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  1. Levaince walked down the sidewalk towards the dorm's, he had just been admitted into the school... college, he had skipped his first year when he had turned eighteen, and know he was nineteen. It was rough because his family had kicked him out for the fact that he skipped his first year of college, he had hated it, because the truth was for a year he lived out in the streets and slept whilst it rained and poured, he had gotten hypothermia twice because of that and had almost lost himself once when he had gotten stabbed for two buck's, he understood that the world was a piece of shit, but why was it a piece of shit mainly to him. Well god did give to others what he would not give to some, the world was not fair, that was the truth of the reality of existence, nothing was equal, karma was not real, fairies did not exist, your dream would never come true.... at least that is what he had thought!

    As he neared the dorms he noticed people pooling around a kid, he was small for his age, he knew whom he was, his name was Timothy jims, and he was the pipsqueak of the school, angered and infuriated lev walked over to one of the bully's, grabbing his shirt and pulling him to face him, the bully's name was billy heather. And he was on the football team, good thing lev did not give a care in the world for those sort of things, without thinking lev pulled billy into the air and brought him down in a sickening thud, he had this problem you see, when he saw something bad happening he could resist to help the person being victimized. everyone around them stopped, even the bullies " he lev....what cha ya doing here.... I thought you were out of town" one of the the bully's whimpered out, this guy was a little smaller, his name was Darrel smith.... an original stupid name, he walked over to Darrel, and pushed him once " making sure you don't do shit stuff like this..... get out of here before I change my mind about beating the snot out of you" His voice was stern and deep, his glare even deeper, penetrating the crowds stare on him, everyone dispersed without much a word... this is how it was... this is how it would always be.

    Helping timothy up, he only had a second to thank lev before lev was walking off, he did not need a thank you, he did not even want one, he just wanted to clean this world of filth. This is what his family had taught him before leaving him to die by himself, before the threw him out and left him to his own, the world was cruel... but he would change that, even if he had to give his life to do it.
  2. She was the quiet type. The one who never spoke to anyone, never made any friends. When she was born, it was like the whole world had changed. She was a vampire in every sense of the word, but she could go in the sun. That was all. It was irritating, sure, but she didn't burn. She didn't burst into flames. Nothing. Brown hair trickled down her back in soft waves, tapping her bum with each step. Crystal blue eyes peered out from under long thick lashes, and her arms clung tightly to the large book as he pressed against her large chest. Her mother had given her a lovely name, Sansa, but that was all she'd ever given her. The young femme was turned over to her father after her first few years and he'd simply disowned her. Raised her, sure, but was more shocked that he had impregnated a woman. Could vampires even do that? She was proof that they could.

    She'd remained under the radar, her skin pale thanks to her father's predicament. She didn't go out much unless it was required of her. But now was her time to shine. Only, not really. The girl had a plan, and that was to stay under the radar. Get her school work done, hunt at night, and get out of here as fast as she could. While the petite femme loved to learn, she didn't much enjoy the company of people. Disowned by vampires, and humans ran from her. She was the best of both worlds, and yet neither side accepted her.

    Her silvery gaze looked up as she turned a corner, eyes widening slightly as she took in the scene. A tall boy, a smaller one, and a couple bullies. Her heeled feet stopped, watching what was happening. Then as soon as she had come across it, the group was dispersing, leaving her standing there like an idiot watching paint dry. Her gaze followed the boy as he walked off. Lev was it?

    Brushing off her thoughts, the girl began moving again, heading towards the dorms, smiling at the girl who lay hidden inside. She introduced herself as Sarah.
    "Sansa." Was all she said, the young girl bounding across the room.
    "Your accent! It's so pretty! Just like you! Where are you from?" Her gaze penetrated the girl's brown one, raising a brow.
    "Russia." She set her things down quickly and before the girl had anything else to say, she pushed out of the room and began walking down the halls. Perhaps now was a good place to scope out a good hunting spot. Maybe a local bar. Guys loved her and women wanted to be her. She used it to her advantage; which wasn't surprising considering what she was. But the girl had eaten not too long ago. Her stomach didn't make sounds, her fangs weren't aching to be put to use. Now was just a recon mission; she'd find the liveliest place around there.

    Welcome to college.
  3. Walking out of his dorm after fifteen minutes of getting ready, Lev walked towards the medise hall. It was a popular place for all the students here, and mostly everyone knew about the honey buns they sold almost everyday, but for some reason they had stopped selling them today, at least they would stop selling them after they sold the last piece of honey bun for an extra price, he was determined to get one for his pal that roomed right next to him. His pal was timothy, at least Timothy thought so. He liked the little kid as a friend, it let him get things off his chest once in a while. Not noticing the girl behind him he started off towards the liveliest place in the campus, unsuspecting of what might happen to one of the many poor souls that drank and ate there.

