A Hidden World Case File: The Fringes

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    Dateline: Danbury Connecticut.
    "That's all I got from the cell phone." Lieutenant Holder said.

    "It's not much. Could be photoshopped." The watch commander replied.

    "Not likely. The meta data on the phone shows that it was recorded on the phone, not downloaded to it. Unless a murder victim hacked a file on their own phone?"

    "Good point. Toss this one down to Adler. She loves all this creepy shit."

    Holder nodded. "That she does. She also has a very good record of solving cases. It's like she's some modern-day Sherlock Holmes."​
    {td=left|top}By the next day, Inspector Cassandra Adler was poring over the information gathered by the CSI team.

    "This... seems like I better place some calls. I'm going to need a specialist on this, or even a team." She mused.

    Thankfully, since no one else in the Danbury PD wanted to touch these occasional 'weird' cases, she was a separate department of one, and the other budget was generally used for hiring consultants.{/td}
    That is where you come in, dear investigators. For one reason or another, either you are an investigator of paranormal crimes, or associated with someone who is.
    In either event, either you or an associate of yours has gotten a call from Inspector Adler, asking for your help with a strange murder of a journalist who was investigating a string of disappearances.

    The IC Thread is Here A Hidden World Case File: The Fringes - IC Thread | IwakuRoleplay.com

    Post your OOC stuff, submissions and so on, in this thread, and the IC stuff Here
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    Name: Lucifer Matthias Anghelscu

    Day Job/Mundane Cover: Catholic Priest

    Race: Damphir

    Mythos Origin: Balkan Mythology.

    Profile: A member of the Burial Agency of the Vatican special forces divisions, dealing primarily with monsters. Of the rank "Executioner", his primary responsibility is the neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen and surrounding neighborhoods, alongside his fellow Executioners. They are sanctioned to act as diplomats and agents of the Churchs Will, as well as assassins if the need arises.

    Personal abilities extend to hypnosis, regeneration, enhanced strength and speed to a six ton bench limit and forty miles per hour limit. His senses are on par with an animals as well as gifted with the ability to see in infrared. He can phase through most materials, save for cold iron and blessed silver. He has control over lesser animals, primarily rats, bats, moths, spiders and wolves and can shapeshift for a length of time according to the amount of blood consumed, though this is limited to a wolf, swarm of bats and dragon form, though he has yet to unlock the last. In exchange, sunlight weakens him without the Shroud of Saint Job and blessed weapons do more damage to him proportionate to how much of his gifts he uses.

    In battle, he primarily relies on swordplay in which he's mastered for his line of work.
    His weakness is his reliance on blood. Where more fullblooded vampires can last on a little blood, Lucifer as a half-blood has to drain more gas for his mileage as it is. In the sunlight without his shroud, is reduced to peak human ability and loses vampiric powers.

    His fangs produce a narcotic that releases a neurotoxin that enhances body sensitivity and releases intense pleasure to better allow a two-way prana flow. Lucifer gains blood, and in return he releases a little of his untapped and unused magic to heal the person in turn.​



    Name: Ella Copernicus Penwyk

    Day Job/Mundane Cover: College Student/Lead Singer of The Bad Seeds.

    Race: Magus

    Mythos Origin: Worldwide, Dresden Files

    Profile: A fourth-generation Warden of the White Council of Wizards, Ella is the latest in a prestigious line of those who train to protect the White Council. She grew up in Brooklyn, raised by her grandmother: An iron woman whose spells of protection and healing marked the entire apartment complex the pair had lived in till Ella moved out to her own place.

    She enjoys flower pressing for the beauty of it and also for the magical aspects such tools afforded. She takes pride in her skills with a blade and gun, but was woefully lacking in her magical arts, which she knew her grandmother was saddened by.
    Her dream is to become a museum curator. She hates spicy food.

    Her weapon of choice is a crucifix that transforms into a longsword, which doubles as her focus.

    Spell List

    Trojus- Wizards naturally screw with technology, but this gathers it up into a burst that with fry most electronics, engines, and the more modern firearm.

    Empiro- Increases durability, allowing for more punishing damage that a person otherwise might die or be affected from. A poor mans Shield Charm, but it works for her.

    Lumos- Produces light. The more power, the more light.

    Lupine- A tracking charm of her own devising, based on the careful study of wolves and dogs.​

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    Name: Nevin Nakamura (Nickname Nev)

    Age: 25

    Job: A Martial Arts teacher for youngsters

    Species: Wolf Shifter (don't call him a werewolf, he will be pissed off)

    Appearance: (human form) 6 feet, 170 lb. He is half Japanese, half Irish. He has black hair that is sometimes partially tied back or pushed away from his face with a headband. His eyes are light grey (unlike the picture). He dresses in casual clothes, especially tee shirts and cargo pants for the most part, but he does wear more formal clothes as well.

    (wolf form) He is a large wolf with greyish black fur. His eyes remain grey.

    Personality: Nevin's a calm and friendly person but he has a bit of a sarcastic/annoying streak when he really likes or dislikes a person.

    Powers/Abilities: He can shift between his human and wolf forms at any given time. His senses of smell and hearing are extra sharp. He can heal from wounds, better in his wolf body than his human one however.

    Weaknesses: He doesn't have any magical powers or shields, so he is susceptible to all sorts of weapons. Silver is not good for him; being touched by silver will burn his skin.

    History: Nevin's father was a Japanese shifter. He moved to North America and married an Irish shifter, and they had Nevin and his older brother. They lived in Western Canada in a valley surrounded by mountains where they were free to roam as they wished. At age ten, Nevin's family was killed by Hunters, but he was told it was really vampires who killed them. For that, he really used to hate vampires.

