A High School Romance?

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  1. I am in the mood for a very cliched high-school romance - the typical story: boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, they fight through some obstacles, and finally come together.

    If anyone has any ideas on how to make this interesting, or wants to do it with me, please reply!
  2. I'd love to do it~!
    It could be a werewolfXvampire
    Or emoXcheerleader/jock
    or physic kids.
    Those are jsut some suggestions mine are pretty lame xD
    Something cool or cliche xDD
    I'd love to do one though~!
  3. The emo/jock thing sounds cool :)

    I would like to play the girl by the way
  4. Tottally cool.
    So ima jock then huh?
    *Buff Buff* Heyyy, Ladies XD XD
  5. lol - yeah if that's ok. Can you post a character bio here so I can get a feel for the character?
  6. Sure :D

    Name: John Micheal Black
    Age: 17
    Status: Popular Jock, Captain of the Football Team
    Single: Nope, Girlfriend is Angel Myars (Pic below; Don't worry this wont change the romance ;) )
    BIO: Has always been the popular jock. Doesn't really care what people think, as long as he's still on top. Parents aren't around, but they make good money so he is rich. He often has parties at his house.
    Personality: Obnoxious at sometimes; Can be very arrogant; Is a softie on the inside; Very sweet once you get to know him.

    ((Is that enuff? I couldn't think of any more, Im not good at creating my own BIO sheets.))

    John Micheal: Angel:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. That's fine -here's mine:

    Name: Eve Martinez
    Age: 17
    Status: Emo writer chick
    Single: Sadly yes - she wants someone to love her, but nobody does
    BIO: She is bisexual, but nobody knows that. Her parents neglect her, so she has to forge her own path in life.
    Personality: She is shy, but when she is writing, her emotions pour out.