    As he walked he noticed that anyone he walked by seemed to rush out of his way, he was not out to hurt anyone, but for some reason at the beginning of the year rumors had spread because of an incident where he beat the shit out of a senior for punching his girlfriend. A rumor had spread that he had beaten them both up, it was ridiculous what society did to try to get rid of the strong and leave the greedy behind. He let out a long sigh as he walked into medise hall, ordered one of the last honey buns, ordered a weird honey soda. And then walked out into the dark side alley beside medise hall, it was his zone, no one else came down here, he had even dragged a small couch for him to sit on, it was clean and orderly down here. But people seemed not to like it! Maybe it was because of him? or maybe it was because people were just afraid of the dark, they were all wimps anyway.

    Seeing as he was already here, Lev took out his honey bun and chowed down, it was a sweet treat and it filled him with a warmth that most things could not, maybe it was because it was baked with liquor in it, but that was a secret, or so the chef had said so, she had told him not to tell anyone to, the chef's name was leserin valed, she was german. but she had an english accent, maybe from all the years working with illiterate college kids. Lev chuckled at this as he slowly closed his eyes and laid back in the comfort couch. Images started to flash on the backs of his eyelids, voices unheard by the people around him started to whisper to him, this was the routine, walk to the dorms, get food, feel good, then remember the hatred of every soul, remember the deaths. His parents had died in a freak accident, it was covered up and the only thing he was told about it, was that they had died because of extreme blood loss, but there had been no blood around the house when he had found them dead, they had lied to him.

    He noticed his body going numb, his body was not even reacting to his orders. Had his body fallen into a weird sleep paralysis, he started to freak out slowly as he struggled to move, he could hear everything around him but he could not see anything, he could not do anything. He let out a contorted groan as he gave up, maybe someone would come upon him and help him out, or maybe he would get left here and get left behind and get hypothermia.
  4. Heeled feet made her way down the sidewalk, taking in the faces and smells. Her senses were much stronger than any living creature, which made day to day life... irritating. He had smoked weed a couple hours ago, she had recently gotten a bloody nose, that one was sick and was doped up on meds. It made her sick. Sansa released an almost inaudible sigh as she walked, brushing a strand of hair from her face.

    She'd taken in the sights and sounds, the smells and the people. She was over it now. At least, she was until nightfall. As the girl turned a corner, her body was suddenly covered in dark shadows, the afternoon sun hanging lazily on the distance. The sky was turning different shades of pink and orange and the girl moved in complete silence. A pure predator.

    Her feet stopped as her silver eyes cast downward, head tilting as she stared at the form relaxing on the couch. Was he asleep? No, his heart beat too fast for that, and his breathing was too hectic. half temptedvto say something, Sansa simply stood there watching him. He would be an easy meal, but then again, these were the worst kinds of situation for a vampire to find themselves in. Maybe just a bite? Biting her lip, the girl moved, placing a hand on either side of his head, lips inching towards him. He smelled sweet, pure of toxins that most humans insisted on using. Cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. Made for some nasty tasing snacks.

    As the girl's lips pressed against his skin, they parted, fangs scraping against him. Just one movement and she could drink all she wanted. Whichhwas never much to kill someone. Maybe make them a bit tired and pale for a few days. It took more than just a bite from her kind to turn a human into one of them, after all. With a sigh, she pulled away for a moment, but as soon as she did, the girl immediately regretted it, she wanted to taste him and to not care that she had bitten him without him even being awake. But she was half human. As disgusting as it was. And she did still have human like emotions.
    "Hey, wake up." She spoke softly, brushing hair out of his face.
  5. Something soft touched his skin, warm and sweet. It scared him at first, was it a person's hand, fingers, toe's, lips? he opened his purple eyes slowly as he heard a voice, his body felt tired. But he had done nothing to exert his energy or make him feel tired, hell he never really drank any beer or alcohol or even smoke, he thought of that stuff stupid, as life killer's. Most people would not agree with this fact, but most all drugs had a purpose, to get you addicted, and then kill you off slowly and painlessly. At least that was what he thought. "huh.... sorry you need something" he said stretching slightly as he looks at the girl, she was pretty and he was taken back by her beauty. Breathtaking she was to be looked upon, but he toned down his reaction, he did not want to seem creepy.

    For some strange reason, his heart beat faster as he looked upon her, he sat up straight as he payed attention to the girl, awkward moments went on by of him just looking at her in a weird shocked awe, before coming back to " umm... uh sorry for staring. but may I .... know your name?" His tone was soft as he asked this, and he lifted one of his hands to greet her's, requesting for a shake, this seemed natural to him, as if he had done it many times before, but interactions with females were rare with him. Mainly because all the girls were afraid of him, they always thought that he would beat them senseless. But all he would really do would be hug and take care of them, at least that is what he would imagine him to do, things always came out differently than he had thought them to be.

