get back to them.

    But anyways, he was late for this very important party that his friend had gone through the trouble of inviting him to, and he was a bit embarrassed stepping up to the door ten minutes past six. But it seemed that they were still waiting for guests, and when the door was opened, Lucas stood in the hallway with a man beside him. The male had the same features as Lucas, albeit a shorter frame and a slightly more frail appearance.

    So that's Luke's brother...? I've never seen him before! Wow... since when did he have a total beauty of a brother?! Is he younger than Luke..? I can't tell... What am I even doing, if he's Luke's brother then I do not have a right to get onto him..! But he's so damn cute...

    Alexander finally snapped out of it as Lucas hugged him with a gentle smile on his face. There he went again, the typical helpful and kind expression that Lucas had always had. At first, Alexander had thought he was going to fall for Lucas, but his feelings had been a whim, and thinking more about it, they weren't very suited. But this man... this guy, who was supposedly Luke's brother... he was interesting. Alexander felt like getting closer to this man, no matter what the consequences. He was driven.

    "Ah, Alex! I'm so glad you could come, it's unlike you to be late..."

    "I'm sorry, I overslept and then forgot a million things... I suppose that is like me."

    At this, Lucas chuckled and stepped aside from the man at his side, saying that this was his brother. Alexander stretched out his hand timidly, unsure of how to approach this strange individual.

    "Uh... I'm, uh, Alexander, Lucas' classmate, nice to meet you."
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  2. August the 21st, today, was a very lively day, due to the fact that it Sean's younger brother's birthday. Lucas had just finally turned 18, while Sean being the oldest, was 20. Although Sean was an adult, he honestly looked way younger, that it was white the scare when he'd tell people his true age. Even occasionally, although it was hilarious, his own parents would mistake him for being way younger than he was, whenever he came to visit them, because of his physical appearance, and the way he almost always acted around people, being his personality.

    People could automatically describe Sean as a 'young' male, honestly looking as if he was 17, or even 16 years of age. His hair was a luxuriant soft black, but at then again, it was quite shaggy and hard to control, as if it had a mind of it's own. His skin tone was a soft, pastel-like colour. His eyes were a beautiful sky blue, but they were just a bit too 'innocent' looking for a man his age. He had a rather small and fragile frame, while Lucas, his younger brother, was slightly taller than him, and had a way stronger frame than him. It almost was like if someone were to just lightly touch Sean, he'd instantly shatter into small pieces, exactly like a fragile mirror.

    Sean was always the type of male that shyed out on certain things, and honestly wasn't the social type of guy that you'd think he was. He is quite intelligent, though, and isn't easy to double-cross, or trick. That's what lead him to have many trust issues with many people, even the newest person that would be introduced to him.

    Snapping out of his thoughts, he took a second glance at his phone, awknowlaging the time. 10 minutes after 6, the time read. He sighed impatiently, wondering who else they were waiting on. He had the temptation to ask his brother when they were going to start, but he decided to keep quiet, not wanting to turn into an impatient adult. Just as he was about to leave from Lucas's side, he heard the front door open. It was another guest. He looked about the same exact age as Lucas. Never once did Sean dare to make eye contact with him. He kept his gaze onto the wall, pretending not to notice him, or anyone else.

    He decided to just silently listen to their conversation, quietly chuckling at Alexander's excuse. "Oversleeping? It's 6'oclock. I don't know anyone who goes to sleep at 5 or 4." Sean thought to himself, and ran a hand through his hair.

    Sean, hearing his brother introduce him to Alex, had no choice but to face him. He hesitantly took the male's outstretched hand, respectfully shaking it. "The name is Sean. The real pronunciation is actually Shawn. Nice to meet you, also." His voice was a bit too quiet, due to the comotion that was quite loud.
  3. "Ah, that's a really nice name. It's good to meet you, then, Sean." Alexander said as he smiled gently. The sensation of the hand touching his made his heart pound faster than he had thought it to be able to. A rush of sceneries made their way through his head. What if he got closer to this male than what was appropriate? He would feel quite guilty if he did something like that. He tried not to mind it much, though. When he looked Sean up and down, there was something odd about him. Even if he looked younger, he acted older. Did this mean that he was actually Luke's older brother, then? It would make sense, thinking about how Alex had never met him before.

