A Good Western

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  1. Hello! So I've never actually participated in a good Western role play. The term "Wild West" throws me off slightly, but nonetheless it is what I am stabbing at. I don't have a straight forward plot, but rather a wholesome idea of a role play with multiple people. No bios, per say, just hop in and start living back in the days of cowboys, horses, small towns run by a strict sheriff, tobacco everywhere, and all sorts of cliche western themes. If you have seen Django, well let's just say that pushed me to ask for this.

    I'd rather not have a lot of people join, if anyone joins at all. I found role plays with many people turns ugly. It has for me at least. I think around six people would be nice. In a perfect world, three men and three women. However whatever happens works. This doesn't mean people have to fall in love, I'm not shooting for that (pun). I just want some fun western action with law enforcement, bandits, civilians, and all that fun junk. If you feel up to it, leave a reply and this will turn into the OOC thread. I will set up the role playing thread and we can dust off our boots and get on our horses!

    that was horrible I apologize
  2. There needs to be more Western Rps on Iwaku. Taking a page from Django unchained style revenge/violence would be kickass, too.

    Just a little tip for interest checks in general, not really manditory, but it has helped me over the years when trying to get a game going.

    It is generally a good idea to have at least some plot in mind when making an interest check thread. Describing a loose, beginning plot will help potential players craft their characters around your idea, thus making your game run smoothly with less randomness. I also like to paint a picture of the setting: Describe a town (Give it a name), the surrounding area, landmarks, the people, whatever. Something that will help set the mood of your game.

    Hope you can get something going, and I'll be watching!
  3. I'm definitely still up for this! =D
  4. I'm glad! I have had a few people show interest, I will wait for some more, but if not then I'll start it up and see how it goes. I will put the plot here as well. It will include any and all information that you will need to enter the roleplay!

    I'm thinking the 21st will be the start date! So stay tuned!
  5. Hell yes! A Western Roleplay! I'd love to be apart of this. I've always wanted to be an outlaw.
  6. Ok, so I like the noticing this thread took. I have today off from a busy ass week of college. Sometime during the afternoon of today (around 5 EST) I will post a jump in roleplay thread for this, with a plot, and the small bio required nothing big whatsoever. I hope all who shared interest will join in as well as newcomers. Hope to see you all post. I will not being posting first, rather, I will watch the roleplay until enough people have posted that I feel the thread can take off.

    Thanks and have a good day!
  7. Sounds good! :3 How realistic should the character design be, btw? Are unnatural hair and eye colors allowed?
  8. Good question, I'm about to post the details onto the first post of this thread. I will answer that there! :)
  9. Sorry, I meant create the role play thread where I will answer that, link will be on the first post of this thread! :D