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    This story takes place on the world of Krynn several hundred years after an event called the Cataclysm. It was a night when the gods punished the races of Krynn for their ignorance. A fiery mountain was cast down from the heavens and its impact shattered an entire region and left scars all across the land. The continent disappeared and the Blood Sea rushed in to fill the void. A malestrom ever rages where the mountain exploded.

    All characters will be drawn into a conflict that is bigger than sum of their lives. Krynn has seen much war and disaster in its history. The races have separated for the most part and the uneasy truces have bred a false peace. Something is coming that will test all of these things even to the fabric of the land itself. Ask not; how far are you willing to go? Rather; do you possess the constitution to go as far is as needed?

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    1. All Iwaku rules apply.

    2. I am GM and have final say in everything.

    3. Posts should be at least two well-constructed paragraphs. Keep in mind the XP, money or items I award will be directly related to the quality and size of your posts.

    4. Dragonlance will be the only lore allowed in the story. If you have any questions, ask me.

    5. When your character is involved with another character, turn-based etiquette is expected.

    6. No God-moding. All playable races are mortal beings. Your characters will be fairly basic at the start of this quest. It is through XP-gaining RP that they will begin to become bad-asses.

    7. Combat: Be clear and concise with all actions. Use as much detail as possible. If I have to question your actions or guess at an intent, you may get a PM or you may be wounded. I will be less lenient as time goes on.

    8. Combat: Fatigue matters! If the party is fighting a large beast and the battle becomes drawn out, account for your character becoming tired…or I will.

    9. Combat: Magic-users; Krynn lore states a wizard must commit his/her spells to mind daily and once it is cast, the spell is gone. Lore also states every single spell drains the physical strength of the wizard. One large spell could cause your mage to pass out.

    10. All CS submissions will be final once accepted. I will not let you change skills halfway through the quest [i.e. instead of wielding one-handed weapons, you wish to wield two-handed at the same level of expertise]. You may learn a new skill at any time but with no XP to start.

    11. GM reserves the right to add rules as the story progresses. Any changes or additions will be posted and discussed in an OOC thread.

    Experience, Items and Money

    I will be awarding experience and other things to characters as the role play moves along. The concept is simple. Players will take the XP and apply it to their skills to increase IC prowess. Items can be traded or sold. Money can be used for anything; food, gear or buying a ‘blind eye’ from a guard. For fighting skills, XP growth will make your character more proficient with a selected weapon. A person with no XP in ‘Shields’ for instance, will not understand the techniques involved with flank defense, shield bash, etc.

    Show Spoiler
    One-handed weapons
    Two-handed weapons
    Hand to Hand
    Woodlore [basic survival in nature]
    Street smarts [basic survival in cities]
    Deft Hands [pick locks/pick pockets]
    Tradesmen [carpentry, blacksmithing, cooking, etc]
    Music [instrument, singing]
    Education [pick a subject]
    Herbalism/Potion-making [Required for Mages & Priests]

    Every Skill will be rated level 1-10. With each new level, the GM will determine the specific benefit for the character. I know this sounds a bit tyrannical but I know the story and this will be more beneficial that just saying "you've become better with a sword". A special bonus will be given at level 10.

    Levels [in terms of XP]
    Show Spoiler

    1: 1-25
    2: 26-50
    3: 51-100
    4: 101-150
    5: 151-200
    6: 201-275
    7: 276-350
    8: 351-425
    9: 426-525
    10: 526

    Next Post: Races and CS!
  2. Playable Races

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    Humans are of the original three races of Krynn (being the creation of Gilean). They are representative of neutrality, allowed the greatest deal of freedom with morals and ethics. They are sometimes viewed as impatient by the longer lived races of Krynn. Humans can sway to any alignment, good or evil, and do so regularly. Humans can be classified broadly as civilized and nomadic. Each of these categories has their own views on the other.

    Civilized humans

    Civilized humans are the most populous race of people on the continent of Ansalon. They all demonstrate individual differences. Because of their large numbers, they often conflict with other races. They have achieved reasonable peace with these races, however, there are always other humans starting the feuds again.