    As he thought about talking more, Lucas pushed them both to the living room, and his thoughts were forgotten in the haste as he sat down at the table, at Lucas' right side. His parents had taken the seats at the other end of the table, and Lucas' younger twin brothers, Michael and Jonathan, were sitting close to the parents, while his youngest sister, Lily, was sitting between her parents. Around the entire table was family friends and family, and Alexander was the only friend that was entirely one of Lucas'. The rest were somehow related to Luke's family. He had seen an aunt and uncle staring down Sean and wondered what that could be about. Maybe they hadn't seen him in long, or something. He also got a stare from the tattoos visible under his shirt collar and on his hand. He couldn't cover them up entirely.

    Alexander sat down politely as he was prompted, not wanting to make a fuss of anything. Sean sat down on the other side of Lucas, making a barrier between them. It was a bit upsetting, but he didn't say anything. That'd be too weird. He'd make his move later on, surely. He smiled slightly to himself as he ran a hand through his hair while they waited for the food to come in.
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  4. Sean, being the one who honestly think of what else to say, just simply nodded his head at Alex's response. "Thank you." He returned a polite smile back at Alex, just so Alex wouldn't think that he disliked him, or that something like that would go through his mind. After some time of silence between them, he finally asked, "Is there something on my clothes..? Why are you doing that?" Sean worriedly took another look at himself, scanning over his legs, his sleeves, and even his shoes, just to be reassured that nothing was there. "He was just probably guessing my age, who knows." He sighed at the thought. Sean then felt Lucas hassling them to living room.

    He had just decided to sit on the left side of Lucas, politely greeting everyone at the table as he sat down. "My god, why does everyone feel that it's right to stare at someone..? If there's something wrong with me, they should just simply say it, dammit." Sean gritted under his teeth. It was obvious that staring at Sean was his one of his most biggest pet peeves, and if someone were to do that. It never failed to get him angry. He slightly felt his cheeks redden, as he began looking over himself again. "And the really strange thing is, I think Alex was doing the exact same thing. I can understand that. Now my own family members? Never mind, I'm just going to quit it. It's Lucas's birthday, everyone's happy, and I should be, also." Sean thought to himself, and placed both of his hands on his lap, sighing at all of the thoughts that were racing through his head. At this point, he just preyed that they stopped gazing at him, and just decided not to awkknowlage him.

    Alex noticed that Sean was blushing, and couldn't help a matching blush of his own as he stared at the male. He looked so cute... Alex quickly lowered his gaze, slapping at himself to stop staring at this gorgeous man. He couldn't stop himself from thinking about that face the entire time while they ate. He had to be happy, it was Luke's birthday, he could not do anything to ruin this. And that thing certainly shouldn't turn out to be hitting on Lucas' very adorable, very alluring brother.

    He probably thinks I'm a total weirdo. I'm staring at him all the time, no wonder if he thinks I'm a creep.. I'm really falling for this man, a total stranger. I feel like an idiot. He's definitely going to reject me right away...

    As much as Alexander worried, the dinner seemed to pass by quickly, and he managed to chat somewhat normally with Lucas and even Sean. But way too soon, it was time to go around the party, and after a few hours of talking around here and there, Alex had decided to clear his head with a glass of sweet juice. He didn't see the idea of wasting his time by getting drunk. He leaned against the railing of the terrace with a view over the large garden. There was filled with trees and bushes, benches and a path snaking its way through it all. At this, Alex smiled.

    "Nature really is mischevious... giving us such beauty and yet destroying us with its powerful forces..." Alex muttered to himself as he stared out into nothing, enjoying his solitary moment. It had been a good idea to clear his head. He had just thought that he was alone, but when he turned his face, a very familiar face met his.

    He blushed.
  6. Once the food had finally been brought out, Sean decided to calm down, figuring everyone would focus on something else other than him. For some odd reason, the redness stayed attached to his face, throughout the whole party. And during that time, he got questions from most of his family members, asking if he was okay, or was he seemingly getting sick. He his response was simply be that he was perfectly fine.

    Surprisingly, dinner had passed within the blink of an eye. Sean didn't eat much more, thinking he would possibly take some of the remaining food along with himself, since he wasn't starving at this moment. He spent most of his time talking to his relatives, that he hadn't seen in quite a while. Really, he'd been doing that throughout the whole time of the party-- talking. It was quite unusual, since he wasn't quite the talkative person. But then again, Sean found it rude for someone not to have a chat with someone they haven't seen in a while and all.

