A [hopefully] simple request? [Openings]

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  1. I had fallen off of the RP bus for awhile but I am back! Although, I /am/ new to this site.

    To get the small details out of the way:
    • I will play as either gender. I do have maybe one or two where I would prefer male or female but I am open. I am also open to playing some NPCs and multiple characters. These characters and instances keep the roleplay going. If you are not comfortable with small NPC playing or things like that let me know in advance! :)
    • I am currently working full-time and applying/getting started with my Master's program. Despite this I will be replying (depending on length of posts) one-many times a day. And if something gets very busy or life takes over, I will always let you know in advance. Generally online between 6PM EST - 12AM EST.
    • Speaking of replying: I will generally write a few paragraphs (although for beginnings or areas where I can't control my excitement and love of detail, I might be writing a novel. *sigh*). At some points in the roleplay where things are quickly going back and forth it might drop to 1-2 paragraphs, but I am not a big fan of one liners.
    • Romance - this isn't a necessity. People can be just friends, just enemies, etc. I understand people don't meet and fall in love in one day. Some people meet and have blips of passion and that's it - some people don't at all. It's whatever. I just want you to be clear with what you'd want for this portion of the roleplay. I am flexible. If you are 18+ I don't really have much for limits, but again - be clear.
    I'm not sure if there is anything else I should be including there?

    As far as what I am looking for:
    I am open to many difference genres and such, and can't think of everything I am interested, but if you have an idea please let me know if there is something you don't see here! :)
    • Fallout Theme (Does not have to be specific area, could be complete OC everything but would still like to keep the armor, weapons, bottlecaps, items, etc.)
    • Apocalypse/Post-Apocalypse (Zombies, Illness, War, etc.)
    • Arranged Marriage (Royalty plot? Would prefer to play female for this particular one, but again, open.)
    • Human x Fallen Angel
    • Vampire Mentor x New Vampire idea?

      General note: My brain is fried right now. I am open to anything within the Fantasy (Modern/Historical), Horror, Slice of Life, a copious amount of pairings, and who knows what else. I might add to this as time goes on, but if you have ideas that haven't worked or things you are craving that you can't find someone for- I love suggestions~! :)
    If you've made it through all that I sincerely thank you. I hope to make some new friends here. Please inquire here or send me a PM. :)

  2. Hm. I may be interested in the Fallout (Hello, Nuka World) and the Post-Apocalyptic one.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.