A Harsh Master

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  1. The doors open to reviel the harsh conditions the slaves where in, the cages where rusted and water filtered from all over. It was hard to imagine that such powerfull creatures could be treated this way. Some were cheap other could cost more than your house. "Welcome! My name is Ivan, i´m the slave tamer. What type of slave were you looking for?" He would ask, the same thing everytime the door opened.
    Once a master has found the slave they wish, starts the ´best´part. The fights. Sometimes they use the fights to decide on things, or to fight goods, sometime its just for entertainment. Some slaves die, others are left in a state in wich they are no longer of use.
    A nice master for me? No there is no such thing as a nice master, there is no such thing as freedom.

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    OKAY PEOPLE quick rules and stuff...
    -No sex... you can romance with your master/slave just keep it... pg13 XD
    -You can bad mouth as much as you want, as long as you don´t directly offend another RPer
    -You guys don´t have to fight ALL the time... but its an action RP so lets keep the conflict going
    -NO GODMODING im for real... you can be strong, but no one is inmortal and you can´t magicaly dodge every hit D:
    -have fun :D
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  2. Rene sighed from inside her cage, she had been sleeping on the walls for about two days now and the water on the floor just didn´t leave. It had been days sence anyone had come to buy... anything. She just waited, eventually she would die there, and thats all she expected.
  3. Ryan slept soundly in his cage, snoring as if he had no worry in the world. Ryan wasn't phased by the water at all; That all ended when the slave tamer would come and bang on his cage to wake him up. Ryan was the one who was abused the most in this slave market. He had the most issues. He dreamed of days where he could just break out of the cage and leave with the rest of the slaves, but of course that was too good to be true. He coughed a little, before looking over at Rene. He remembered something she'd said to her once. "It doesn't get any better from here." Ryan sighed, and watched to see if anyone would come in today.
  4. Majista's eyes had been blindfolded and her arms secured behind her back as she was led down the decrepid hall to her confinements. Her feet were bare, like they always were, though the way they glowed were like molten stone. A twisting of lava like veins creeped up her legs and dissapeared as it reached her knees. The tan skinned beauty was covered in rags designed only to cover the parts that identified her gender, leaving the glowing skin on her arms and back free to catch the eye of a purchaser.

    A loud thud rang out in the room as her muscular, arrow tipped tail slammed against the led bars that would hold her, illuminated at the tip with the same lava-esque look of fire that flowed through her entire body.

    "Duck your head" Said a guard, setting his thickly gloved hand down on her head and pushing down on her incredably thick, long black hair. She did as she was told, following instructions blindly so her dangerously impressive horns could fit through the doorway of her cell. "That will do" He said. Releasing her and leaving her still bound and blinded in the middle of the hardened floor.

    Of course special action was needed when facing a succubus, feral and wicked by nature. Majista hissed under her breath, sniffing the air and trying desperately to identify where it was they took her. All she could smell was the fear and uncertainty of others. This did not bode well.
  5. Rene sighed a long and uncomformed sigh. It was all she culd do lately, just sigh. "Hey there new comer... let me help you with that..." She smiled althou she knew Majista couldnt see. Her arm turned into a shadow on the floor and entered her cage, the intense heat did no harm to the shadow, she pulled a bit and the bandages came off, she could see now and also move a bit more freely. "If your knew at this... im sure you must think they cant keep you here... and your probably right... they cant handly most of us... but...freedom isnt worth it..." She said as her arm cam back into the cage and she scratched her head. Her hair moved a bit and you could see two more pairs of eyes on the sides of her head. Wonder if anyone else will come today... my names Rene by the way..."
  6. Ryan wasn't a big talker. He simply listened to Rene's conversation with the new girl, who had such an attractive body he might add. Ryan sniffed then cleared his throat. He began to shake his leg in an anxious manner.
  7. Something around her spoke, a voice that was not too terrible but not exactly worth listening to. It spoke of helping and of freedom, but Majista just stood there silently. The blindfold had been removed, but there were fine strips of black tape and sealing ooze keeping her eyes shut. This, of course, was because of her center of power. Those who had not dominated her as their own would be fools to look her in the eye.

    "i care not for the possibilities of lesser demons." She said bitterly, cracking her neck and turning her head to listen to her surroundings.