    By the time he had gotten done with talking to almost everyone at the party, he figured he'd spend some time alone with himself, for a while. He quietly went out onto the terrace, just so he could avoid being talked to any further than this. He was quite startled by the murmuring voice, in front of him. "Damn..I should just go now. I didn't know someone else was going to be out here.." He thought to himself, and was just about to turn around, the person that was also on the terrace turned around. Alexander. "Damn.." He muttered, and ran a hand through his hair. "I'm sorry, I'll go somewhere else." Sean muttered, and turned his back to Alex.
  7. "Ah, wait!" Thoughtlessly, he grabbed hold of Sean's wrist, but he quickly let go. He stuttered and stared at the man, nervous as ever. He bit his lip as he tried not to grab onto Sean again. He had already made enough of a fool of himself, and he wondered if Sean felt a bit reluctant toward him.

    "I mean... you don't have to leave, I... we can talk, or just stand here, whatever you want. Just... don't leave." He s aid, biting his lip. After a few moments like that, Alex turned back to the garden, looking across it and admiring the trees. It was a calming scenery, and he was feeling relaxed immediately. He wondered if him and Sean could become something in the future, something more than "Lucas' friend" and "Lucas' brother". Something that only they could be, together. The thought made another blush rise to his cheeks as he pondered about serious and not serious topics. He felt like his heart was going to burst, and looking over, he knew that the male was awkward as well.

    "Well... so... are you the older? I mean... it's not to be rude, but I can't really tell..." He admitted as he looked away from Sean, blush evident on his cheeks. "If you don't want to answer, that's okay, really! I just got really curious, I haven't met you before and all..." He said, trying to control his blushing.

    But that would not work, obviously. He felt like his legs would carry him away any moment, but staring into those blue orbs proved to be more interesting. Alexander had golden eyes, too light to be called hazel. He liked the color blue way more.
  8. "..That hurt quite a bit, you know?" Sean quietly commented, and turned around to face Alexander. He stayed silent, waiting for the other to say something, since he couldn't carry on a great conversation with people.

    "What is it with this guy?" Sean thought to himself, and frantically searched for answers. "Alright, alright.." He sighed. "You should know I'm a very boring and uninteresting person. So, I don't really know what to do at this point." Sean explained, and let his arms rest on the railing. "This one seems to be a very interesting person. Most people would let me leave without a word, but he just..doesn't want me to leave. Weird." Sean boredly fiddled around with his fingers as he thought and thought and thought to himself. "And he keeps on blushing. Yeah, that's so not weird." He silently chuckled at his thoughts, and glanced at Alex.

    "I'm the older one. I know, I don't look like it. If I told you my age, you'd be surprised. Do you want me to tell you, or no?" Sean curiously asked, and glanced at the blushing Alex. "I know. Lots of people can't tell what age I am, but most people mistake me for being younger." He explained in a quiet voice.

    "Oh yeah, and please don't stare at me. It's really annoying to me. Just thought I'd tell you that." Sean added.
  9. "Ah, uh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to stare like that... I just think that... well, I must say that you don't bear much of a resemblance to Luke, that's all. And..." Alex stopped in his tracks as he looked away slightly, scratching the back of his head nervously. He bit his lip.

    "Nevermind that. I'd like to hear how old you are. If you're older, you'd obviously have to be at least 19." He smiled gently as he looked over at Sean again, his golden eyes glimmering in the gentle light pouring out of the windows. He looked gorgeous as he stood, illuminated gently by this golden light. On the side that was visible because of the light, his tattoo could be seen crawling up his neck to just below his hair. "I don't think that there's anything wrong with looking different than your age. Most people think I'm at least 22, but I just turned 18 a month or so ago." He admitted as he looked at Sean, his eyes staying on the male's face as was appropriate when one was talking to someone. He thought that Sean was the prettiest and most beautiful male he had ever seen, and even if he could have almost anyone he wanted, he wanted this man.

    And that was obviously regardless of his age. He was surprised, but didn't hope that Sean was 30 or something crazy like that. If the male was in his twenties, Alex thought that it would be okay. He didn't want Sean to feel bad for having such a young person running after him, but Alex could feel himself getting stubborn about it. He didn't want to be with anyone else anymore. He wanted Sean.