    "also, do you go to the college that houses these facility's" he wanted to know, because he could feel this conversation ending, and he had a feeling of loneliness, he did not want her to leave his side, it was obsessive, but it was almost necessary, as if he felt he needed to protect her. He stood up with his hand stil raised to meet her's, he still could not shake the feeling of needing to know this girl, it was almost as if he was under some sort of magical spell, one which could only be pulled off by pure force.

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  6. As his eyes fluttered open, the girl looked away for a moment, looking down the alley in both directions. Only when he spoke did the girl look down at him, tilting her head slightly. Her name? "Sansa." Was all she said, silver gaze watching him. As his hand moved and extended out to her, the girl glanced down at it, hesitantly placing hers against it. "It's a pleasure, Mr...." She stopped, waiting for him to respond with his name. It was strange, her interacting with this man, a human nonetheless. Normally, the girl completely despised humans. But him... it was different. She didn't mind him. Hell, she even passed up an easy meal just so she could wake him up. She still wanted that taste, though.

    She stood there awkwardly for a moment, glancing down at her feet, then down the alley again. As he spoke once more, her brow raised. "Yes. Do you?" She wasn't much for talking to people. She didn't have much experience with it. Her father had kept her hidden away from guests, embarrassed his daughter was half of what they hunted. Like a lion and a lamb mating. Wrong and unnatural.

    She turned slightly and took a few steps, glancing back at him, silently asking if he was going to follow. The pinks and oranges of the sky slowly began darkening and she could feel the hunger slowly creeping up on her. Her silver gaze looked back up at him, ears picking up on the sound of his heart beating, pushing the liquid through his body. But it was strange; she didn't want to hurt him. Mostly, the girl didn't care. She never killed anyone, usually, but biting him seemed... wrong. Not unless he gave permission, of course. Clearing her throat, Sansa stopped, looking up at him nervously. "Do you believe the rumors about vampires being real?" She cocked her head. Some people believed it, and others didn't. Even though they'd exposed themselves, some people still refused to believe it.
  7. "Leviance.... but you can just call me lev" His voice was soft and gentle as he talked to her, he tried to act normal, but his heart was beating faster and faster as each second passed by, "yeah, I do too" She seemed slightly awkward, like she had not many interactions with humans before this, maybe she was a shut in like most of the students out here, they never came out of their room because they were afraid of something, what was it "Do you believe the rumors about vampires being real?" did she just read his mind, his heart almost stopped as he registered her question. Maybe vampires were real, he would not judge people who thought they were, but if they were as evil as they say they would be, then he would have no choice but try to get rid of them.

    "maybe, I have no true opinion, I won't say they are not real though. I have not seen one, but that does not mean they are not real.... at least that's what I think" His tone changed, it was cold know, strong and fierce, he had gone into an analytical stage, where he observed and questioned things he would not have before. He took a step towards her as she took a step away, expecting him to follow, he walked in front of her, acting as if he had tripped so he could touch her skin, colder than average, it almost sapped out his overly high temperature. He drew back his hand in an almost scared fashion. She seemed different somehow, she smelled nice, but there was a mystical feeling to it. He stopped in front of her for a second

    He stood in front of her as if to stop her, and looked straight into her eye's, letting his gaze stay with her's, unblinking, unflinching, unmoving. He was going to test her, she seemed like she would be a good friend. like she knew things other's did not, he liked that type of mystery. He felt a strong connection to sansa, as if he had known her way before this, but he knew this to be impossible, but he still could not help the feeling of wanting to get to know her better, no he needed to get to know her. Again he may be obsessing over this, but it was perfectly normal to him, it was like his dream of cleaning all scum from this world... but somehow a little more emberassing.
  8. "Leviance... what a strange name." She said with a smile. Of course, this was meant to be said in the best way. "They say interesting names are given to interesting people." Sansa looked up at him as he began speaking again, nodding softly. She noted the change in his tone, which startled her a little, but she did the same quite often. Usually, her voice was soft like the wind. Innocent. But when she wanted to send a chill down your body, she'd be able to with nothing more than a word. "Would you ever like to meet one if they were real?" As his skin brushed against hers, the girl looked back at him, raising a brow. He was so warm! Then again, most humans were, especially when their hearts were beating quickly, like his was.

    Her feet stopped moving as he stood in front of her, silver eyes locking with his. Was he trying to intimidate her? She didn't say anything, just let a bit of uncomfortable heat flow from her into him. Most creatures, vampires, incubi, and demon included, usually began to writhe in pain if she forced enough heat on them. But she wouldn't do that to him. No, Sansa actually liked him. He wasn't afraid of her. Or maybe he was, he just didn't show it. "Lev?" Her voice was deep and dark, cold as his was just a moment before.

