INTEREST CHECK A great battle?

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  1. So, I'm thinking of doing a little fantasy rp with a city being attacked by a army of some sort.

    So I'm wondering if anyone are interested in being one of the defenders there, or maybe a higher up among the attacking army?

    Heck, if the battle goes over well enough, there might be a counter attack as well! :D
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  2. I'll be a back stabbing rogue on the enemy side! :D
  3. Well, since you're the first one to show interest in this, and the first one wanting to be on the evil side, you get the honor of being the commander, if you want to! :3
  4. I think I might be interested 8D I would probably be evil as well or maybe a neutral mercenary faction... Who switches sides at the drop of a hat lol
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  5. I'd be on the defending team
  6. I'm in. I could probably juggle two or three characters, whatever we need to maintain equilibrium. ^^
  7. Well, this seems to be going better than expected! :D

    I'll make a signup later today then! Just have to come up with names for the place and such.
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  8. Oi if I do make that mercenary character... can I write up the mercenary companies description as well? Cause that would be awesome for me lol *loves his mercs*
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  9. Sure! For all I care, your mercenary company can have its headquarters in the city!

    That does not mean that you can play 20 different characters. :P
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  10. lol I don't think I could keep up with 3 if I wanted to. I'm one of those that tries to focus on one character at a time though... I might use some npc's from time to time if I'm leading a merc company. Once you have names for the city and all I'll write up some background for the mercs... Though I will probably go overboard with it XD