    "Is... do people stare at you a lot? I mean... if it's positive stares, I wouldn't see the problem, but they seem to be glaring at you... pardon my asking, but is there problems between you and the family?"
  10. Sean nodded understandingly. "I'm 20. And I still look like an immature teenager.." He sighed in great frusteration, and slapped his forehead. Sean then glanced up at the sky, looking at the different shapes of the clouds. "If you think of it, that one looks like a bike. And that one..I don't even know. It's quite an interesting shape." He thought to himself once again, as his gaze stayed directly onto the sky. "It's actually quite a problem..I've had younger people hit on me before. And hey, do you really think someone like me would want to date an under-aged person?" He replied, and finally took a glance at Alexander, arching an eyebrow at him. Sean softly chuckled at his joke which he was actually being serious about.

    "I'm honestly curious to why he's asking me this. It's not like I'm suspisious of him or something, just quite curious." He bit down on his bottom lip surprisingly hard, running another hand through his hair, this time, multiple times. Sean suddenly went into a nervous state, when that question was asked. "Damn...I can't lie. So I might as well just tell him."

    "Yes, people stare at me a lot. And it's like I can feel people's eyes burning through me at all times. And they aren't positive stares. They're stares of hatred. Pure hatred." Sean explained, and took a deep breath. "If you'd really like to know why, go ahead and laugh at me for it..but.." He started, and took another deep breath.

    "I'm gay. Ever since I've admitted that, everything's not the same. So..I don't care anymore. You can laugh. It won't hurt me a bit." He whispered, and turned away from Alex. He bit his bottom lip again, this time even much harder. "What the hell are you doing..don't cry in front of someone like this, Sean. You don't want anyone's pity, do you?" His mind screamed at him.
  11. Alexander was, mildly speaking, shocked. He stood for a few seconds and just stared at Sean. He had thought of something nice to say, but words left him as the other male looked away, and he knew that this meant tears were on their way. He was hated by his own family members. Only Lucas and his parents seemed okay with Sean. The rest had been staring at him. Alex stepped closer as he slowly moved up behind Sean, wrapping his arms around the male. "I know you don't want pity. But I don't pity you. I know how this feels. You see... I've never told Luke, but I'm gay, too. My family has shunned me for it. I don't want pity either, I just want people to leave me the heck alone with my own problems. So just... let me do this."

    He stubbornly held onto the other male, the warmth erupting between them making his heart pound. This was what it meant to feel love, wasn't it? He was getting more and more nervous, but he didn't move away. This was to prove his point, and he wanted to make sure that Sean knew that. He wouldn't feel pity. He would not make Sean feel bad about his past. But if Sean wanted to cry, he would have a shoulder to cry on. Alex wanted to be that one person.

    "I know you probably hate the idea, but you can cry, if you want. I'm not going to say anything... I won't tell you that I'm sorry... I won't do anything, so let me stay here." Looking over his shoulder, he noticed that people could still see them, and he took Sean into the garden, behind some of all of the trees and onto a bench. Here, he wrapped his arms around the male again. He slowly breathed, preventing himself successfully from crying.

    He felt guilty of something when he was with this male. "You know, you shouldn't put yourself down. I think you're plenty interesting, honestly. I want to spend more time with you. I think that you're a great person, even if I barely know you. Because I wish to know more." He said to Sean as he gently pet the male's hair, stroking it lightly. For all in the world, he wanted this male to not move away from him or push him back. He wanted to stay like this.
  12. Sean gently rested his head on the other's chest, still attempting to prevent his tears from falling. "Well, at least you actually meant that when you said it..many people say that I'm a great and interesting person, but they don't mean it. Because they think it'll hurt me if they tell me the real truth." He whispered, and lowered his face, so that this hair fell into his face, covering his eyes. One by one, tears slowly began to fall down his cheeks. "I'm weak because I'm crying..right?" He asked himself.

    He angrily and furiously wiped his eyes, but no matter what he did, he couldn't stop the tears from clouding his vision. "I'm sorry..I..I just don't know what to do. I don't like getting emotional in front of people, nor do I like crying in front of them. I don't want to be labeled as an attention whore." He muttered, continuing to wipe his eyes. At this point, his speech was a bit slurred, and his voice itself was hoarse. Sean sniffled, and finally, his tears suddenly stopped after a minute or so.

