A Guild RP maybe? Something action packed.

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  1. I've recently been watching movies with secret orders somewhere apart of the plot. Movies like: Ghost Rider, Van Hellsing, Underworld, Dragon Wars, etc. And I've played way too much of Assassin's Creed recently, so much until it's burned every mission in my head. So with all of that I've taken the thoughts of orders, missionaries, holy orders, and hired guns and thought up something kinda still a work in progress.

    As the world was made in the light, so came the shadows that would pollute it. As God made the Heaven's, he made the Earth, and mankind. While the Darkness was mannifested from the growing desires and wants of humans; all of it however was influenced by the devil himself. His plans for the Earth and Heaven was to free it from the holy light and plunge it into chaos, using the one way everyman caused chaos, war. The devil would mannifest his prescense on to Earth through millions of mediums that have submitted to his will. God created the Arch-Angels to fight against the dark force resignating on Earth, but were out numbered early. Lucifer had already raised an army to destroy the world.

    For about a hundred years, pure evil had control of the world. Not a signle light shined through the clouds and no man or child were to be left alive, the middle ages were empty and desolent. Although God and a handful of humans still survived to see these years. If some humans were not killed, they were enslaved or worse, converted into ghouls. Over the years the survivors took up arms and learned their enemy. In a stroke of faith and hope, mankind reclaimed their place as dominant species on Earth. Four a thousand years they served as a holy force bend on keeping peace preserved, and the devil in his place. They sealed his army away in an ancient artifact, kept a harsh secret from the world. They named themselves "The Guild"

    AS time passed by, The Guild grew in size, skill, intelligance, and in enemy count. They have connections going through out the world's military giving them unlimited access to all of the world's information. Spys, C.I.A. Agents, Judges, Cops, Merecenaries, Assassin's, Huntsman, etc. Everyday civilians could even be apart of the Guild and no one would know it. The Guild consist of every nationality from all over the world. Meaning plot will take place in a lot of historical areas such as Europe, Italy,Asia, Africa, etc.

    So what do you think? :)​
  2. I think it sounds fairly interesting. :3
    I've always enjoyed guild / organization roleplays.
    I do think that the enemies (demons / satan) need to be explained and detailed a bit more, as well as the transition from the middle ages where only a few humans escaped death or enslavement to present day where we now have the CIA, M-XIII, stuff like that. Also, if we're placing the roleplay in present day, will you be linking the guild to the vatican?
  3. Sure I can do that. :)

    Enemies will consist of basically moansters from all over. Mostly the classics like vampires, werewolves, demons, zombies, etc. After the takeover, mankind was rebuilt and replenished in population. Using historical events we'll link the vatican to The Guild, yes. I've really based this off a story of history and making it up to show a dark secret of it all.
  4. I'm in.
  5. It's good to have you. If you have any ideas you'd like to contribute, please post them and I'll give them some thought ^^
  6. I definitely like the idea.
    The fact of having Cops, assassins, mercenaries, etc and all sorts of classic enemies..I'm a sucker for that.

    Think I'm going to jump on this as well.
  7. Welcome aboard, Juku. If you have any ideas feel free to express them. I want to be able to build this up with plenty of interest and action.