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  1. The beams of light seemed like they'd manifested themselves as physical objects, and although small, seemed to have and overwhelming presence in this darkness. This darkness was thick; seems to have a hand in the world it surrounded for the time. There were two things that swam through this darkness, though only one was visible, and they all had a sprinkle of horror to them that seemed a bit to strong for most tastes.

    The one that was perpetually visible took the obvious form of a human-being; A man, fully clothed in a large set of armor, a thick shield and a long, broad sword. The spectacular rays of light that seemed to slice through the darkness were sparks that seemed to birth off his shield at random, they were however not random The other being that shared this man's cozy little nest of darkness was one much more adapted to it- it's silhouette, which seemed foreboding in this lack of light, moved everywhere. It scurried past his feet, and along the walls before another shower of light birthed off of the shield.

    The two had been like this for a few minutes now, which seemed like a life-time to the two, but it would soon draw to a close. The sickening sweet sound of flesh being pierced into seemed to cut apart the dark and one might feel as though they could see just fine through the vibration of noise itself. The darkness then scattered; as if the sound, that had been the harbinger of the soft scent of death, had scared it and light filled the room. It was a bar-- your average tavern, filled with not-so-average beings. The newly found light revealed that the man and the other thing, a woman it seemed, had been in some manor of cage. The woman was much different then the man. Two jointed tendrils extended, symmetrically, from her hips. The two things seemed to have found a new home in the armor of the human, and even further inside his body. The rest of the woman's features were just as odd as these insect like hip-leg-pinsors. The woman had four arms; the hands to two were placed firmly on the human male's waist, while the other ones cupped his sleek, cut jawline. The raven haired woman's lips were, like her bottom pair of hands, also placed firmly on something; the man's lips. Almost as though it was a final gift in life, she gave him the privilege of passion as she monitored his life force. It didn't take long until the toxins from her tendrils had poisoned the man, and killed him. As soon as he we limp, she tore her lips away and her spikes withdrew from him, which resulted in a small spurting of blood splatter.

    Her ebony tufts swayed as she turned, a sudden look of confidence and conviction on her face. One set of arms were now placed on her own hips, while the others crossed over her supple, but not exaggerated bust. The motion seemed to have enough power to sway the suspended cage the dead man and spider lady now populated a bit.

    "Marcus!" Her voluptuous voice called out before a sudden cheering began to erupt beneath her, "How was that one!? That had to be a new high-score, at least in style."

    Her scarlet iris, contained by a dark sea that was her sclera, took in the crowd below but focused on the man behind the bar. Behind this man, was a score-board, with various names and numbers on it. The man, presumably Marcus, was a large... thing. He wore the upper-torso of a man, and the lower body of a slug- He lacked legs, and instead had a blu-ish gloop like mass that allowed him to slide about. He'd written the number '48' underneath the name 'Marcy' and then grimaced over his shoulder at the caged woman-- even his upper body seemed a bit too.. 'gooey' and his face was, as one might call, an 'ugly mug'.

    "Yeah, yeah Marc-" He slurred out, obviously a bit drunk. "You did okay. 'Fer a woman. Ye teek too long though! You overdrew the suspense and that made yer little light-show boring. You get a ferty-eight."

    The spider woman scowled, and the arms crossed across her chest shot out, one shooting a single, accusing and apparently pissed-off, finger towards the barkeep. "That's slug-shit, you sellout! If I know anything, it's build up! I didn't oversell at all!" Marcus's tail, at slug-shit slapped her score and rewrote it as 38. Which is where Marcy cringed, sighed and left the cage. Accepting this defeat, and made her way down the wall to accept her prize money as a scantily clad harpy-woman collected the corpse of the knight and began announcing the next competitor.

    Marcy finally stood on the floor, her tendrils now wrapped around her waist like a belt, and a cup of brew in her right hand. Her small ruby tongue extended to Marcus as she took a sack of coin from him.

    "Fine! Let's see if some other hack can do better."

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  2. A woman grimaced as she watched the performance go on, even after the kill took place. It always seemed as though there was a conflict going on in this place, even outside of the cages, and even if they were empty. Her long, barbed tail idly flicking back and forth as she watched on. It had been while since she had seen a show that impressive. The woman deserved some props for that one. She scoffed at Marcus' insults to the woman, and not quietly either. "Oh Marcus. Never knows talent when he sees it. Especially when it's got breasts." She said quietly before taking a sip of her drink. She placed it down on the table in front of her, lightly leaning back in her chair. She began to run a small hand adorned with long, Sharp claws at the fingertips through her long, deep crimson/blood colored hair, a couple obsidian horns elegantly placed towards the front of her head, giving more definition and contrast to her pale skin which was tinted with a very subtle red color. Her dark, full lips contorted into an amused, sinister smile as she awaited someone to date to try to put on a better performance. She almost hoped no one would so Marcus might finally get some sense knocked into him as far as what should and shouldn't come out of his mouth. But, in the meantime, She idly tapped her foot, her demonic, almost feline-like eyes flickering around the room, scanning the other attendees to see their reactions, guessing which ones may be brave enough to accept the challenge.
  3. The arachnid-like woman heard the chatter coming from the demon-esque woman and couldn't help but feel her lips tug at the corners into an agreeing grin. Yeah. That was it. Marcus just didn't agree with giving woman anything higher the a fifty.

    "Is that it, Marcus?" She snickered as her crimson eyes locked on the slug-man, "Just got an issue with a woman being a more efficient killer then you?" The words that cued from her throat were laced with seemed like poison and arrogance.