    "Forgive me. I don't know what had gotten into me."
  13. "No, that's completely fine. Sean, I honestly think that you're a great person. Even great people cry sometimes, it doesn't make you an attention whore. You cry because you can't help it, not because you crave attention." Alexander put his hands through Sean's hair, his fingers threading through the soft locks. He looked into the eyes of the beautiful male, completely taken aback by his beauty. He could say a million things about the glimmer in his eyes and the wonderful curve of his lips, and the gentle shape of his face, but it was too much to put into actual words. Instead, the words showed through his expression. He smiled.

    "There's nothing I'd want more than to spend loads of time together with you. I'ts been so nice to get to meet you." He said honestly as his hands fell from the male's face, a blush light on his cheek. His motions were slow and reluctant, but his hand slowly moved forward and soon enough, he was holding Sean's hand in his own, staring into his eyes. "I'll look at you positively as much as you want... to let you know that you are worth way more than you give yourself credit for." Alex smiled as he looked down slightly, a blush on his face. He was getting nervous over something like this, but it was overpowered by happiness.

    "It's been mere moments, but I feel infatuated with you already at this early time."
  14. "But still, Alex..I feel weak crying in front of people..and I feel like I'm doing it just for attention. I don't know. I just..it's hard to explain. I'm sorry." Sean apologized once again, and finally looked up at Alexander, who was already looking down at him. "Just exactly what is this I'm feeling? Love? No..no that can't be right. Is it some other feeling? I don't know this unknown feeling..I honestly don't." Sean glanced away from him, feeling his cheeks getting hotter and hotter, until it almost hurt. At this point, his whole face was almost burning.

    "But just what do you mean that? I-I'm confused..." Sean whispered, biting down on his bottom lip, for about the third time. "I'm honestly..really the person you want to spend time with..me?" He asked in disbelief, his voice softening and quieting down. A small smile slowly formed upon Sean's lips. He gently gripped Alexander's hand, gently placing his free hand onto Alex's cheek. "Thank you..I really.." His sentence suddenly came to a stop. "I..I don't know. I don't know how to say it. I'm too nervous." He slowly lowered his head, as his smile slowly began to fade.
  15. "It's okay, there's nothing you have to say." Alexander whispered as his fingers gently rubbed Sean's cheek. He stared into those wonderful, blue orbs, getting lost in the moment. When the other seemed to want to say something, and then suddenly looked down, Alex blushed and moved his head up by the chin. "I know... I know that you probably don't know your feelings yet, but I think I know... what this unknown feeling is." He muttered lovingly as he looked into Sean's eyes, staring him down with an intense gaze. It was a mischevious thing, love. He had never thought that it would come to him this quickly. And now when he finally knew the feeling, it was something he didn't want to let go of. He moved closer to Sean, lost in his own thought train. Never... he never wanted to let go. Never wanted to be alone again, never wanted to be away from this beautiful man ever in his life.

