INTEREST CHECK A Home for Super- Juveniles and Delinquents!

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  1. "The five of you are here for various reasons, the primary reason being you're all delinquents, riff-raff, trouble-makers. Ultimately, fuck ups. But the one reason that stands out chiefly among them, and the reason I am here: you're all supers."


    We have superheroes now. We call them "supers", but really, they're not all superheroes, or that heroic, really.

    No one's quite sure where they came from, or why they happened. It all started around 2020 though. That's when the oldest-known super appeared. He literally blasted onto the scene, forcefully ending an armed hostage situation. He was lucky, then. The only thing that stopped the armed men was the sheer "what the fuck" factor. The next crime he stopped forcefully ended with the death of a bystander.

    He wasn't done. He kept going around, stopping crimes until he died (which wasn't too far coming) to the hands of someone else with powers, and that's when the whole thing exploded. Supers popped up left and right, with powers ranging from super-strength to lasers being fired out of their ears. It was ridiculous, and midst news media panic and legislation, next to nothing was being done about it. I mean, what could anyone do about it?

    Eventually, a group of guys that called themselves The Protectors came together and told the world they were going to police themselves-- other supers, I mean. It worked for the most part, and them putting the smack down on rogues running around really did a lot to get rid of the fear. Obviously, not all of them use their powers for all that is good and American.

    So that's where we are today. Life goes on, except... superpowers. There are super- schools (discrimination much?), super- jails are being built... Oh, and the flying car finally happened-- except it doesn't fly, so much as floats...


    That establishes the setting and the tone.

    The plot?

    This RP will take place at a school "for the Gifted".

    Simply put, the juvenile facilities in the area (around the entire United States, actually) are not up to snuff in "dealing with youths with access to nuclear weapons in their eyes." The state in response to this growing "threat", as they put it, has decided to contact Gavin McCormack, owner and operator of a school dedicated to teaching these young "gifted" men and women-- a school for supers.

    Operated "in the country" and well over an hour away from the nearest urbanized area, the school was built on his family's estate (read: mansion). With no recourse left to them, the local government has decided to pawn off these kids to him and, in a nut shell, "for the greater good" will Gavin take charge of these youths.

    The characters?

    I need at least six more characters. I'll be playing Gavin, psychic and psychokinetic phenomena, Professor and Headmaster of his school. I need one more teacher, who shall also act as security, and I need FIVE delinquents. Optional character: pre-existing student that is a pain in the ass.

    If this gets any more popular, I'll allow several more "normal" students to interact with the pains in the asses.

    Any questions, please respond or PM or Skype me at "seijiWIN".

    Also, here's a resource link for assholes who are prone to godmodding or assholes who legit can't think of a good superpower.

    Copy & paste that shit and let the internet decide for you.
  3. I'm so down for this I'm finding change under the rug
  4. Pokes in here maybe wanting to reserve a spot
  5. Tribby is interested but not reserving a spot yet.
  6. yessssss~
  7. Same as Tribbles.
  8. Maaaaaaaybe.
  9. This should be a thing! Make it so!
  10. I shall join! Sounds interesting O.o
  11. ....why am i doing this i only JUST reduced my workload to something halfway manageable

  12. Aw Yeah.

    Should I be a Speedster, or a Flying Brick?
  13. Idk about a flying brick, but I'm a dude that blows shit up with his fists. (Sorta. It's complicated. Seiji knows the deets.)
  14. A Flying Brick power set is basic strength, flight (or giant leaps), maybe a degree of durability. A Simple, and classic power set, personally.

    But now that I think of it, Omni-Directional Heat Vision and Short distance Teleportation/Flash-Steps sound like a fun combination.
  15. I'm thinking something along the lines of a mix between X-23 and Black Canary :)
  16. ....well that sounds terrifying.
  17. Terrifying, but hella sexy ;) haha