    But as soon as he stood in front of her, the girl broke eye contact and began stepping around him. Her stomach was beginning to hurt. "I have to go, Lev." She stated flatly, nose twitching slightly.
  9. "nope, wherever your going I am going along with" He said this with a clear ringing tone, he grasped onto her shoulder " And yes, I would love to meet one, only if they didn't kill me, or me kill them" She gave him a warm feeling, he could not take his eyes of her, it was like a craving that needed to be sated, and the only way to sate it was to stay by her side at all time's "also sansa is also n interesting name... but Mine is kinda from way back when people believed in demon's..... actually my name is based of a demon.... but lets not go into that! so where are you going?" He talked as if he knew since the day of his birth, something uncontrollable had clicked in him when she took her gaze away from his, almost like it was predatory. But he was not going to hurt her, hell if he ever tried he thought he might even kill himself.

    He calmed his heart, he let it beat slowly, so slow, in fact that it almost seemed it was not beating at all. He had trained himself to do this year's ago, since he was once a diver, he would be under the water for about forty to fifty minutes. And as he walked beside her he started to hum a soft tune, it was that of the sea, and with it a small flashback came to Lev, whilst he was still humming. It was a memory of his mother, her dark hair covering her face, her white dress covering the most visual part's of her body, she had blood streaming down her neck, and she was cradling him against her body, he was five..... his mother was dying... but he had not seen his mother's death, why was he seeing this know... what did it mean. and then he saw his mother mouth out a phrase... the only parts he caught of it was.......go........and...........her? go save her.... save who. And within the instant of having the flashback he was thrown back into reality, he had still been walking and humming, but know tears streamed down his chin, dripping onto the dry concrete.

    He tried wiping the tears away, but they kept coming, he felt no emotions, but his heart was silent, his breath shallow and quite. Turning from Sansa, he looked out towards the setting sun, an eerie feeling washing over him. What had it meant, was it just another one of his delusions, or was it something deeper than that? He washed the thought from his mind as he became silent while walking beside sansa, he had not felt like this in age's. So close to someone that you could touch them, but so emotionally distraught that they seemed eon's away. His body slowly started to shift towards her's, and then away, and then forward..... Falling to his knee's he covered his face, his body becoming prone, almost stuck in place. She would leave him, at least he thought, almost everyone did. The strong defender of the weak was actually the weakest of them all, his heart black and fragile as glass, all it took to break him was a tap on the shoulder, or a word or a phrase.

    Sitting there, it started to rain, the water sinking into his clothes. He still stayed still, his heart know only beating each twenty second's, his breath barely making a sound. yet his mind raced with thoughts ever so chaotic, filled with nightmares of what was to come and be of him, he had no reason to be this way, he had no reason to be crazy and hateful of himself, but his whole being screamed out for an ending..... And he knew that this was the way it had been for so many years. but know he understood. know he could finally ppinpoint the reason, it was his fault his parents died, it was his fault that all this happened, he had caused it.
  10. The girl stopped briefly as he stated he was coming along. With a brow raised, she stared at him, but hey, if he wanted to watch her with another man, possibly a woman, that evening, then so be it. Then again. He said he did want to meet one. Maybe she should just use him? No, that wasn't an option. Or maybe... it was? It was a coin toss in her mind; treat him like a friend and let him go unscathed, or let the predator in her take over and take him to bed only to drain him to the point of exhaustion? While the latter seemed most fun, she watched him, somehow feeling strange as she thought about it.

    As he began walking with her, the girl didn't say anything, just listened to his heart beat slower and slower, going quiet finally. She turned towards him, eyes wide. A moment ago, his pulse was flowing through his veins like fire, and now, he stood there gushing water like a river. The vampire didn't know what to do, just watched him as he fell. "Lev?" She questioned softly, kneeling down and placing a cold hand on his shoulder. She was half tempted to leave him, to go and find her meal, but... she couldn't. Her heart ached for him. What kind of demons lived in his past, what thoughts plagued him? She'd never seen a human so distraught. "Humans are so strange." The girl whispered, looking around at her surroundings. The rain would make him sick, and she simply couldn't have that. Grabbing his arm and linking it around her shoulder, the girl forced him up with ease, glancing at him as she made her way to one of the buildings.

    "Hold on." The arm that linked around his waist held tight as she kneeled and jumped into the air, easily reaching the fourth floor balcony. It was dry there, all the people that once plagued the courtyard gone. Sansa leaned him against the wall and kneeled in front of him, tilting her head softly, waiting for him to calm down. She ran her fingers through his hair, brushing some of the water from his locks. She didn't say anything; she didn't need to. If he was anything like her, he just needed a friend.
  11. His body became stiff as they flew into the air, his eye's slightly dilated and became wider as he realized that no ordinary human could have done this, but he was not scared, he still had no emotions running through him contesting for a main spot in his thoughts, he looked at Sansa and gave her an awkward look. Trying to piece out the puzzle, he looked at her, reminded himself of her cold skin, reminded himself of her cold gaze and her incredible jump. If he could guess he would think that she was a monster...... but why had she not killed him yet, or was she not the one to do the killing "wh...what are you" his tone was that of an intrigued child. fathomed at what was in front of him, he did not really move away from her, but he moved closer. Heart beating slowly, he reached out and touched her. her skin, he recoiled as he realized what he had been doing "sorry... I couldn't resist" His voice was soft as he looked at her.