    "I'll dare say that it's love, Sean. I thought that it wasn't possible, but look at this situation. I'm about to jump onto you, and neither of us know what the hell to say..." Alexander smiled gently as he looked at the other male. He was really happy in this situation, no matter what might happen to them if someone figured out that they had gotten together like this. But if Sean didn't mind it, then neither would Alex. He would be with this man for as long as he could. "I might not be able to say the words yet, clear and honest, but all I know is, that ever since I got to know you, the thought of ever loving another human has seemed absurd." He took the hand that he had wrapped around Sean's fingers, bringing the smaller male's hand to his mouth and gently kissing it. "I want you to smile for me. You have a beautiful smile, and even if you're beautiful no matter what, your smile makes you radiant."
  16. "Love..you say that is..? It's..love?" Sean murmured, staring into Alex's brightly golden colored eyes. He'd honestly and truthfully never had strong feelings for someone in a long time, until now. "But..just what if someone finds out about this? It'll be bad..and..I honestly don't want to leave you.
    I..I don't really know what I'd do if that were to even happen..Alex.." Sean continued to stare into Alexander's soul. "And it might be a bit to early to say it, but..I love you. Like I said..I don't know what I'd do." He felt tears gradually beginning to cloud his vision again, but he just quickly blinked them away, and lowered his head again. "I'll smile as long as you're here. I swear that..." Another smile began to form on Sean's lips, although his head was lowered.
  17. "Idiot... I don't care what happens. Your parents are okay with it, and I'm sure Luke is, with his personality. I just want you to follow your heart. Your family has been mean enough to you, at least show them that you'll find love like this." Alexander said as he gently grasped Sean's cheeks, moving the male's head to look at him. He smiled gently at the expression that the male was making at him. He couldn't deny that that conflicted expression was extremely cute, in a strange way.
    "Hush... you don't need to say any more than that. I know. I love you, too. So keep quiet, now." Alex whispered as he gently moved himself closer to Sean, looking into his eyes. The world seemed to float in and out of focus around them, and the ground below their feet felt wobbly. There was a faint scent of roses, carried by the wind, and the cold didn't seem to reach Alex as he sat there, nervous and warm all over. For a few more moments, he sat frozen in this situation, before his body moved forward again, his lips pressing against Sean's. It was gentle and loving, nothing close to the things he wanted to get to do with this man, but it was enough. It was all they needed right now, nothing more. Right now, all they could do was to hold onto each other.
    "You're mine now."
  18. Sean slowly went silent, not saying another word. He let Alexander's words sink into him, and figured that it would be a good idea to just stay completely silent, to avoid himself from saying the wrong thing. He didn't want to risk upsetting Alex, so he just decided to do as his mind told him-- be quiet, and don't ruin the moment like that again. He slowly broke away from his thoughts, and continued to stare up at Alexander, hearing the pounding in his chest increase in volume, to the point where that's all he could hear within his ears-- his own racing heartbeat. Sean slowly began to grow nervous as the other male slowly inched closer to him. He felt as if his heart was about to detonate, for it was beating so fast. "Alexander.." Sean uttered in his small voice, just before Alex's lips met his. Sean slowly closed his eyss, enjoying the feel of Alex's soft lips moving in unison with his. Sean could feel his boiling hot blood rising to his cheeks, spreading throughout his whole face. "Yes..yes I am." He let a puff of air escape from his lips.
  19. "I love you." Alexander whispered as he pulled back, his eyes filled with love and adoration. His whole body screamed at him to get closer to this man, to do more, but in a place like this... that didn't seem like a good idea. Instead he wrapped his arms around Sean and pulled him close, gently kissing his temples and then his cheeks, eventually his mouth and afterwards his ear. He had heard that some people had sensitive ears, and he was just trying to test if Sean was one of those people. If so, that would be completely adorable, and he wanted to know badly. His hands gently moved down Sean's back as he kissed and lightly licked at the male's ear, intending to tease him.

    "This is bad... I want to violate you, but if Luke sees us, who knows what fate will come upon us." He said, chuckling lightly into Sean's ear. His hands were gentle, moving up and down Sean's back, down to the hem of his pants and up under his hair to the back of his neck. Alexander was starting to feel the desire bloom in his chest like a red flower, and he was minutes from jumping on Sean and making the male his own. Obviously, this was a bad idea, and he decided to instead stay with Sean like this for a while, touching intimately but not too intimately. That was fine with him for now. He chuckled lightly as his fingers ran through Sean's hair gently, looking into his eyes.

    "Most people comment on my tattoos, but you haven't said anything... that has made me really happy." Alex said as he smiled at the other male, feeling his heart starting to pound again. What would he do if Sean would reject him sometime? They had only kissed, there would still be time for turning back on things.
  20. A small giggle escaped from Sean's lips, as he bit his bottom lip, trying to prevent his laugher from increasing in volume. "Stop it..you should know one thing about me, and that it's the fact that I'm really ticklish in some places." He explained, and chuckled a bit nervously. He always found it to be a really bad idea to tell other people that he was ticklish. "And don't you even think about doing that. You're right. If my brother sees it..he'll be quite surprised. And if anyone else sees it, I'm pretty sure hell will break loose. Don't you agree?" Sean asked, and cocked his head to the side curiously.

    "Noooo. No, no, no. Please do not lay a hand on my neck. That's possibly the most ticklish place of my body.." He began to giggle once more, and instantly placed a hand over his mouth. "Pretty aggressive for someone 2 years younger than me. It's like he knows my strengths and weaknesses." The male thought to himself, and let his hand drop to his side. He scoffed at what Alexander had said. "Why would I? I actually really love tattoos. And piercings. At one point. I had a bridge piercing. And a septum, also. I would never say anything about your tattoos. They're perfect." Sean smiled, and placed a hand on Alex's cheek, gently beginning to trace the outlines of his face.
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