A horror theme I'd like to try.

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  1. Ok, so, everyone knows that werewolves and vampires universally hate each other, right? Well, my idea follows that...kinda.

    My idea is there's a werewolf with a vampire slave (I'll be playing the slave). I don't care what is going into this, it just needs to follow around my idea.
    ex: They hate eachother, werewolf catches vamp and keeps him as a slave, and slowly they start to love eachother, i don't care!
    So, all that being said, if you're interested, comment below or PM me.

    (=^•˛•^=)~ Bye!
  2. Hayy. I haven't roleplayed many doms in my rp lifetime, but i could give this a shot. ^^
  3. I'd love to have you! I have faith that you'll do well!
  4. Great! Im kinda excited >.<
    Did you wanna build more on the plot or get right into the character sheets?
  5. I'd like to get started on the character sheets, but it's totally up to you
  6. How 'bout just adding a little, just to keep from future issues with the rp. (i.e confusion etc..)
    -I was thinking of adding a bit of why they universally dislike each other. Like them fighting over a human. (MC could have been caught by YC trying to kill a human and MC decided to trade YC for the human.) And so, taking YC in as a slave they start to develop feelings.

    That good? c;
  7. I LOVE IT! It's perfect! So, I suppose now we make character sheets??
  8. Yuppers~!

    Ill get started on mine now c;
  9. Name: Zehn
    Age: 20,000 (looks 17)
    Height: 5'
    Weight: 98 lbs
    Extra: He's very sympathetic towards humans (which is what landed him in this mess in the first place...), he doesn't need to drink blood often, just once every few weeks. When he's aroused his incisors grow longer.
  10. Appearance: He has orange hair, red eyes, freckles, and always wears a collar (it shows that YC owns him). He wears black shorts and white t-shirts and is usually barefoot.
  11. [​IMG]


    95- Wolf Years | 19- Human Years


    Aggressive | Arrogant | Cunning | Cruel | Inconsiderate | Calm | Careful | Fearless | Frank

    Human Appearance:

  12. Awesome! so, now, we need to start. do you wanna do this in a thread or conversations?
  13. I hope thread is okay!

    Ill make it~ put me on hold for a sec
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