    Nomads are closer to the original human roots than their civilized cousins are. They are thought of as brutes and savages by the city dwelling humans. Nomads are proud of their wilderness survival ability. They don't speak unnecessarily and are practical in decision making. They are slow to trust but are very loyal to friends. The different tribes of nomads all have different customs of dress, suited to their climate. Nomads are less accepting of other races than the civilized humans are, having a slight respect for elves. They generally allow the individual person to prove themselves, however.

    Show Spoiler

    The elves were one of the three original races, created by Paladine, god of light. They were given a great span of life, wisdom and beauty. They were known as the Colinesti. However, as time passed their conditions turned them into:

    Silvanesti elves
    In the beginning of time the original elves, fearing the mountains where the evil ogres lived and the plains where the short tempered humans were settling, decided to adopt the woods as home. After battling the evil dragons with the help of the gods of magic, the realm of Silvanesti was founded and named for Silvanos, the first leader of the elves.

    As time developed, the Silvanesti elves became more secluded, stopping contact with the other races. Their society divided into different castes, creating a social discrimination that ultimately led to the division of their realm into the Silvanesti and the Qualinesti elves.

    In ancient age, the Silvanesti elves were known to have telepathic powers, reserved for the royal household to communicate with subordinates through Silvanesti. After the Cataclysm its use diminished. By the time the War of the Lance began, the use was restricted to the royal household itself, and disappeared soon after the war.

    The main building is the Tower of the Stars where the king of the Silvanesti, known as the Speaker of the Stars, lives. It is settled in Silvanost, the capital of Silvanesti.

    The Silvanesti elves believe themselves the Firstborn of the gods. Using their magical powers, they twist the trees in the region to shape them into structures of marble and silver, and do not have contact with other races, except for their servants, the Kagonesti.

    The authors have defined that, due their extended time apart, the Qualinesti and Silvanesti elves developed different accents. Also, as a trait, the Silvanesti elves have finer features.

    Qualinesti elves
    The Qualinesti elves are Silvanesti ones who decided to follow Kith-Kanan, the younger of Silvanos' grandsons, to a new land with the promise of social equality and more interaction with the outer world. The turning point for this event came with the Kinslayer Wars, where elves of Silvanesti fought humans and elves in service of the Emperor of Ergoth, to expel Ergothian forces from Silvanesti's western border lands. After the war, Kith-Kanan decided to leave for the western lands, followed by his closest friends.

    Kith-Kanan founded the Qualinesti realm based on the premise of freedom and equality, naming himself the Speaker of the Sun, founding a Tower of the Sun in the capital city of Qualinesti.

    Contrary to the Silvanesti, the Qualinesti elves prefer not modifying the trees in which they live. Instead, they construct buildings based on the form of the trees, giving their cities a slightly twisted look. The qualinesti have a broader contact with other races, including trading agreement with the mountain dwarves of Thorbardin and the hill dwarves of the plains, humans of Ergoth, Tarsis and Istar (before the Cataclysm).

    Show Spoiler

    Dwarves were originally Gnomes created when they coveted the Greygem and wished to hoard it, thinking it priceless. According to the Dragonlance Campaign Setting, dwarves are industrious, known as crafters and artisans. Many live below ground, but some have moved into foothills. They appear stern for the most part, but are comfortable around friends. They take pride in their beards. They are about 4–5 feet tall. Dwarves are typically not readily friendly to other races. They live in the mountain dwarf kingdoms of Thorbardin and Thoradin, along with scattered communities around the world. Hill dwarves have their own kingdom outside of these. They revere Reorx, whom they believe created them as his chosen.

    Mountain Dwarves
    According to the Dragonlance Campaign Setting, the mountain dwarves exist largely apart from the rest of the world. They come from the clans of Hylar (The oldest and most noble of the clans.), Daewar (Highly respected clan known for fighting skill.), and Klar (A hill dwarf clan trapped in Thorbardin, used by other mountain dwarves as servants. They are fierce fighters and good friends.)

