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  1. Hello. My name is Deacon, and I am a fellow RP'r. Just like you. Now I'm sure your here either out of curiosity or you could have simply clicked the wrong link but if you did, please stay. I have an Idea for an RP, but am looking for a Mature partner. By Mature i do not mean can write out really good sex scenes. But instead can write about more mature topics. The following RP will contain the following if not more;

    Mature Language, Racism, Violence, Yes Gay sex, drugs, and others as of yet undecided.

    If your still reading this then here it is.

    A Guardian Angel- My name Is Deacon and I'm gay. I've never Hidden it from others, but I've never openly proclaimed it. I was born in Texas too my two loving parents, who even when I told them I was gay, openly supported every choice I made. I wasn't popular I can tell you that much. But I didn't need popularity. I had good friends, and loving parents. Now thanks to my dads work, I'm moving to kansas out in the middle of no where. I don't know what to expect, but I'm hoping for the best.

    What Deacon doesn't knowhowever, is that his life will never be the same after this. He had no idea that on his first day to his new school he'd be thrown into a fight. But even more so that it would be to defend the only other gay kid in his school. But what else could he do. He always stould up for what was right and he couldn't stand by and watch as someone was bullied and tortured for being gay. How will things turn out from here? Well there's only one way to find out.

    So the basic idea is My character has moved to some small town in the middle of no where kansas, and on his first day at school he see's the local "gay kid" being bullied and harrassed. Immediatly he says something and ends up getting in a fight to protect the kid. Now if this story seems interesting to you then please feel free to post and we can talk.
  2. I'd be way interested! Seriously, this sounds really interesting!
  3. sweet how late do you plan on being on? I havesomething I need to do but I should be able to post something in about thirty minutes to an hour.
  4. I'll probably be on by then~! If not, then by early morning I can reply.
  5. Ok so I would like to do a character sheet before we begin so I'll Just make a character sheet for you to fill out I'll fill out mine and we can get this show on the road
  6. Name:





  7. Name: Erik Christopher

    Age: 16

    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 135 lbs

    Likes: Playing upright bass, singing

    Dislkies: Math and writing

    Appearance: Pale white skin, hazel eyes, and hair dyed pure white, Erik is a young man who likes to dye his hair. He constantly changes his hair color, depending on his mood. He wears mostly black clothes, though sometimes he throws in a rainbow pin or something similar.

    Sorry it's really basic, I'm not used to writing character sheets.
  8. Name: Deacon Page

    Age: 17

    Height: 6'2

    Weight: 189

    Likes: Music, Sparing, Playing his Guitar, Driving fast, His 1970's Dodge Charger (Look up a picture of it, it's the classic muscle car and I love it!)

    Dislikes: Meaningless fights, arrogent people, authority figures of most kinds, disrespectfull people.

    Appearance: Deacon is rather built for his age with broad shoulders and long muscular legs thanks to his martial arts training. He has dark forest green eyes and short black hair. He tends to dress in plain blue jeans boots and simple t- shirts, But he always wear's his favourite black leather jacket with a red stripe going down the right arm. He has five scars across his body in total. One of which goes from left to right across his left cheek bone, which he got in a stupid fight at his old school in texas. The next scar is a large burn scar going up his left forearm which to this day he's only told his mother how he got it. The next scar is just below his left kneecap from when he had to have knee surgery after a car accident. He has a large scar going down over his left pectoral from the car crash he was in as well. The final scar which has been the most noticeable was a large scar running from his right side all the way around to his spine. This he got three year's ago when he went to a party got a little too drunk and started a fight which ended in him getting beat up by multiple guys. The only other notable thing on his body is the tattoo of a bleeding heart with two wings jutting out from it going across his shoulder blades. The right wing vibrantly white, while the left wing was stark black.

    There is my character. The car accident injuries were because of his own recklessness. The scar on his side and cheek came from the same fight, and the tattoo I will explaine later in the story along with the burn scar. I hope My character is OK
  9. He looks great! Do you want to post the thread?
  10. Sure thing are you cool with me starting it at the beginning of school before the school day officially started?
  11. At the beginning is fine ^^
  12. This has my interest
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