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    I have a few concepts and designs I would like to propose, but firstly I will give you an idea of who I am.

    You can call me Amai Kyuti, Amai, Kyuti, or Tiger. Whatever you prefer. You can even give me a nickname if you would like to! I identify as agender, demisexual, and I have a lot of opinions. I'm friendly.

    ➳ I primarily play mxm or gen. If someone is extraordinarily convincing I may rp fxm.
    ➳ I am online every day and only take off if I'm sick.
    ➳ I'm adaptable to all post writing levels & lengths.

    C O N C E P T S

    slice of life - a modern, gen or romance story of two people living their daily lives that cross paths and a friendship/love blossoms almost immediately.

    post apocalyptic - two mains + side characters // zombies, nuclear, etc. something causes the world to go to pieces. In the aftermath two people come together even though they "hate" each other. It's a story of a rivalry becoming something more.

    inner beast - some people have a beast residing within them that impacts their daily lives and persona. Two such people are falling apart and need another to anchor them. (beasts: hellhound, pheonix, unicorn, etc.)

    sentinel & guide - a sentinel is losing his control and needs a guide badly, the problem - he's never met anyone compatible with him. Enter - a man who both irritates him and calms him.

    mentally/emotionally unstable - two people are struggling, one with (possibly tourettes) and the other with an abusive home. (thinking late teens 18/19)

    super spice - a vigilante and superhero cross paths multiple times as they patrol the same city. they despise each others methods but something brings them together and they'll have to work as a team to survive.

    F A N D O M S

    One Piece: ZoSan, MarcoAce (really want to do), and KidLaw.

    Haikyuu: KageHina, AsaNoya, DaiSuga, BokuAka, Oikawa/Iwa, UkaTake (really want)
    Gintama: GinHijiGin (really want to do), gen - family yorozuya & shinsengumi
    Naruto: KakuIra, ShikaNaru, and ShinoKiba.
    K Project: SaruYata, ShiroKuro, and MikoMuna

    Avengers: Stony (really want to do), CoulsonClint, gen team

    Xmen: Cherik, Wolverine/Cyclops, Havok/Darwin
    Supernatural: Destiel, Sabbriel, and gen team free will.
    Kingsman: The Secret Service: Eggsy/Harry & gen team
    HTGAWM: Connor/Oliver

    Spideypool (want this badly)
    BatFlash (also want badly)


    (concepts can be applied to fandom pairing or original charas/worlds)

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  2. I would love to RP with you ^_^

    These are the ones I am interested in:
    Slice of life
    sentinel & guide
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  3. Awesome! I'll shoot you a pm! C:
  4. I have updated both the concept and fandom lists.

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