    Hill Dwarves
    According to the Dragonlance Campaign Setting, the hill dwarves are dwarves that have left the underground dwarven lands to live in and trade with the world at large. They are described as more accepting of the other races. They all belong to the clan Neidar, which is said to mean "Nearest", and have a feud with the mountain dwarves, whom they accuse of having blocked them from entering the mountain kingdom after the Cataclysm. The mountain dwarves hold that they did so because if they had let the Neidar in they all would have starved.

    Show Spoiler

    Kender were created when the Greygem of Gargath changed the gnomes that were trying to catch it in order to study it. Kender are the Dragonlance equivalent of Halflings, which are absent from the Dragonlance setting, and are similar in some respects, differences include a slighter frame and more elfin appearance (sometimes causing them to be mistaken for elven children), a natural resistance to fear which makes them virtually fearless (they cannot be frightened unless under extraordinary circumstances), and a habit they call borrowing which resembles kleptomania. Kenders are known throughout Krynn for their pickpocket and lockpicking skills. They have childlike personalities and love to travel.

    Character Sheet
    Show Spoiler








    Class: Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Priest


    Appearance: Please provide a picture.

    Equipment: A great deal of your starting gear will be determined by race, class and profession so before posting a CS, post your intended character and I will give you a list.

    Heirloom: All characters can have two heirloom items; one big and one small. These can be anything like a sword and a magic ring or a magical cloak and a map. Note: Magical items are subject to GM approval.


    Skills: You must pick at least 2, I recommend 3. You get 100 points to distribute how you see fit.

    There are five adventurers on this quest. It will be first come, first serve on class selection. I am not going to run five mages through a quest. A general mix of the four would be nice but I will accept if there is only one priest/mage character.

    Please submit the following:
    Race, Sex, Class & Profession ONLY.

    I will then assign the starting gear for your character which you can then include on your CS. Thank you.
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  3. Gypsy's Character Sheet

    Name: Lyubitshka "Lyuba" Vadoma
    Common Name: Lilith or Lyuba

    Sex: Female

    Age: 28

    Height: 5' 7''

    Weight: 132 lb

    Race: Normad Human

    Personality: Working in a Tavern/Bar has helped her build the strong personality she needs to throw drunks to the curb and end fights. Generally when she is working behind the counter which is almost everyday, Lyuba is dominate and loud. When she is seducing men on the weekends she is gentle, quiet and manipulative at times. But once Lyuba is not at her job she tends to be more caring towards other or so she wants them to think... Since she goes through many changes of personalities, it is easily mistaken that she has may have some personality disorder. If this is the case or not, no one is for sure. Deep down being a Normad Human she does not fancy other species other than her own.

    Class: Rouge

    Profession: Gypsy and Bar Maiden


    Equipment: Bar Attire(Follow Appearance)

    Leather Steel Toe Boots
    Leather Gloves
    Wool Cloak
    Leather Satchel
    Lock Pick Tools

    Brass Knuckles

    Heirloom: Antique Necklace Not the prettiest of necklaces according to Lyuba but it's worth a lot.

    Background: Lyuba was once part of a band of traveling gypsy's where they would play melodies throughout the day and steal from innocent people at night. During the night, Lyuba had more of an eye for jewelry and attire while others worried more about wealth. One cold winter they were growing low on supplies and fast, each one of them went their separate ways to gather what they could but Lyuba never returned to her camp. Instead something else caught her eye and it was not jewelry or attire this time, but a bar. As she stopped next to the window peeking in she noticed the many people that were there enjoying themselves. She did not see this as a warm place with food but a gold mine. There was a "Help Wanted" Sign in the crease of the window, Lyuba walked in asking for the Owner of the bar.
    "Excuse me ma'am. I am looking for the owner of the bar, I saw the "Help Wanted" sign out front." Lyuba stood there shivering from the cold as she awaited a response from what appeared as an average maiden behind the counter. The maiden glanced at Lyuba carelessly. "Well yer looking at her." She placed her fragile hands on her hips. "A bit late looking for a job ain't it? What are you doing out this late?" Lyuba didn't expect the owner to question her but with quick thinking she replied with a covered lie; "I had plans of coming here tonight, I am new to town and have heard many good things about this place." It was a tough battle for Lyuba to keep up her lie as the owner put her to the test, but in the end she passed. "Fine, I'll take you to a room upstairs and give you a new set of clothes. Looks like you just came off the streets in those." They walked upstairs entering a room with another woman in it. The woman appeared to be very young, she was sitting on the edge of a bed weeping but did not acknowledge the owner and Lyuba walked in. The Owner went to a dresser and tossed Lyuba a dress. "I like my woman dressed nice, besides serving mead won't be your only job..." This was a bit more than Lyuba expected but it was a gold mine indeed.
    Getting the job, she worked hard to please the owner and to build her trust and she accomplished that with ease as the owner took a likening to her. She now has a secondary key to the bar, and is a bartender on the weekday and a man's toy on the weekend. But her old ways still carry on as she steals from drunk men especially during the weekend. No one has been able to catch her, or even acknowledge an item has been stolen.

