A Hades and Persephone Inspired Love Story

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  1. For the longest time, he had his eyes set on one woman and one woman only. He was ancient and she was fairly new to the world. She was human, he was not. Every time he would get close to her in the past, something would happen and she would die, leaving him with a horrible heart break. This time though he was determined to get to her before anything else would so he has a plan in mind. Once she reaches twenty-two years of age, he plans to kidnap her and keep her close, wanting to slowly get her to love him. He has watched over her her whole life and she never knew it. He wanted nothing more than to protect her but all she sees is a monster who has kidnapped her. Will he ever gain her love or will she continue to hate him until she dies once again?

    My rules:
    • No one liners. I refuse to RP with you if you're just going to do one liners. A paragraph or two will be fine.
    • Help contribute to the RP. Meaning, please don't be afraid to bring an idea up.
    • Post at least a few times a day please.
    • Give me a heads up if you won't be on at a certain time or day.
    • Don't be rude. I can come back at you with a terrible attitude and I won't hold my words back.
    • Don't force an action on a character.
    • If you're a drama fanatic (meaning someone who likes to break characters up without a good reason) please don't respond to this.
    • And please do not rape a character
    I do want to play the main male character. If you want to play him, we can discuss it in PMs and come up with a happy compromise :)
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  2. Hi I'm interested!
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  3. You can PM me if you want :)
  4. *Raises hand* Interested :D

    I don't know if I'll be able to get in more than one reply a day, as it depends on the time difference, but as long as I'm not feeling unwell, I usually reply as fast as I see the alert (except if I'm just about to go to bed). Hope that's acceptable :umm:

    Since it's an inspired story, how much from the original do you want to keep? Is he still a God of the underworld, or would we go for demons or something similar instead? Do you want it to be a historical setting or a more modern one?
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  5. All I mostly ask for is at least one or two replies a day. And it's completely fine :)

    He is still a god of the Underworld, yes. I have his sheet up already. I based his profile off of a more modern one but I think I might like to change the setting this time. I think a more historical one sounds fun. But what would you like the setting to me?
  6. I would like it either way :) Historical settings might be a bit more interesting though as most reincarnation roleplays of Persephone and Hades takes place in modern day. I've played a couple myself haha. So I'm all for changing it up a bit.
  7. I agree. A more historical setting might be more interesting. Thankfully, I don't have to change much of his profile to get it adjusted to said time period. Speaking of which, what time period would you like to see it set in? For myself, I was thinking the late 18th century. During the big wars like the American Revolution and the French Revolution since those are my most studied subjects in history.
  8. I don't mind an 18th century setting. I might have to read up a bit on the wars and how the civilians were affected by them as I haven't had a history class in 6 years, but that goes fast :)
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  9. If I had to voice my opinion, I'd have to say that the French Revolution was the worst. The people's behavior was not only desperate, they did a lot to survive. It's quite sad to read about how France was affected by everything during that time period.
  10. We can do the French revolution ^^

    I've read up a bit about it, and I got an idea for a starting scenario. A lot of people were executed with the guillotine, sometimes even when they just were suspected to be with the revolution crowd. What if just a few months before Hades was supposed to take her, she was accused of planning against the country and soldiers were coming to get her. She didn't know it yet, but Hades had noticed it and knew she wouldn't get a fair trial, so he decided to get her early, thus saving her life, but since she didn't see that she was in danger, she can only see him as a monster that has kidnapped her.

    It gives a more immediate threat to her life, and if he ever let her go, she would probably retun to her death (at least for as long as the head slicing kept going).

    What do you think?
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  11. I like that! That could work out very well.
  12. Nice :) Anything else you want to discuss before we start or do you wanna jump right in? Also, do you want a character bio or are you fine with skipping that? I usually don't do them for 1x1's, but I can if you want it. Otherwise I usually describe my character pretty well in the intro post.
  13. I don't believe so. Question though, PM or thread? I would prefer a character bio but it's up to you. I will send in my character simply because I have no way of describing him properly.
  14. I prefer keeping my roleplays in the threads and do OOC chatting in PM.

    I can write up a bio then, though I might do it right after the first post. I'm better at understanding and knowing my characters if I use them in game first. I can create the appearance and basic info beforehand of course, but I'd rather wait with the back story and personality until after I've played her. Otherwise I'll just end up changing a lot after I've posted the first post because she didn't become exactly as I wrote her in the bio.
  15. That's completely fine :)
  16. should I make the first post then? :)
  17. Please? lol I would like to finish up my homework
  18. Haha okay. It makes more sense that I start it anyways since you might want to know who the girl you've been stalking through different reincarnations for a few hundred years is before you post haha :3 I'll post a link when it's done ^^
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  19. By the way, what do we wanna name it?
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