A Growing Obsession

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  1. It is a sunshiny Sunday and everything is in bloom, from the dew covered wildflowers to the giant trees of the forest in the distance. Foxes, rabbits, and other frolicking furs are well awake and moving to the hustle and bustle of the great wide woods. A gentle breeze had blown through a small crack of a window of a small dainty cottage where two blue jays were resting until the screen of the window slid open quickly and Kimu pops out.

    "Lovely day! I love the smell of lilac in the morning!" She squeals out as she stretches. The once peacefully rested blue jays were now squawking and flying in a tizzy over the commotion of the recent disturbance. Kimu hurries away from the window and skips about through the house to leave and explore what she could before lunch time.
  2. Nymeria slowly stretched and looked around, her bare feet balancing easily on the center of a daisy. The day was already full of light, and butterflies were dancing around the patch of flowers there she lived. Perfection. She had big plans today - a few of the sparrows had told her that there was a human living nearby. Never had she seen one up close. That would change today. She wanted to just peek at it and watch it for a little while. It seemed harmless enough.

    She stopped her stretching and yawned a bit, pulling drops of few from the leaves and washing up. The cool water was freshing and woke her up the rest of the way, enabling her to focus. She smiled and nodded to herself, then dove off the flower and started to fly toward where the human was rumored to live. Barely over halfway there, she saw a giant skipping with a big smile on her face. It startled Nymeria so badly that she panicked and froze, then quickly dove behind a tree. Was that a human?!

    Nymeria (open)
  3. The dew splashed from the blades of grass and flowers as Kimu ran through the feild in her bright white sandals. She was carrying an over-sized bag filled to the brim with objects for her miniature journey with a few extra items for a small picnic later in the day. A giant tree, out in the opening, grew closer as Kimu was covering ground.

    "Life's a happy song when there's someone by your side to sing along. When you're alone life can be a little rough. It makes you feel like you're 3 foot tall when it's just you. Well times can be tough when there's no on there to catch you're fall!!"
    The bag drops near the base of the tree and a bunch of glitter pens, notepads, tape, and other accessories spill out. Kimu plops down quickly, grabbing a handful of pens and a notepad, and starts to write a list as she hums loudly.

    Kimu (open)
  4. Once the human had come to a stop, Nymeria peered down over a thick branch and watched it. It looked like a female, but she wasn't really sure. She tipped her head curiously as the creature held up a bunch of strange-looking sticks and a square thing. What was more fascinating was when the sticks started making colored marks on the square! She had to investigate.

    She flew down the tree until she was right behind the human, a little higher so that she could still look over it and see the square. The colors were so pretty! Sneaking a tiny bit closer, she hovered above the human's right shoulder and watched as more and more color appeared. What was this human doing? Making a picture?
  5. The blank page soon became covered with glitter and colours, except for a long bar at the top of the page. In that empty area, Kimu would bring out a sharpie marker, and in all capitals, write 'FAERIES'.

    "This is going to be the best day...."
    She squeals loudly, "....EVER!" The giggles are loud, shrill, and quick.

    "Today, I will find a faerie and we will be best friends forever. And we can live in the cottage together. And bake." Kimu's eyes widen as she mentions the last bit. A loud grumble comes from her tummy which signals her to open the picnic bag and pull out a small metal container. The lid pops open, flying high in the air, and lands with a thud and low, bellowing ring. Her first choice from the box is a cupcake decorated with pink frosting, edible green glitter, and what appears to be a flower made of chocolate.
  6. Nymeria stared at the big markings. Maybe they meant something. She tilted her head curiously to examine them, but then the human let off a loud noise that startled her so badly that she dove down behind the creature and hid in the grass. A faerie? Curious.. She slowly climbed out of the grass and flew back up to watch what the human was doing. Now it was holding something that looked very pretty, with a strange brown flower on it. She eyed it curiously, then looked at the human. Did this human eat flowers? Strange.. She had thought humans ate meat. Why did they hunt animals otherwise? She scooted a little bit closer, peering in the shiny container that held things which smelled delicious.
  7. Just as Kimu was about to bite into the cupcake, she stops and lowers to cake.

    "I have forgotten the most important part of the cupcake. The sprinkles!"
    She reaches down to grab a tube from her bag and mistakenly grabs the faerie and begins shaking it over top of the cupcake.

    "Why isn't this working?? Maybe it.... has a block in it?"
    She quickly raises up the faerie she held in her hand and squeals, throwing it away and running behind the tree.


  8. Suddenly grabbed out of nowhere, Nymeria yelped in surprise - of course, to the ears of a human, it would be more like an inaudible squeak. She was being shaken rather fiercely and it made her so dizzy that when the human threw her, she tumbled down through the grass without pause. At first she just laid there and held her head, but then she turned and looked at her wings. One was bent at an odd angle from being clutched so tightly. She frowned and touched it, but it hurt. Uh oh..
  9. Kimu peeks out from behind the tree and looks at the mystery bug only to see it doesn't look like any bug she's ever seen. Stepping closer, after sneakily getting something from her bag, she kneels down and peers through the grass like she is about to pounce and pokes the Faeries tummy.