    Skills: Deft Hands (45) , Street Smarts (35), One-Handed Weapons (25), Music (15)

    Addition Info:
    God of Belief= Branchala Patron of Music and Poetry

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  4. Grunt's CS, lightblue
    Name: Aeser Myriil

    Sex: Male

    Age: 210 (Looks 36)

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 142 lbs

    Race: Qualinesti Elf

    Personality: Growing up on the edge of the woods, he has learned how to stay as more of the silent type. His social skills aren't the best as he only rarely talks to people when he is selling the skins of the animals or even excess meat that he doesn't need. He however is the truthful sort, not being raised to lie and always learning from his mistakes, he tells the truth and rather bluntly at that. He is confused for being shy, though he really isn't and no one has really got him talking yet. He simply isn't interested.

    Class: Ranger

    Profession: Hunter



    Equipment: Silk Green Tunic
    Hooded Wool Cloak
    Wool Breaches
    Leather Boots
    Leather Belt
    Leather Vest
    Leather Pack
    Leather Gloves
    Simple Wood Bow
    Simple Wood Arrows
    Leather Quiver
    Short Sword

    Heirloom: Dagger Used to skin animals and passed down from his Family.

    Background: Aeser and his family grew up on the edge of the woods in a small town. His Father and Mother taught him how to use a bow, a sword if he ever needed to fend off some creature that was lurking in the woods and even how to skin an animal. He grew up fast, he had to when he went out hunting so he wouldn't be killed. At the young ripe age of (Something) he was allowed to hunt on his own. His Father passed on the Dagger he used to skin animals with down to Aeser. The Dagger was originally made by his Great-Great Grandfather, or so his Father says. Now every year, he scrapes on by with the skins, meat and bones of animals he has hunted, sometimes he runs into something out in the forest and sells it or may even keep it.

    Skills: Archery (55), Woodlore (35), One-Handed Weapons (30)

    Leather Gauntlets

    There, copied Gypsy for a small CS as I work on it when you edit and update things ^^. Hope you don't mind Gypsy @.@
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  5. Assassin's CS
    Name: Aragon ventorí

    Sex: Male

    Age: 27

    Height: 6'1

    Weight: 240lbs

    Race: civilized human

    Profession: Bounty Hunter

    Appearance: - image.jpg

    Equipment: -linen shirt, leather vest, studded leather gloves, studded leather boots, large leather pack,

    Heirloom: - A dual edged sword handed down from generation to generation in the bounty hunter lineage.

    Background: - Aragon grew up training with his father in the art of swordsmanship And a variety of other skills that would be essential once he became a bounty hunter himself. His mother on the other hand taught him how to craft objects and even how to tend to a variety of injuries.

    When Aragon reached his late teens, he went on his first ever solo bounty hunt, killing a bandit who had stolen a family's gem box. Since his first hunt, he has grown and developed into a razor sharp hunter and has expanded his work into bounty hunting, rescue, and even assassination though he stays true to his roots as a bounty hunter.

