A Grand Gallery PSA

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  1. To members both new (welcome!) and old, the many different nooks on Iwaku can be a little bit overwhelming. There are a lot of them as we try to provide as many flexible ways to have fun as possible here and sometimes it's hard to tell what every area is used for. That's what this PSA is aimed at addressing, to an extent.

    The character gallery, which you can find here, or by clicking the option on the menu at the top of the page that says "Characters", is a place to store characters. Now, that may seem like redundant wording but it's actually important. The Character Gallery is a place to put up more or less finished characters - images attached to names, personalities, etc. While you can have characters with some degree of adaptability to fit in with a wider range of potential roleplays, just putting up lots of pictures that you think are nice looking doesn't cut it.

    If you're looking for a place to store pictures that you want to keep track of for later use, there are many different websites and ways to do that. Websites like Imgur and Photobucket will allow you to host images and create an account to keep track of all the pictures you've collected. If you're just looking for a place to store them that isn't your computer, try Dropbox! You can even store things in your blog on Iwaku and tons of people keep their character sheets there.

    A lot of questions surrounding the Character Gallery have been answered in the Character Gallery FAQ but if you are unsure, feel free to ask a staff member.

    Some basics about images in the gallery:​
    • Scenery and objects don't fit in the character gallery!​
    • People/creature images need some information identifying them as characters (names, personalities, etc. this part is flexible as long as you have some information)​
    • ART with subtle nudity or an element of risque can be permitted but needs to have a safe thumbnail and warn people of NSFW content. Note that this is a subjective ruling and no nudity is the safest option!​
    • Real life human nudity is not allowed.​
    • Pornographic images are not allowed.​
    • Don't dump a bazillion images into the gallery at once. This is a common courtesy so that the other members aren't flooded out with one person's images.​
    Images that don't adhere to these points will likely run across the radar of our diligent staff who keep an eye on the Character Gallery and from there, if it isn't a character, we will probably ask you to either take it down or add character information if it is actually meant to be a character. Save yourself the hassle and only add characters!​
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  2. Don't forget about PINTEREST!

    Pinterest is a great place to create boards or galleries of things besides characters! You can create a board for all of your characters or just the worlds they reside. Freedom! Aesthetic! etc! It's also a great place to find character images both of real people and illustrated people. I personally use Pinterest a TON for roleplay imagery.

    Get out there and get pinning!
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  3. Pinterest is truly the best. I have boards for all kinds of characters, settings, and objects. It is truly a magical place!

    Also good PSA Kitti :D definitely clears out some questions I had myself hehe
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  4. I reluctantly use pinterest xD It's so controversial with the whole copyright thing but nobody cares lol
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  5. I use bing o.o It allows you to save and organize search results and since I'm constantly using it for art references it's really convenient.
  6. But... What about Harold?


    Or Wilson? :(

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  7. Don't tell me how to live my life, Kitti.