    Tear's still streamed down his face, he could not control it, but he still was awestruck by what had happened, he grabbed his thoughts together, and tried to understand his own emotions, he could feel his self recoiling back into a corner, not afraid of the girl in front of him, but afraid of his past, truly she did not scare him. he knew that she would not hurt him, it was almost as if he had a barrier over him. taking a grip of his body, he stood and walked over to Sansa, grabbing her by her shoulder's. Taking his gaze into her's and as seriously as he could say it he asked " are you a Vampire?"

    Giggles started to from in his throat as he heard his own words echo through the street, had he really asked that, as if anyone was really a vampire, but was this the proof he had been looking for, something more, something evil...yet not, the thing that had contributed to his parents death. He did not let go of her, he needed an answer, the thought of not knowing was just too strong for him not to know. He pushed her against the wall, his tears still streaming down his face " and if you're not a vampire then what are you?"
  12. That look in his eye was strange, more wondering and curious than anything. She narrowed her eyes at him, raising a brow at the question. What was she? Half and half, a mutt. A being that wasn't welcomed in any world. She didn't move as he reached his hand out, but pushed into him softly. The girl wanted the warmth that he possessed. "You're welcome to touch me." The girl remarked, sighing softly. Her gaze fell to him again, eyes locking with his. She reached out a hand and brushed away the tears, the corner of her lip turning up as she tried her best at a smile. She wanted to comfort him, to tell him everything was okay. But it wasn't. The world wasn't okay. It was one fucked up playground where the bullies took your life and the weak ones got picked off like rats.

    At his next question, her head tilted down slightly, eyes falling to the wall behind him. He began chuckling at the question, but her face remained cold and distant, a hand brushing through her hair. But he was suddenly standing there, holding her tightly. Eyes met with his as she inhaled, lips parting slightly. Her silvery gaze shifted and like a storm that suddenly appeared over the ocean, a deep crimson filled them. Her irises turned into slits, and inside her lips, a pair of razor sharp canines grew. He held her against the wall, but suddenly, she was the one holding him. She'd moved faster than he could have seen, lips trailing down his neck as her hands held him in place. He smelled so good.

    "I'm only half." She whispered, taking a breath to calm her racing heart. "You smell so sweet." Exhaling, Sansa released him and took a step back, nose twitching as her ears picked up on his softly beating heart. Reaching out a hand, she brushed another stream of tears from his cheek, watching him curiously. "Why are you crying?"
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  13. he was taken back by her rough treatment, and by what she said. Her fangs glinted in the slight moonlight "only half" his voice caught in his throat, he was scared off her... not really her, but her fang's, the things that she could do... why had she not just sucked him dry, what had stopped her? She had said he was welcome to touch her, but she had been so fast, almost stronger than he, she was really what she said she was, a half-vampire, maybe that's the reason she could walk out into the sunlight. But it did not make sense, would she need to drink blood, hopefully not his.... but he slightly craved that, it scared him, but he wanted more of it, he wanted that feeling again, of almost being needed, instead of being a nuisance that everyone hate's.

    "why am I crying..... well.... why does it rain.... why does the sun shine" he took a quick glance at her " some things, just are best kept a secret... I know you told me about yourself, showed yourself... but its better not know" especially know that Lev knew what she was, he had confirmation of what had really happened to his parent's, what had happened to him those many years ago, those crimson eyes in the dark were not of a monster. They were of a person, may have been sansa, may have been something else. He would never know, he would never figure it out.... Maybe Sansa could help, just maybe she could reveal to him what had been hiding in the dark for all those lonely year's. He let his heart go back to a normal yet slow pace, his body heated up and somehow he felt as if he needed to do something.

    Taking two steps forward, he grasped her, her soft skin under his finger's, his warmth against her cold body. He pulled her in against his body, this was not a welcoming to drink his blood, but she seemed to be like him, alone, not afraid, but shocked. Maybe they could get along, maybe fate had sent her his way. The thought of leaving her side seemed foreign know and he held her tighter against his body, he smelled sweet right, maybe that was because of the honey incense he burnt every day, and breathed in every day, and the shower's he took, they were in the school's hot spring's. He never showered anywhere else, he was really the only one that showered there anyway. There had been ru8mors about the hot spring and a ghost, maybe it was real, real like sansa.

