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  1. Character A is a young man practically living on the streets. He's a drug addict, he does any and everything for drugs and alcohol. That includes something that'll ruin his pride, selling himself. His mother loves him, wants to help him, leaves the doors open for him, but everyone else has given up on him. His father, his siblings, his extended family, his friends shield their eyes when they see him. His home? Whoever he sleeps with for that night, otherwise, he's walking the streets or passed out - drugged up or drunk in an alleyway.

    Character B is an elder man in comparison to character A (by five to seven years, maybe less). Character B is a police officer, it's his job to lock people like these folk up since the drugs in use are illegal and the act of prostitution is illegal, however. He fells terrible, he decides that despite his job - he will lend his hand to the young man. Offering him help, not fulfilling his job's duty but rather, just lending his kindness.

    I would prefer to be character A in this role play.

    This will include:
    - Drugs
    - Prostitution
    - Non consensual and dubious consent acts
    - Alcoholism
    - ...

    PM me or send a message through this thread! c:​
  2. Still looking (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ​
  3. May I have Character A please??
    though character A is an amazing treat.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.