    However, that changed over the years when he came to the realization that not everything is black and white and that he wasn't exactly told the truth. He took care of the hunters before leaving, or he thought he did anyway. He wandered for a while, trying to figure out what to do with his life before deciding to take a more productive turn of life.

    Family: They are all deceased.

    Extra: He doesn't like being called a werewolf because that's not what he is.
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    Name: Aditi Patel

    Age: 26

    Job: A Fortune teller

    Species: Esper

    Appearance: Aditi is around 5'5 and weighs somewhere around 130 lbs. She dyes her hair in red, black and brown. Her apparel is usually casual when in 'normal' life, clingy t-shirts and jeans. However when she's at work, she had the whole gypsy apparel on for the mood.

    Personality: Aditi is usually a rather friendly and flirtatious individual. She loves to laugh and make jokes, meet new people. At the same time,
    when she working, she is quite serious, keeping to the task at hand, not really appreciating the distractions unless they are dire. Basically, she's a person who reacts according to the situation she finds herself it. She may take things personally at times, and she can be quite loyal and overprotective of those she cares about.

    Powers/Abilities: Aditi has what could be describe as a sixth sense. She can sense when things will be going awry. She is an empath (a somewhat weaker version of Deanna Troi from ST-TNG), which she uses to her advantage when predicting people's fortunes. She also tends to have dreams that may tell of future or past events.

    Weaknesses: She's got the weaknesses of a normal human being. A gun will kill her, a knife will kill her, fists and kicks will get to her, poison will off her.

    History: Aditi was born in India, an illegitimate child that would probably have been tossed off in a garbage dump if a kind soul hadn't picked her up and dropped her off at an orphanage. There she lived until she was a two year old toddler, whereafter she was adopted by a couple in America. She lived a relatively normal life after that, though because of her odd mind, would sometimes be disrupted. Small examples being predicting an earthquake taking place a few days before. She had thought it was all quite cool though her parents were not as thrilled.

    As she grew up, she decided to use her 'talents' to rake in some money at least, pretending to be a fortune teller. It proved to be quite well. She didn't really see it as preying on gullible people; most things she said were half truths anyway... and at least her clientele was happy.

    Family: Her adopted parents, Rakesh and Sita Patel.

    Extra: She swings all ways, or as she likes to say, "What's wrong with liking all flavours of ice-cream?"
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  5. Hope it's alright to pop in for this.


    Name: Aralyn Daleyza Alamazt

    Day Job/Mundane Cover: College Student/Babysitter

    Race: Baku

    Mythos Origin: Chinese & Japanese Folklore

    Profile: A college student studying for her degree in psychology. The reasons for this are as simple as that she sees it as a way to blend in, and at the same time learn about humans and their workings. On top of this, Aralyn found babysitting as a wonderful job, as it provides easy access to the nightmares she needs to get by.

    Abilities include hypnosis, dream manipulation, and divine territory. Despite being of the supernatural sort, Aralyn actually sees it as her job to ward off evil, and has limited divine abilities to help her do so. She likes being a Baku because of this, as she can cleanse people's dreams and conscience, often making them feel much happier in her experience. Most commonly, she prefers to avoid fighting if possible, instead using her divine territory in attempt to simply ward off and keep evil at bay. However, she can only hold up these barriers for so long, and can't hold them along much higher ranks of evil. So when necessary, she wields blessed kunai, shuriken, and other small throwing weapons(though she'll occasionally use simpler knives.

    Weaknesses consist of a lot of things - Aralyn doesn't like fighting. Unless absolutely necessary, as a shy and timid being, she prefers not to fight and will try to avoid doing so, instead relying on fleet feet and barriers. Due to this, she is a bit unpracticed with her weapons, often becoming clumsy in her combat. Because of her shy and timid nature, she also struggles to truly blend into the crowd, inspiring a deep fear of being discovered. She's very smart, but beyond her agility and fleet feet, she's not exactly made for fighting and is rather frail. Finally, Aralyn hasn't got the best hearing, and often needs things repeated or spoken slightly louder for her. This often leaves a blindspot.

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    Name: Bellavarna Telithela Narin

    Day Job/Mundane Cover: Maid/Assassin

    Race: Human

    Profile: Bell worked as an assistant to many a Master/Mistress since her upbringing as an Orphan. Her most excellent performance was as a maid, her skills roughly being focused around that particular profession once her talent began showing. Servitude seemed like what she was good at. Though, not all of her masters/mistresses were kind. One Master in particular sought more than just a maid. He sought something far more drenched in violence. Her days as an Assassin for hire began there.


    Bells's Particular capabilities can be defined under a base list of 5 categories. These are those categories.
    • Cooking and Cleaning - She excels at keeping things around her as well as herself presentable at all times. Her ability to cook could outshine most average individuals with seasoned or veteran knowledge of the kitchen and how to use it.​
    • Tea Preparation and Escort - She's good at performing her duties, but when it comes to "performing" she's more than adequate. Her elegance in Tea and as a consort are well known within certain circles of the higher class.​
    • Classical and Modern Art - One of her masters had her study up on the arts. This gave her a better understanding of things within and of the obscure and obtuse side of human creativity.​
    • Mental and Physical Conditioning - She was trained to resist almost any form of persuasion or torture. As a result of her training a lot of her more important emotions are capable of being turned off at a moment's notice. This leads in to her final set of skills.​
    • Self Defense and Weapon's Training - Trained in the art of Judo, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, and just about any bladed weapon you could think of baring ridiculous kinds(things like clouds sword or Sanokse Sagara's sword from Rouroni Kenshin) she's a master of her trade as a fighter. Following the teacher of one of her masters in the ways of combat and stealth she learned how to quiet her mind and turn her body into a lethal weapon that eventually earned her the title of Gentle Killer. Known as such for her seemingly void expressions when snuffing out her target's life.​
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