    "I am sorry... but I may not be able to leave your side... I don't know what it is, but I am not afraid of you, I am not afraid of what you might do" Letting his grasp on her loosen, he took a step back to look at her. Even if he had to enter her house without permission, he would stay with her, even if he had to walk and swim over ocean's, a bond had formed, something deeper than himself, something from his past, something unknown to the light of day. "sorry if that is kind of weird, but I can't just let you go know, you entered me into the world, know you have to show me around" His tone was soft know, and his body had become ten times as hot as it usually was, his face flushed a deep crimson as embarrassment set in. He knew this was taking a big risk, but he needed her, she was like the moon to him, so far away.. but so close and so bright that you never want it to vanish... but slowly it would fade away..... he was afraid of that.

    " is it ok.... ok to stay with you, I know I just met you...but.." he could not state the words he was thinking, they seemed foreign to him, and all he was doing was repeating the same thing over again, if only he had a way to express himself to her. It was not love, at least he did not think. But his heart ticked faster for her, each gaze sent shiver's down his spine. Maybe it was love, but he would lie to himself and say it was not, he would lie to himself to keep her in his sight. He would lie to himself even if she was sucking the blood from his body, he would tell himself it was all fake, that it was not happening. But he knew that the truth would come one day... not today.... but one day.
  14. He was right. She'd just met him and already he knew what she was, what she was capable of. She'd have to keep an eye on him, make sure she could trust him, protect him. As he came towards her, the girl took a half step back, staring up at him, surprised once he pulled her in close to him. What... was he doing? Her lips parted to ask him what he was doing, but nothing came out. Instead, her arms moved to embrace him gently as her head leaned against him. He really did smell good. But it was more than his skin. His blood smelled good, healthy. He was hurt physically, but everything else was strong, untouched. She suddenly felt lonely as he stepped away from her, his grasp loosening. She let her hands fall to her side as her mind processed what he was saying. He wasn't afraid of her? Why? Sansa stared up at him, growing more and more baffled by the minute. "You are the strangest human I have ever met." She smiled as the blush set in on his face, and at the next question, the girl sighed.

    "I have a roommate. I could very easily kill her, however I'd prefer not to do that." Her body turned, elbows resting on the railing of the balcony. Her hand stretched out, catching drops of rain as they fell from the heavens. "Do you have roommates, or your own place?" Sansa turned and looked back at him, sighing softly. What was she doing, allowing a human to stay by her side?
  15. "I have my own place inside the school ground's, it is nothing much, just a small house, why?" he said turning from her, he felt awkward not holding her against his body, her cold embrace felt comforting, like soft hand pulling the blankets over your body at night! "also I have gotten that before, Maybe I am not the weird one, maybe the rest of them are" he said this with a soft tone, contemplating what he was to do. And then he noticed how high they were, his heart dropped slightly, he hated height's. But for her he would go anywhere, "you should just leave your roommate alone, And while I am with you... no drinking blood...maybe...mi......" he did not want to say it, why would he even think of offering his blood, it was what made him....him.

    A chill running down his spine, he did what most humans would do to kill themselves, he was stronger than normal though, he could withstand the fall, and he brought Sansa with him, holding her tight against his body as the window to the fourth floor balcony flew open, it soon shut as the person who opened realized no one was there. As he hit the ground he stumbled forward, none of his bone's braking, a scratch there... blood trickling down his arm. It was a small cut, and he did not even notice it, But it was deep, and it kept bleeding, and the rain made it so it blended in with the water trickling down his skin.

    His heart beat faster as adrenaline ran through him " sorry about that, I could not resist.... so to my house, or to get something to drink... that is if you actually eat human food" he said this as he wiped his face of water, the blood still dripping from his hand to the floor. It was not going to stop, and it stained the floor a dark crimson. He felt slightly woozy, had the fall really taken that much out of him, or was he just tired. He tried to stand straight, but he wobbled to the side, and then he was normal again " also... this may sound weird.... but are there more of you... I want to know, because if there are I am not going out at night anymore if there's more here." He admitted that she does not scare him, but that does not mean the others would not, full bred vampires who were most likely evil killers.
  16. The vampire sighed softly as she looked around, her gaze falling back to him. "If I'm going to keep an eye on you, then we need to stay together." She responded flatly, glancing around again. His comment made her smirk, raising a brow. "Maybe." The silence didn't last long, ears picking up his voice again. The comment made her smirk. "I'm a vampire, Lev. I need blood to live. I'm only half, but I still need it." A soft sigh fell from her lips, glancing down at the world below. A strange feeling went through her as she felt a pair of arms pull her close, brow raising, curious about what he was doing. "Lev-" Sansa started, but soon enough the two were falling through the sky. She landed gracefully, soundlessly. But him on the other hand? Her hands reached out to grab him, preventing him from falling over.

