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  1. So anyways this other roleplay I'm doing right now brought me to an idea.

    In medieval times women were not allowed to be knights. If a duke didn't produce an heir then they could lose their status as royalty. One duke by the name of Gearote fell deeply in love with a beautiful young woman. They were married, but soon found that the young duchess just could not get pregnant. They tried for twelve years before the, now older, woman became pregnant with their very first child. Soon after the news arrived duke Gearote was in a terrible accident and lost his ability to procreate. The duchess and her husband prayed devoutly for a son. Soon after, the duchess gave birth, dying in the process. The duke was grief stricken at the loss of his loving and faithful wife, and at the birth of a female child. Not wanting to lose his position the duke began to train his daughter to portray herself as male. The daughter complied and was sent to become a squire. The young girl, Alexandria, was then portrayed as Alacar and made a knight. Young Alexandria excelled beyond any others and was soon considered the best swordsman in the land. Along with her fame came a most honorable position for the young girl. Personal guard to the crown prince. Alexandria could not turn down the offer, as it guaranteed security for her father.

    I am looking for a male under the age of 18 to play the crown prince. Must be under 18 just in case. Later on in the roleplay the crown prince will discover that Alacar is really an Alexandria and then we'll go from there.
  2. I'd be interested. Does it matter if I make the prince more the martial type, or more the intellectual type?
  3. You create him however you would like ^^. It truly does not matter if he can defend himself or not, the guard is just extra precautions against the nearby malevolently inclined kingdom. Although I'd like to know before we start.
  4. Ok; I'll have him prefer intellectual pursuits, but also be decently skilled in swordplay.

    Do you want to make a thread now, or plan stuff out a little more? ^^
  5. I usually like to just let the roleplay flow along as it is. The only thing I needed was a partner and for your character to find out that my character is a female. Although, and I don't want you to think I'm prying, but could I ask how old you are?
  6. Sure, sounds good.

    Not a problem- I'm 17 right now. ^^
  7. Great that's perfect! So there shouldn't be any problems if anything happens between any of our characters. (I've had to start asking that just for precautions sake >_<) Anyway, do you have any preferences for this roleplay?
  8. Ah, I see; that makes sense.

    I don't have particular preferences. Let's draw the hypothetical romance out a little, though- it'll help avoid stagnation. ^^
  9. Alright I'll start the thread and send you a link!
  10. Cool, I'll get posting.