    "If freedom is not worth anything to you, we must have very different meanings of the word..."
  8. Rene nodded she didnt bother in freeing her sight, if she wishd it it could do it. "I have handled your kind before, but i´m sure you left hell much after i was trapped in this mortal body, probably centries before you came to be..." She turned to see Ryan and noticed how he saw the new comer. "Our visions of the word freedom have nothing n comon..." She said as she moved the hair from the left side of her head to leave the eyes at sight. She had three sets of eyes, the lfts eyes looked down and the right eyes looked up, always patient, always watching. It was her job after all, even if it was long ago when she had the power to do it right...
  9. Axel frowned and his ears flattened against his head. He looked over at the cage beside his with narrowed eyes. "Quit shaking your leg," he groused. "It's making my ears ring."

    While it wasn't exactly something that made the most noise, even with the rustle of fabric, Axel's ears were sensitive and could hear the constant shift in the air. People and creatures were always moving, true, and they can be safely tuned out. But this incessant leg shaking was completely unnecessary to him. The green eyed, rust-horned Deva huffed, crossing his arms and knitting his eyebrows together.
  10. Annie was the youngest out of everyone here (5~6). she was the personle slave to the head tamer there. so she was not for sale yet she hade black pixe hair and golden green eyes. she also had a dog coller but the one that can kill you if you leave the home. she didnt like the fact she was alowed out of the cage and fee to do as she please. everyone didnt like her very much.

    Annie poked her head into the room. the only reason she was here was to hand them lunch of the day which was bread and mush. mush was much gross food blended togather. "hello are you dead yet in here" she smirk know the anwser. she walked in and placed the treay of food on her little head.
  11. Axel heard with the little dark haired girl came in and looked up. He rolled his eyes at the child. It wasn't the best to get angry over something you couldn't control and just how mature would it even be to raise one's ire over a mere child?

    "If I were dead, then I'd rather be resurrected for a chance to get to heaven," he called back from his huddled position in the cage. "Seeing you obviously dictates that I'm in the darkest recesses of Hell."
  12. Ryan stopped his anxious shaking due to a voice that came from a cell right next to his. He waited silently for his food.
  13. Rene nodded. "Endeed this is a horrible place, it even makes me miss hell." She smirked and turned to see as the small child came in, she wasnt bothered by her, it wasn`t her fault after all, the tammer was just a pervert that had somtheing for little girls. "Hello small one, how has your day in partial freedom been so far?" she asked.
  14. haha thats a good one, Axel" she said with a foce smile. she hand him his food then xt cage with Ryan. "here you are" she hand him his food then faced Rene. "Shit as always hey is that a new one." she ponted at the girl near her "welcme to hell and back love" she said to the new girl. she handed both of them there ffood and then fall to the floor. "what about you guys?"
  15. "I will take the wild guess that was also some kind of joke, you know how it was, the same..." She said as she moved from one wall of her cage to another.
  16. Majista simply sat there on her knees, listening to the goings on around her. There was no motivation for her to speak, considering she knew exactly what was going on. This was a place of slavery, not commune. The female voices in the room irritated her, much like they always did. Succubi were lone demons, living off the energy of their company with anything male. Incubus, however seemed to have no problem getting along.

    With a long drawn out sigh, she turned her body more towards the wall, scraping her horns against the hardened surface for something more interesting to listen to.
  17. Ryan ate up. He made sure not to be as beastly as he ate this time. He cleaned his plate rather quickly. He then simply burped and laid back against the back wall of his cage. He began to doze off.
  18. Rene sighed, she could feel her companions bordom. Her ears shot up as the steps came closer to the door. "If you want out, look good kids... I think we have a buyer..." She said as she slowly turned invisable inside her cage.

    The doors opened, and in walked a fine looking gentlemen. He wore a black suite and a pair of well kept glasses. "Afternoon..." He said as a greating and didn`t wait to be escorted, he knoew his way around the shop and for those older slaves, they knew who he was. "Im here to buy... You know how it works for me..." He walked threw tha cages"
  19. Annie jummped up on to her feet when she heard buyer. "Shoot." she said softly. "good luck you guys" Annie said in a whisper to everyone. Annie watched the guy she was scared of him. when he spock she flinched then said "y..yes sir" she head was facing the ground and she didnt say anything more.
  20. Axel ate fairly quickly, ignoring the bitter taste he had gotten quite used to. A buyer they say?
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