    Her nose twitched at him, eyes narrowing as they shifted colors again. "You're bleeding." Her voice was nearly inaudible as she took a quick step towards him, grabbing his arm and pulling him towards her. The vampire leaned towards him, pressing her lips against the cut. But she didn't bite him, or even drink the blood. Her tongue ran across the wound, and as soon as she pulled away from him, the skin healed back together. The corners of her lips turned up, eyes meeting his. "Just as sweet as you smell." Just that little taste was absolutely wonderful, making her lust for more of it. But instead, Sansa stepped back from him, eyes shifting back to their silvery hue as she inhaled deeply.

    "I think we should go get drinks. I need to find something to eat before I rip out someone's throat." And she could too. And she would. As her feet began moving again, her head movd up and down softly. "There are a lot of us. Vampires, demons, incubi, succubi, you name it. All pretty dark creatures. But there are good ones, too. Faeries, angels, elves. Although the are less common."
  17. "do you kill the people you drink from? or do you just knock them out" He wanted to know, he almost fell over as she licked at his wound, it felt tingly and almost unreal. Taking his hand away he looks down at the wound, it was not there anymore. What had happened to it? "what did you just do?" he was glad that she had worried about him, if that is what you could call worry, but it was still creepy, and he would have no problem with punching a girl if she sucked his blood without permission "and what do you mean by sweet?" He said with anger and denial in his voice, it wasn't his fault for being so healthy... at least it was not his intention, his parent's grew him up that way. And plus he hated cigarettes and hated alcohol, the only true alcohol was the ones that were in the honey buns, and that stuff was really good for you.

    He wondered why she would need to keep watch of him, and he said it out loud " so why do you need to keep watch of me... is it because I know what you are?" His voice only wavered once, he was trying to hide the fact that he was scared shitless from the fact that she had said that there were more of them. This sent shivers down his spine as he took a step forward, "is it bad to have a good smell... and taste.... also do most mythical creatures drink blood, I don't know much about it but I know that most of them are asses" he said this with a soft tone, trying not to piss sansa off, the last thing he wanted was her kicking him into oblivion.

    He thought about offering up his blood, maybe then she would not drink off anyone else, hurt anyone else, the weird day you would wake up with two mark bites in your neck would probably not be a pleasant one, so maybe he could stop that... no...no..NOPE. Trying to shake off the idea like a bad dream he started to walk towards one of his most favorite place's les cherr'ys. cherry was the owner of les cherry's and she made smoothie's, a lot of them were red though due to the overdose of cherries, she never sweetened her cherries. they were always natural, but for some reason her smoothies were always the sweetest, maybe it was because she was a mythical creature..... nah could not be, no one but sansa was a mythical creature, ......so he thought.

    "please don't rip anyone's throat out, why don't you just get the blood from the hospital." his voice was contemplating, it had a sort of a ring to it, as if he knew what he was saying. He did not, he was firing off ideas in his head like loose cannon's. Maybe he was overthinking the matter, he would just have to calm down and think about it later, maybe he could talk it over with sansa.
  18. Sansa shook her head at the question, smiling gently. "No. I put them into a trance-like state and only take enough to satisfy my hunger for another day. I never even take enough that they would realize something was wrong. Perhaps a little tired when they came out of the trace, but that's all." Her father, however, drank his victims dry. It was sickening to her, especially because he never needed to. He just... liked to. "I healed your cut. For some reason a vampire's saliva has healing qualities. That's why you never hear about attacks. We always close our bite marks before we leave." A small chuckled fell from her lips at the next question. "I feel like I'm in the middle of an interrogation." Her eyes fell forward as they walked, her shoulders moving up and back down. "I mean just that. A lot of humans' blood is tainted from years of smoking, doing drugs, and drinking. I can tell you've never done any of those by how you smell."

    Their walk took them toward a place she'd never been to, a cute place that smelled like fruit and... faery? She'd have to address that later. "I have to watch you because you know what I am. As far as I know, I'm the first hybrid, a mix between a vampire and a human. Vampires don't like the blending of the two, and humans all tend to flee from me. If you told people what I was, well, I may have to leave." She didn't much care for vampires. Or humans. Or much of anything else for that matter. They all treated her like shit, like some science experiment gone wrong. "Vampires drink blood, demons would rather steal your soul, and incubi and succubi can live on both blood and the life force of other creatures. It's not a bad thing for you, but at the same time it is." She looked up at him again, sighing softly. "I would never kill someone. As much as I hate humans, I wouldn't rip their throats out. Hospital blood makes me sick. It has to be from the source. Some vampires can stomach it, but it tastes like rotting meat." Disgusting, in all honesty.

