"A good friend ____"

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  1. finish the sentence!

    "A good friend cheers like a moron whenever you're on a stage"

    "A good friend helps you bury the bodies"

    "A good friend tells you when your tag is sticking up"
  2. A good friend teases you when you fall over
  3. A good friend is someone, whom when seeing your upset, simply asks,"So, who's ass are we kicking today?"
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  4. A good friend never let's anything stand between you and them.

    A good friend knows how to forgive even your biggest mistakes

    A good friend is always there.

    A good friend never leaves.
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  5. As partial inspiration for the maindude of that series. I am always happy to see it appear. Rickard, Aka Zaffe is a old friend of mine :D
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  6. Your best friend is someone you can argue with for a couple hours on about the detailed intricacies of assault rifle versus plasma gun in some video game, before one of you interjects with "I'm hungry" and both of you cheerily go eat instead. Because best friends don't care if they don't get along on everything, that's part of what the "best" part of the moniker is for. :bsmile:
  7. Greeting a friend: Hi, how are you today? :D
    Greeting a good friend: HI A**HOLE <3
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  8. A good friend can tell you hard truths or things you don't want to hear for your own good, and will do so even if you hate them for it.
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  9. [​IMG]

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  10. A good friend doesnt look you in the eye during an Eiffel Tower
  11. a good friend doesn't trip you while you are running from zombies.
  12. A good friend will punch you twice.

    Once becouse you deserved it, and twice becouse you ain't no little bitch-
  13. A good friend can walk right in to your house without knocking first! 8D
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  14. A good friend provides value to you in a win-win relationship and either has the mental fortitude to express differing ideas without judgement or holds a similar value system to you.

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  15. A good friend holds your hair back when you are puke-your-guts-out drunk.
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  16. An awesome good friend is ALWAYS honest.
  17. A best friend will always try to out weird you and on occasions win.
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  18. A good introvert friend is someone that allows you to hug them even when they don't want hugs because damn it you need the touchy feelies (and they don't murder you in your sleep for it).
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  19. A good friend is bro...even if she's a girl.

    Alternatively, a good friend is a bro...even if she's a ho.
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