    The sword he carries as his primary weapon was crafted by his Great-Great-Great grandfather Dolavín ventorí and had been handed down through a line of hunters and is destined to live as long as the ventorí name does.

    Skills: - Hand-to-hand combat(25)single handed weapons(50) shield(25)
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  6. Lyuba – Accepted!
    Show Spoiler

    Gear: Barmaid attire [your choice]

    Leather Boots

    Wool Cloak

    Leather Satchel [size of an average purse, two straps like a backpack]

    Leather Gloves

    Your items are simple but sturdy. The colors and styles are up to you but bear in mind the previous statement.

    Recommended Skills: Deft Hands, Street Smarts, One-handed Weapons; possibly Music

    Aeser – Accepted!
    Show Spoiler

    Note: Elves are the same general size as humans just slighter in build [my bad for not informing you]; elves generally live to be 800 years old- ergo, if he appears to be 36, he’s probably more like 210

    Gear: Silk Green Tunic

    Hooded Wool Cloak

    Wool Breeches

    Leather Boots

    Leather Belt

    Leather Vest

    Leather Gloves

    Leather Gauntlets

    Leather Pack [capable of carrying enough strict rations for a week-long excursion]

    Your items are plain but very well made. It would almost look like a uniform.

    Recommended Skills: Archery, Woodlore, One-handed Weapons

    Aragon – Accepted!
    Show Spoiler

    I would prefer your character be a bit bigger in build. I, personally, am 6’2” 200lbs. and am not very big. A medieval bounty hunter seems like he would be a bigger guy in my mind. It’s just something to think about.

    Gear: Linen Shirt

    Chainmail Shirt –long enough to cover thighs

    Leather Vest

    Studded Leather Gloves

    Studded Leather Boots

    Leather Breeches

    Leather Pack [capable of carrying rations for a week-long excursion]

    Depending on your skills, I may give you a set of gauntlets. Note: Studded leather in this setting means small pieces of metal like sticks of gum sewn into the piece.

    Your items will vary. Some will be very good quality while others may not. Your set will be a mismatch since it is possible that you ‘acquire’ pieces from your bounties. Feel free to get creative with the style.

    Recommended Skills: Hand-to-Hand, One-handed Weapons, Shields

    You are all free to replace any of these items with an heirloom.

    Once you have chosen your skills, please post any weapons you may be carrying as well. If you have any questions or issues with the lists I have provided here, feel free to speak up. I’m a bit controlling but not a Nazi. Hopefully, our other two players will join us soon.
  7. Yeah. I didn't know what kind of Elf height to use, most Elves in things are shorter than men. I edited it so he is average human size (About average)
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  8. Selgad Athos “The Lantern Bearer”
    Order: Red Robes

    Sex: Male

    Age: 588


    Weight: 6’3

    Race:Silvanesti Elf


    Class: Mage

    Profession: Travelling Mage, Guide

    Appearance (open)


    Pristine Red Robes (Containing spell components)
    Wood Padded Leather Boots
    Bronze Staff
    Small Leather Satchel
    Gold: 26


    Background:(Will have one based on Gm’s approval.)

    Skills: Magic (50), Herbalism/Potion-Making(25), Woodlore(20), Education History (20)
    Magic (open)

    -will make you feel like you just worked out after casting-
    Wisp {summons a wisp of pure energy to light his path, will last til dismissed}
    Stone Fist {a projectile of rock the size of a basketball is launched at a target at high speed}
    II -will make you tired-
    Read {will identify magical qualities in an item; power level, alignment, occasional insight into what item does}
    Web {sticky webs shoot from caster's fingertips to entangle two men}
    III -whipped! casting a lot of spells in succession can lead to black outs-
    Disenchant {can eradicate all magic against a target except very high level spells}
    Sleep {can put an average-sized target to sleep, duration varies but will always last at least a few hours}
    Herbalism: lvl1 -has the knowledge to gather spell components and create low level potions and poultices;
    Ink to write out spells, Balm to protect from burns, Confusion poison
    *Use your sound judgment on woodlore. You're lvl1 so you don't know everything.