    The slug-man followed suit with a deep-throated scoff before beginning to serve more patrons their alcohol. It was then that the lights then flickered off; the next show was beginning. Once again, they were all locked in a season of darkness. Most of the unhuman creatures could see fine in this light. Marcy was no different. After a few seconds, she could see the cage and the scared, armoured man being placed inside followed by his soon-to-be killer. Marcy let out a deep sigh as she watched the session begin and turned to quietly order a drink of her own. Next to her, at the bar, she heard two... things whispering about humans investigating all the missing human-guards. That the management for the 'Home of Weirdos' was getting sloppy. It was true, too. Soon the humans would find there have, and they'd all have to scatter again. She'd go back underground. Far, far from any fun like this.

    The only thing she didn't expect was how quickly the humans would find their little home.
  4. Her grin remained as she listened on to the arachnid woman and Marcus, holding back a chuckle as she began to trace the tips of some of her sharp fangs with her tongue from behind her lips. Her attention was caught when the lights went out, only the sound of them flicking off indicating it had gotten dark. She had gotten so used to the darkness she could see just as well, if not,better than she could in the light. She turned in her seat, continuing to run her fingers through her long hair As her tail began to flick more vigorously as she had something that was hopefully going to be entertaining to keep her attention on. She placed her available elbow on the table to prop up her head as she watched the cage. Her gaze remained there, though some of her attention was diverted when talk of humans and discovering this place fell from a few of the bar people's lips. Her grin feel to a slightly disappointed frown. She enjoyed it gets, and didn't want her fun to be over so soon, even if Marcus was a nuisance to say the least. Her eyes quickly flashed around the room to see the reactions of the other attendees, seeing if anyone else seemed to hear, it even care. Her gaze finally fell on the spider like woman from before, seeming as though her thoughts were identical to hers. She gestured silently to those who spoke, then looked back to her as if to ask whether or not she heard it as well or not.
  5. When the lights flicked off again, she timidly peeked her head around the booth's back from where she had been crouching out of view. She breathed out a sigh of black smoke and raked an inky sweep of hair with a wet oil sheen from her milky colored face, before she looked around at the patrons with dark, fathomless eyes. She couldn't help that she was a bit skittish around others, but she still enjoyed the chatter of the patrons that served as white noise to her ears. When the words of humans finding this place reached her ears, she nervously bit at the tip of one of her long midnight talons between her inky incisors, adding an insistent clicking sound to the hushed noise. Worry crinkled her brow as her head gently bobbed like an iridescent moon in the night sky while she flicked her eyes back and forth, looking for another concerned face but too timid to speak up. Her bare toes curled in frustration at her inability to conquer her timid shyness, but alas she turned back to her nearly forgotten mug and gently twisted it around three times before pressing the rim to her lips, and returned to being out of view from the others.
  6. The next moment the door, a small circular hatch on the roof that resembled the entrance of a human submarine, opened and light flooded into the darkness like a stronger force invading a weaker kingdom's walls. The beams hit the ground like spot lights and anyone in the way of the spectral blaze immediately retreated out of it.

    Marcy's vermilion eyes shot up an her body recluses a bit, her back pressing against the bar. Her hip tendrils dug into the wood of the bar and she lifted off her feet. This light had put everyone on edge because it wasn't normal. No one was allowed to enter during matches; so anyone who could open it now had... gotten past the guards and forced the hatch open. Marcy's body suddenly shot away from the bar and she clung to the wall above it- her four palms and two feet laid flat upon the surface and her tendrils lightly held her in place. The spider-woman was ready to run or fight, either way she wouldn't stay her long as soon as someone passed the light.

    Many of the others had reacted in a way similar to Marcy; defensively. They were ready to fight their way out and run as fast as they could as soon as they could. A bull-man's tail was flicking and an ax was held in his right hand. An onyx colored man who seemed composed of some liquid element-- he was now residing in various beverages, ready to run as soon an invader left.
  7. In mere seconds of the hatch opening her body quivered with fear and her lips drew back, exposing the two rows of glistening, midnight incisors dripping with a milky fluid. She tentatively watched the opening with the top of her head barely exposed over the top of the booth, her muscles coiled and ready for the fight or flight situation that was now possibly upon them. She gripped at the edge of the booth quietly clicking her tongue in series of three while she waited to make the quick decision that would either have her fleeing or fighting whoever may be coming through that opening. The next few seconds would reveal the fates design.
  8. The demon-like woman's eyes fell into a soft squint as the sudden bright lights pierced through the establishment from the hatch above. A wing quickly protruded from the woman's back and shot in front of her face along with a hand from the same side to protect her from the sudden bright beams that began to fill the attendees with terror and confusion. With a quick jolt, the female arose from her seat, quickly relocating herself towards the bar, appearing to be the closest place of cover where she might still be able to get a good vantage point to figure out what was now happening. Once stationed at the bar, after passing the arachnid again who was now completely attached to the opposing side, She ducked down from the light, only softly peeking out to observe the hatch above. Her tail began to frantically twitch from side to side in interest as she awaited the following events. Was this what she was just hearing about from the people at the bar? Had the humans already found us? The leathery wings that had sprouted forth from her back were now tucked down, making their way back into her shoulder blades Where they had originated. She blinked her eyes a few times in an attempt to regain their focus from the burst of light that had practically blinded her and many others. Though she kept mostly out of the light and was protected for the most part, it was still hard to make out what exactly was happening other than the obviously frantic customers scurrying around trying to hide and take cover from the possible danger that lie above them. The woman remained in a gargoyle-like stance as she continued to watch, eyes planted and focused, claws being idly dug into the bar and into her palms as her curiosity rose.
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