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  1. Greetings!

    I'm back from a pretty hectic year, and looking to get back into the swing of things. I've been craving a super hero role play for a while, but I want something a little more mature -- more Daredevil and Jessica Jones than Teen Titans or the usual gifted teen-esque RPs.
    I have an idea for a plot, but would to gauge interest before I start to fully flesh out the story and the universe. If you have any ideas, or would like to help GM, I'd love to hear from you too!

    In this reality, super mutants were revealed to the world in the mid-1800's. Outlawed, hunted, and oppressed, they earned respect after several prominent war heroes came out, alongside a rise in reports of 'mutants' preventing crimes and doing their utmost to contribute and protect society. It was agreed that in exchange for equal civil rights, super humans would be required to register at birth with a specialised agency. This was not overly controversial at time, as many members of the community agreed, citing the reason that even mutant children could be dangerous if their gifts got out of hand.

    Three years military-style training became mandatory for young mutants at the age of 12, with many joining armed forces once they came of legal age as members of 'super soldier' units. Eventually this was separated from the military, and run instead by members of the community as the focus fell more on children learning to gain stronger control their growing powers.

    Soon, super soldier units were set up in cities and towns across the globe to counter the threat of international terrorists with special abilities. Not so long after, smaller units were dispatched to the police forces in order to tackle the rising number of mutants committing crimes. This became the norm across the globe within 5 years, with these units rising in size and power as the years grow on.

    Our story would focus on a medium sized city by the sea in the 2020's, with an unusually high mutant population. Technology has advanced to allow certain regular humans to compete with their mutant contemporary's crime-fighting abilities, and a handful have even been permitted to join the city's super-powered unit. However, corruption has taken hold of even the most dedicated units, and our heroes find themselves in a world painted in shades of grey and struggling to tell friend from foe.

    So what do you think guys?
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  2. I'd be interested. I could use a good superhero rp.
  3. Oooo , I am intrigued and interest piqued!
  4. Great to hear guys, I'll keep you updated :3
  5. I love anything and everything superhero so count me in
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  6. Hey~hey~~^^!!

    So like just the reg questions.

    Post freq, post level req, can we play multi~charries, free~roam vs plot, and Max number RPers?

    Oh!! And sooooo... Like just how brain science~y is this Rp? Like on the sliding sci~fi scale: are we more about the SCI or more about the FI...? Cuz too much brain science~y and it hurts Boo.. Watch.


    See? ;333~~
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  7. Superheroes and their powers are always an interesting setting, but there are many different levels of power in superhero worlds.
    What power levels were you thinking of having?
  8. Very interested; though I have the same questions as Boo Girlie.

    Also, is this going to feel more like a military/ political theme or interaction and decisions within this current military position? Make sense?
  9. I think I've got everything covered...

    • Post frequency will probably change, but a minimum of 1-2 posts a week to allow for life.
    • Required post length will be a minimum of about three paragraphs, hopefully more if we can get a good team together.
    • Multiple characters will be allowed, although I would like to maintain a gender balance, so I might be putting restrictions on that side of things. 'Good guys', 'bad guys' and everything in between will be available to play, although again, I'd like to keep some balance if possible.
    • I would like to implement an overarching plot line, with 'chapters' that will link into it, while still allowing characters to maintain a certain level of freedom. I'll give an example of what I mean in a bit. :) I'd like to get some feedback on this actually; I'm totally open to suggestions!
    • Max number of players will be between 6 - 8, depending on a lot of factors.
    • Heh, on the Sci-Fi scale of things, roughly on the level of Daredevil and Agents of Shield. Nothing terribly cerebral at all because science hurts my brain after work too...
    • It will focus mainly on the lives of the 'local' mutant squad and their peers, and their decisions and actions.
    • There will be limits on powers, and I'm coming up with a way to determine if someone will 'play fair' with abilities. Mind reading, mind control, and precognition are banned, of course. As well as that, a super human will have a max of two powers, which must be related in some manner, for example, spontaneous combustion and flame manipulation.
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  10. Gender balance restrictions? Reallllly?? Do you mean: 'equal amounts of boys and girls'..? Cuz kay Imma go androgynous if I can't play a 'guuuuuurrrll' ~snaps fingers~ :33
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  11. You're funny XD. I like you xD.

    And might have to join you if I can't play a guy xD
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  12. Sounds like it could be fun. I'm somewhat interested.
  13. Hey~hey~~^^!!

    Kay so like thanks for answering and so like I'd like to suggest to add:

    limit power copying/absorbing, limit fight style instant knowledge and use, ban time manipulation power.

    The Boo Girlie just has bad experiences with RPers being all like 'but that's muh power bruh, deal with it'.. Oh know what?? How about GM say no, change it.. So no, change it! ;DD
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  14. I agree with the first and last one.
    Having your power stolen is infuriating and disheartening, and while a it can be a potentially good plot point for stories it does not work very well for roleplays.
    And time manipulation... Well, I don't think I need to say anything about that.

    However, I must ask:
    What do you mean by instant knowledge and use of fighting styles? Do you mean a character that shouldn't have the know-how and training of combat, yet somehow does? Or a power that allows someone to instantly gain knowledge in the use of weaponry and martial arts?

    @Absinthe mentioned in the first post that military training is mandatory for mutants at the age of twelve. I assume most superpowered people have at least some form of combat prowess, even if their superpower isn't of the fighting type. (Of course, there may be a few who avoid the military draft but that is illegal~)
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  15. Oops.. Sorry. The Boo Girlie not so clear.. Yeah~yeah ;D

    Kay so like the underlined and bolded is what I meant. In a RP some time ago, this guy had that power and was able to block all attacks of muh friends charrie. So this guy was trying to disarm muh friends charrie and this guy could do it cuz this guy could copy fighting style and know what attack was next..

    Then the two got into an argument (see: bitchy bitching thread derail) about muscle control,, muscle mass, speed vs agility, who could spit farther, who's penis was bigger, blah blah blah manly men blah blah argue.. That's why I have a dislike for it.

    But yeah don't get Boo wrong! All for reg martial arts hai~yah!
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  16. No need to fret, the gender rule will only apply to second characters. In the event two players want to play two characters of the gender -- Player A with two guys, Player B with two gals, there will be no problems then of course. :3

    You have a good point actually, consider those kinds of powers banned!
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  17. I'm totally down for this. I've been craving a superhero RP for a while now. Like bad. Like my tumblr looks like an unhealthy obsession with all things super-powered and weirdly clingy superhero suits... because that is all they can wear, apparently.

    Quick question and this may seem dumb, but when it comes to "good guys" and "bad guys." Will players be playing one or the other, or both, or whatever they feel like? I've played in RPs like this where there was an obvious division, where the players played both good and bad (the bad not being the main focus just popping for that story arc), or where the players played whatever the plot needed. This will not make or break my interest, I'm just curious. I also realize I may be getting ahead of you, and you planned to discuss it here soon. I just had some caffeine to keep me awake this morning. So my mind is in rabid gerbil mode.
  18. Interested.
  19. Might be interested.

    2020s...so slightly futureish modern day?
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