    The two sat down at the small place, her eyes searching until they fell upon the woman walking across the floor. She smiled to herself, shaking her head. "Faery blood tends to be the sweetest, though. I could always go for her." Sansa pointed to the woman then looked back to Lev.
  19. "no way, cherry is not a fairy, not possible!" refusing the truth was not really his thing, but one of his friends being a creature out of a story book seemed quite odd, why would she hate humans, yeah sometimes they were asses, but they could do amazing thing's. He had seen it several times, humans have something that nothing else has, nothing can come to it, desire, the will to live, life. We all live for a reason and we the human race would fight anything if it stood in our way of survival, This was true on many levels, but was it different for other creature's? "I did not flee, also ... you hate me...... second whose blood smell's sweeter mine or her's?" The question was only because he wanted to know, not because he was jealous... NO he would never be jealous.

    so it had to be fresh, that would not go well for him. Maybe it would though because of her saliva, it healed the wounds that she inflicted so maybe it would be alright, but he still disliked the idea of the students in this school getting eaten off of. Chill's ran down his spine as cherry walked over "The same as yesterday Lev" Cherry said with a sweet smile, she always treated him nicely, even when he had a sour face. Turning to her, he nodded and then put up his hand and held out two finger's, one for him, one for her. Then he put up a third, turning to the side he took note of a small kid, probably in his teen's, only wearing rags as clothe's. Letting out a sigh as he waited for cherry to get back he looked at sansa " I am gonna take care of something real quick" and as he stood cherry came back with the three drink's. He quickly paid her then took one of the smoothies into his hand, opened his wallet and took out a hundred dollar bil and walked over to the bill. He knew this boy, he was almost always here and he sang for money, but today he seemed almost out of it.

    As he stopped by the boy he handed him the drink and then waited for him to take a sip before handing him the hundred dollar bill, the bill had marker on it saying 'use for only food and clothes' The boy then did something unexpected, tackled him and hugged him, the boy did not let go for at least five minute's, by then Lev's shirt had been drenched in tears. He patted the boy before walking over back to sansa " sorry bout that, the kid is James, he has no home, but he lives with a heart of a lion!" Lev said chuckling softly as he looked back at the kid, he was a nice kid, he deserved all the nice things that would come to him sooner or later.

    "So you gonna follow me to my house after this our shall I just follow you. Because I am sorry to say I am not letting you get away, gotta make sure you don't go attacking anyone." taking a sip as he said this he relaxed in his seat, he was not afraid of sansa anymore, but he was wary, the things she could do were most likely endless, maybe the result of her being a hybrid. Finishing his smoothie he stand's up and walks over to cherry, he wanted to try something. It is said that if you kiss a fairy they will always stay by your die " Also sansa, this is not because I like cherry, I just want to try something." and as he finished talking he took cherry's chin, she was protesting but she could not stop him, he was stronger than most and he could tell she was not strong "
    lev don't do it, i'm not....st..stop" But he had already placed his lips onto her cheek, not the same as a kiss but it was close enough to her lips that the edges touched eachother.

    And then something weird happened, Cherry's eyes rolled over and then she was back to normal, of course after a weird spasm and an awkward movement to push at Lev. When she came to she looked at lev and smiled, and then hugged him tightly, he was taken aback, he had only done it to prove that she was not a fairy, not to make her like him, he tried to push her away, but her strength seemed to suddenly increase, what was this. "oh shit Sansa you were fucking right... oh god, she's crushing me." letting out a gasp of air, he lifted his palm up and under cherry's neck. Hitting a pressure point and sending her into a state of sleep. "shit you were right...... ummm, what should we do know she's out cold"

  20. Sansa sighed softly as he spoke, she nodding once. "Most humans flee. Most humans treat me like some rabies infested rat, even my own mother way disgusted by me." The girl ran her fingers through her hair, annoyance apparent on her porcelain like features. "I'm still wondering when you're going to come to your senses and try and escape from me." Her gaze fell to the woman as she approached, watching her and Lev's interaction. As soon as she left, Sansa raised a brow. "Her's. Faery blood is sickeningly sweet, it's addictive. Like heroine to humans." But then he stood, making his way to a young boy and extending the drink and money. Suddenly, the boy clung to Lev, sobbing hysterically for what felt like hours. She wouldn't have been able to take it. The disgust of people touching her came from years of neglect. Not that it much bothered her any more.

    "No, you're fine. Hopefully the kid doesn't get his throat ripped out one night, though." She stared at Lev, her eyes flashing crimson briefly. It was a joke; there was no way she'd end up attacking someone like that. Ugh, the thought made her sick. "My human side is making me feel again." She groaned, biting her lip. How irritating. "If you don't let me do what I need to, I'm going to end up killing someone. And that someone might just be you." It was a threat, her voice low and menacing. Hey, if he didn't want her to bite someone, she'd end up biting him. And she wouldn't feel bad about it. People got what they asked for. And what Lev did next made her chuckle almost inaudibly. Suddenly, he was asking her for help, and with another chuckle, the vampire stood and made her way to the two of them. Effortlessly, Sansa hoisted the fae over her shoulder and began walking towards the door. "Come on. We have to reverse her memory." And probably draw and activate a rune that would reverse what he did. Now what rune to use? "Where shall we go? We need some privacy."
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