    "What kind of buggy bug are you?"
    She leans closer and like lightening pulls a jar out and swoops the lid and container together and tightens the lid.
    "I think my search is over!" Her squeals get louder as her jumping quickens. Soon, everything is packed in their appropriate places and the jarred faerie is in Kimu's hands, safe and secure, and on its way to its new home. Or so she thought.
  10. Nymeria rubbed her face, then looked up to see the human right in front of her. Before she could flee, a massive finger pressed against her torso and she stumbled back a few steps. Panicked at the thought of attack, she darted out of the way of the jar and watched warily as the human seemed happy with scooping up a few leaves that had been on the ground where the fae was a moment before. She was curious about how excitable and appallingly young the human seemed. A mere child. Perhaps it would be good to observe and tell the others how humans acted. Nodding to herself, she flew up and started following the human, making sure to keep her distance.
  11. Kimu giggles excitedly as she holds her jar full of leaves with the false truth of there being a faerie inside.

    "I think I will name you Esmeralda like from Hunchback of Notre Dam because she was pretty. Which means I can dress you in a gypsy outfit! But then that means we must hide." Her eyes widen as she holds the jar up to her face and taps on the glass.

    "Faerie... I mean... Esmeralda, you must be smaller than I thought. All I can see are leaves. But... maybe you are a leaf." She sits on her steps and spins the top off to reach in and feel leaves.
  12. Esmeralda? But her name was Nymeria! She kept up her following, amused by the obviously young human who was going on and on about what they were supposedly going to do together. Once the human seemed to discover that the fae wasn't captured in the jar, she felt around inside and Nymeria watched as she found nothing but leaves. Well, she couldn't help that she didn't want to be swept up in that thing. It was hardly polite. She stood silently on the human's head instead, just watching.
  13. The leaves crumbled and soon, Kimu just dumped the entire contents of the jar out and sighs.

    "Well, I guess today was another bust. At least I got closer though."

    The wind started to pick up and the crushed leaves swirled around like a mini tornado. Kimu quickly runs inside her house with her baskets and bag, locking up the door behind her, and then it begins to downpour.

    "I'm glad I was close to home.." She cocks her head to the side, then adds, "..but I wonder how the faerie is doing in the rain. She looked awfully small."
  14. The sudden movement of the human startled her, and she quickly crouched down on the human's head to keep herself from falling over. She looked all around as they went inside, examining the home with interest. Nymeria had never seen such a place - was this how all humans lived? It seemed so terribly closed in! There were no open walls to let the fresh air in or anything like that. All of the open spots were covered in hard glass. She frowned a little and peered out one of these spots, seeing the rain pattering against it.

    "Oh dear.." she said to herself, then clasped her hands over her mouth. She had spoken aloud while still on the human's head! Feeling like an idiot, she darted away and hid behind a massive chair.
  15. A tiny voice yelps out and pricks at Kimu's ears. Her eyes widen as she grabs the nearest thing to her and darts about.

    "Come out, evil creature! I have a..." The plastic butter knife was covered in this mornings breakfast butter and was quite dull.

    "A.. A big.. scary knife! And.. And I am not scared of you." Just as she spoke, thunder broke out and shook the cabinets and windows. Kimu screams and throws herself to the floor.
  16. Nymeria peeked out from behind the chair as the girl threatened her with something that looked about as harmless as a toy. She smiled a bit to herself and started to fly out more, but the thunder caught her off guard. It sounded different in the house like this, and she glanced out the window and surprise. Her lack of attention cost her dearly and she fell to the floor, tumbling head over heels. She didn't move for a long moment, feeling nothing but pain. Her left wing was bent at an odd angle across the middle, and it ached every time she tried to get up. So, she stayed there, sprawled out helplessly on the floor.
  17. Kimu hears a tiny thud somewhere behind her; she jumps up to investigate after recovering from the shock of thunder.

    "H-Hello?" And before long, she spotted that little bug on her floor and drops the knife on a nearby table.

    "Ohh, Poor buggy boo. You look hurt!" The cabinets start shaking and rattling, not from thunder, but from Kimu's running around the house getting her emergency kit together.

    "Glue! Scissors! Thread! Oh my! I will fix you!" Things are flying all over the house in a crazy whirlwind and then all the chaos stops as Kimu approaches the Faerie with a whisper.

    "Oh. My screaming probably hurts your tiny wittle ears, yes they do." She pulls out a sharp needle and thread. Lightening crashes and the tip of the needle sparkles.

    "What is hurt?" Kimu's nose nearly tips Nymeria's.

    "I'm Kimu. Whats your name?"