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  1. Okay guys lets talk the stuff here and leave the RP nice and clean. n__n

    before i forget guys, anyone whant to take on Mamon`s paper? really i have a wierd thing about fighting against myself :l and invite people or take on Master roles so we can leave the slave shop n.n alsooo right now that we all get to fight Mamon make sure to discribe well your characters so we can all get a hold of whats up o.o inlcude racesif they belong to any and if your just making it up than just discrib it :l thank you :D
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  2. Alsooo if you didn`t know Mamon is suposed to be the unborn son of the lucifer a.k.a the devil. if you take on the part please read up a bit :l
  3. I followed the roleplay for a few posts, but due to other roleplays I got too busy to join. I'd love to join the roleplay, however, and I just have two questions. One, would I be able to play a living doll, and two, what's the current situation?
  4. Well. you told us to check up on the OOC thread, so I'm doing just that.

    Now, I would take up Mammon, but honestly I'd be too scared of god-moding with him...plus I'd have no idea how to porteay him since he's not my character...
  5. Okay :D lets see don`t worry you can be a living sock for all i care XD just be a good fighting sock :l and the Mamon charecter yeah, when i say godmoding i mean like your untouchable XD but theres no problem with putting on a good fight :D hes a great charecter and since theres really nothing on his personality you can just try to imagin the ego he mucst have XD also a lot of hate a bit of info if your intrested. He lives in hell because lucifer doesnt let him be born. He would make of earth a 2nd hell. and there can only be one hell... XD
    the curent situation is that we are all still in the slave store, wee need masters so we can move on to a difrent location, remember masters have to be human or really powerfull demons that have won there freedom.
  6. Where are the profiles?
  7. jump in, no profiles baby n.n
  8. Sweet.
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  9. Guess this is dead?
  10. Is this still going? I posted on the actual RP, but if it's already dead, then...

    Please don't let this die! IT'S SO AWESOME!!!
  11. I wanna join to pleasee !
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