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  9. Sweet! I was hoping someone who pick a mage.

    This link explains a bit of the magical orders and brief histories for each. Don't delve too far into it because you'll end up down the rabbit hole. Elves are children of light and Silvanesti consider themselves first amongst Paladine [God of Good and Right]'s children. Therefore, most elves wear White Robes.

    Also, elves age differently than humans. Their general lifespan is 800 years so please adjust your char's age accordingly.
    @Urdnot Grunt Please do the same.

    One final note, I know there is a lot of info I have left out but they are small nuggets, elves do not grow facial hair.

    I will post Selgad's gear later once you select an order.
    Curious, why have you chosen Woodlore?
  10. I chose it because he travels enough to need to know about nature.

    To note, I also changed my picture.
  11. I'm sorry for the wait, I'm working to have my sheet done by tonight
  12. Were in the world of Krynn is this taking place? Or are all the 'Heroes' of this adventure in different areas of the world to start out with?
  13. ^
  14. Alrighty, I think I'm done with my CS. Unless you have anything to add or say o.o
  15. -Raises Hand- I have something to say!
  16. What o.o
  17. Nice Character Sheet. ~^.^~
    Sorry I'm hyper and I have just finished doing some hard photo editing for someone, excited for this RP, working on another RP, and getting paid while listening to a song called that showed up on my Pandora "I like Fried Chicken".

    OOO and I like your avatar too!

    **I'm usually not like this sorry~
  18. Thank you ^^

    Your character sheet is awesome as well :P
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  19. Alright, kiddos.

    I come bearing news. First, our fifth member has dropped out. This is fine as I have been coming up with ways to compensate. First compensation: Racial bonuses will be larger than initially expected. Second, it's one less person on which to wait.

    I think we are all going to start in Estwilde province. I'm leaning towards the city of Kalaman. Here's what I am thinking [stealing an idea of sorts from the books]; Lyuba works in a tavern and it's Midsummer's Eve festival. Selgad's a traveling wizard so he could simply just be there for the festival. Aeser and Aragon are going to be chasing the same guy. A thief stole something of value from Qualinost. Being such a good hunter, Aeser was selected to retrieve the item and deal with the crook. However, this thief is very accomplished and has wanted posters in most cities because he has stolen so much from so many. Aragon, being a bounty hunter, realizes the financial potential of a man with multiple groups searching for him and has picked up the trail as well; a trail that will lead you both to Kalaman's gate.

    Selgad's skills are going to have to be tweaked, I'm afraid. I was thinking a wizard and his staff are synonymous of one another and so the skill of magic would include the wielding of a staff. This way we could remove One-handed Weapons and replace it with Education in History. It seems lame but having that skill would allow Selgad to know certain things about the world [battle sites, legends, creature identification, politics, etc] that I could feed to you via PM and you can include in posts. Would that be an acceptable switch? The guy who dropped out had previously agreed to this and I feel it will be an important part of the quest.

    i.e. w/education: The party comes across a cave in a dry mountainous region. Selgad explains of the giant land dragons that are rumored to live here. the party finds another place to make camp.
    i.e. w/o education: The party comes across the same caves after a long day of traveling and decides to make camp. Giant land dragons are inside and injure everybody inside and in order to escape all members lose several items including their food.


    Your CS is just fine. I am giving her a pair of brass knuckles, a set of lock pick tools and adding steel toes to her boots.
    Racial bonus: +5 to all Skills
    @Urdnot Grunt
    Your CS is approved, also. Like your equipment, Aeser's bow and quiver are simple but well built. I think he should have a short sword as well.
    Racial bonus: +15 Archery, +5 Woodlore

    I will be working 70 hours this week. I will do my best to keep up with changes and updates. I am already building the plot that will bind you to one another so fear not. I see very little downtime between OOC and IC since I have been grinding at this for several weeks. Questions? Concerns?
  20. Yeah I have a concern....
    Who are you calling a kiddo! I am sure we are not far apart, I just have moments. (Because I'm a woman!)

    But thanks for the equipment... Guess I can let that concern go. No questions at the moment.
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