A Halloween's curse (Steelmoon & Nina)

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  1. It was the night of Halloween. A night where many would enjoy the spookiness of the night, where children would roam house to house looking for treats and the older people would party. Tonight, for Moya, it was definitely time to party. Thought it seems that on this particular Halloween things were not going to be normal... In fact a curse drifted through the air, a spell, it lay dormant, waiting for its chance to awaken.

    Moya sat in her room, like every human of the night she was unaware of the sleeping curse, her elaborate and lovingly made costume laying by her side on the bed as she attentively painted her face with makeup. Tonight she was giving some girl, a friend of a friend, a lift to the big party in the middle of town, it was no big deal, she was going too and the girl seemed nice enough even if the two hadn't really said much before they had decided to put on costumes before it got too late and all that.

    When makeup and paint were finished, her face looking a little feline, She began to slip into costume. It was amazingly well made, with her long time friend being an amazing seamstress everything was perfect! It all fit snugly and was not going to be too loose to dance or so tight she would have to suck in her gut. Hell, at least it was going to make a change from the usual outfits she saw at these parties. There would be no 'sexy nurse' for her tonight! Tonight, she was a moon cat, a special little creation that the friend and herself had made up.

    With everything on right she made her way down the stairs and into the kitchen, getting herself a glass of water before the two would set off. Though the girl didn't seem to be changed yet, the bathroom being locked and all "Hey Hadley... You need a hand in there?" she called out, taking a sip from her glass as she watched to bathroom door.
  2. "Almost done, Moya!" Hadley called back to her. Struggling to get the finishing touches onto her dress, the girl had almost fell over a few times. The last thing she needed to complete her costume was her fiery contact lenses, which Hadley put in quickly.

    Tonight, going along with Moya, Hadley decided not to wear anything deemed "sexy". No. Tonight, she was dressing as a Phoenix, her favourite mythical creature. Finally, she unlocked the bathroom door and pulled it open, stepping out gently. "How do I look?" Hadley asked towards Moya. Her costume consisted of many shades of fiery oranges and reds, from the long dress to her hand-made tail and wings.
  3. Moya looked over at the girl as she made her way out the bathroom, her eyes going wide at the amazing array of reds, oranges and yellows "Wooow..." she muttered with a wide grin, it seemed the two were both going to this party as something rather different. She soon stopped her gawking and grinned, coming closer to inspect the craft work "You look hot!" she said with a small laugh, only just seeing the orange fire in her eyes, the costume was impressive! Though Moya would probably have to stop herself from using too many fire puns throughout the night, at least it would be easy to find her when she was looking to go home.

    Letting out a small sigh She patted herself down, eventually finding her keys in the last place she looked, her back pocket, of course. Pulling them out with a small jingle and a grin she dangled them in front of Hadley "Well... You ready to go? We should be there just as the thing starts, when you want to go home just give me a yell, I wont be drinking so you can crash here if you want" she explained before leaning back on the counter with a small stretch "I can already tell that tonight is going to be insane!"
  4. "I'm ready, yes. And I'm going to stop you before even more fire puns come slipping out." Hadley chuckled, taking a minute to look at the other girl's costume. "You look amazing though, by the way." She smiled before brushing past her towards the door. "Let's get this party started, Shall we, Moya?" The girl almost bounced on her heels and put her hand on the door knob, twisting it open almost violently.
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