A handful of survivors, a world of plague (INfected RP)

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  1. Welcome to the world of INfected. In this world, nobody survived. Everyone ended up either dead, or turned into brainless, infected beings who want to murder. The story takes place two months before everyone dies, and we roleplay on until everyone either decides their dead, or I talk to the persons(s) who i think should be the next dead and we work on. The story is this: A handfull of survivors travel by way of city bus through cities, living off the land and avoiding the infected. Any takers? You have two months to live.
  2. This is cool XDXD
  3. Sweet! I've been craving an Infected roleplay. I don't care how many people sign up, I can play NPCs.
  4. I can't wait to start ^-^ uh just two months, will be a challange, but still yaaaay °(○•○)°
  5. What we could do after this RP is we could do a prequal, and start at the start of the apocalypse and give our characters some layers.
  6. Well yea, would be good. I have nothing against it. Anyway, I have a question. The rp will last two months, right ? I mean, we make our characters, things unfolds and the end. What I try to ask is that after a character death won't pop another to take its place, right?
  7. Yes, thats just about right. I was thinking of saving character deaths for people who don't post for like a week, and for closer to the end. Because basically, we will all die by the end of the roleplay. It'll dpend on the choices you make.
  8. Is cool, i know I will freacking die :)) well yea, we all die in the end. I just imagine my death already :)
    So we will wait for more people, right?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.