A Great Joy is on the way (American X Kirisuna)

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  1. A young couple's Love Story is rushed when the girlfriend finds out that she's pregnant. While they love each other very much, the Boyfriend's Family does not agree with him rushing into Marriage and believe the girl got pregnant so he could stay with her. Meanwhile, the Girl's Family is more accepting and loving towards her. The couple themselves are in for a Roller Coaster as they get married and prepare to become parents, but more is yet to come...

    Will he abandon his love during her time of need? Or will he be by her side and be the one that she needs?
  2. Tristan walked into his house throwing his keys on the counter in the kitchen. He had a rough day at work not to mention he was suppose to go with Tasha to have dinner with her parents today. Her parents always seemed so nice, but he couldn't help but feel like they were expecting him to leave her. Tristan was actually tired of everyone thinking that. He walked to his bedroom and pulled off his boots. He stripped out of his clothes and jumped into the shower, washing the grease and dirt from his body.

    Tristan got out of the shower, putting a towel around his waist. He heard someone come in his house, knowing it was Tasha. Tristan pulled on a pair of nice jeans then walked out. "Hey babe." He said as he walked over and kissed her. "So what exactly do I have to wear tonight?" He asked.
  3. Tasha sat down on the couch. Over the past eight months, her belly has grown to a fairly astonishing size. "Well, I'd prefer it if you just wore a dress shirt. Short sleeved. Because you were pretty much in a Jump-Suit all day." She replied, wanting her boyfriend to be comfortable like she was. "You don't have to dress all fancy for me." She said, showing that she was a simplistic girl and didn't expect too much out of her baby-daddy. She propped up her legs on the couch and gave him a kiss back to return the favor.
  4. Tristan nodded, "will do." He said as he kissed her again. "Taking care of my baby alright?" He teased as he let his hand run over her belly. Tristan kissed her again, "let me go finish getting dressed." He said. He walked to the bedroom and put on a shirt that she asked him to. He walked out and smiled. "Good enough?" He asked.
  5. "Yeah, good enough for me. By the way, I have a surprise for you. Its about our baby." She smiled at him when he came back out. Tasha stood, holding her enlarged belly. "Was there anything you wanted to do tonight?" She asked lovingly, holding his cheek. "You had a long day, you deserve to unwind a bit."
  6. Tristan smiled when she mentioned the baby and helped her up, "no I would just like to go to dinner with you family and come home to watch some tv. So, what is it about the baby?" He asked, excitedly. "Please tell me it's a boy. A girl would be okay to." He said, chuckling as he took her hands.
  7. "Its both." She smiled. "There are two of them in there! We're having twins!" Her smile grew wider as he grabbed her hands. Tasha just looked down at her big belly. "I guess we both got our wishes. A Son and a Daughter." She smiled. "We have a couple of hours until my parents expect us. What should we do to past time?"
  8. Tristan stared at her know complete shock for a moment, "two?" He asked. Tristan was amazed that this had happened. "Wow." He said as he kissed her forehead, "that's amazing baby. Sorry I don't mean to sound not excited I'm just shocked is all." He said, laughing. He thought for a moment, "we could discuss where we are gonna put these two." He suggested as he sat down on the couch.
  9. "I know, it's kind of a shock for me too." She said. "We're way off from being on our feet. We can stay with my parents for a little while. Until we can get up on our feet." Tasha suggested. "I mean, I'm still in college. Then you're working full-time. My parents won't charge us rent. As long as we help out around the house, they won't mind. Oh and we need to keep the place clean too. There's also a spare room, so we can have a nursery."

    Rent was the money eater. Tuition was already bad enough on her. The only things they needed to worry about interns of bills were their Phone Bills, Auto Insurance, Car Payments and all the other minor stuff. "Besides, my Parents really like you, so it's okay."
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