A God's Game (Kinda a Civilization Game)

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  1. What if God were real?

    3 years ago, Deity, a Creator God much like that of Christianity, woke up from it's slumber. It saw the state of the world after the third world war, and decided to do something about it.

    The Third World War spanned from October 2017 to April 2019. Reports as to who actually started it are dubious - America blames Islamic State and Vladimir Putin, everyone else blames America. Unfortunately, America won, so America got to decide what got written in the history books. The war was very one sided. The Allies, consisting of the United States, the majority of Europe and several of the more developed eastern countries, employed their force of unmanned drones, "invisible" tanks and guns with aim-bots, while the Middle East, Africa and Russia fought back with numbers and determination. As expected, Italy started on one side and switched to the Allies side halfway through. Greece was going to fight for the Allies, but Putin paid the Greek prime minister 600 euros, which was the most money he had seen in his entire life and paid the living costs of every Greek person for the rest of the year.

    Despite the bias though, the war ended in a political stalemate, with IS retreating into the mountains and refusing to come out, even for dinner. Around this time, 2 months after the end of the war, Deity stepped in.

    It called a council to occur in which every world leader would be present. At this meeting, Deity announced who it was, and informed the world of it's plans. It was quite simple. The Earth was to become one big Game for the entertainment of the pantheon of gods. There were 4 things that would be implemented.

    First, Deity would introduce Magic to the Earth. This magic could be wielded by anyone, though few people would have enough power to actually do anything with it.

    Second, the world's Human population was to be cut down to just 5 million and scattered across the world, in small groups. Pre-existing towns and infrastructure would be removed, as if they had never been there, and groups would have to survive in this new world on their own.

    Third, Monsters would be introduced to the world at the discretion of the pantheon of gods. Any monster may come into existence, provided it is a monster belonging to a pre-existing religion, and provided a god of that religion puts it in the world. Higher power monsters cannot be placed as regularly as weaker ones, but killing them gives much greater rewards.

    Fourth, Earth's resources would be limited. All factories, businesses etc that produced anything would be destroyed. Information would become scarce too, with non-entertainment literature and knowledge being scattered throughout the world. Raw materials such as water and crop seeds could be obtained in the normal world, with effort, but rarer materials like metal, precious stones (which can enhance magic), oils (for plastic and fuel) and coal would only be able to be obtained from destroying Monsters. If you were to be really lucky, you might find a pre-constructed item inside a monster.


    This will be somewhat game-like, similar to Civilisation games. The difference is that all the players will belong to the same tribe and must cooperate to survive and eventually convince Deity to return the world to it's original state (if that is what they still desire by the end, anyway...)

    Rules / Guidelines:

    - Don't worry about powergaming, it's impossible here. Or rather, if you do do it, the enemies will just become much tougher.

    - No Godmodding (controlling the character of another person) unless that person says you can in the OOC where we can all see the agreement. I've had some bad experiences with arguments over this before, which I'd like to avoid if possible.

    - I shall suggest which items are found on a monster's corpse. If you kill a monster, the corpse dissolves and becomes a small floating crystal which can be "identified" while inside the village. When you find a crystal, I will write a PM with 3 options as to what that item might be, and you must decide between you which of those 3 items you need most.

    - You should definitely try to work together. Each player will start with 3 "specialised knowledges". That is, 3 things that they know how to do/make. It will be beneficial for people with different specialisations to work together to maximise efficiency.

    - While this is a game, it's not a very strict ruleset. I'm not going to make sure you have 5 pieces of metal, 2 sticks and a small stone in order to craft a sword, I'm just going to require that you have a single piece of metal. The sticks for the handle and the small stone for the pommel can be found just about anywhere.

    - Maximum 1 character per person for now. I might increase this if we only get very few people. Also, there are about 20 NPC characters, regardless of how many PCs we get. Others such as travelling traders may appear occasionally too.


    Character Sheet:

    (since Deity randomised the groups, people can originate from anywhere and still end up in the same group.)
    Appearance: (Non-real life image or description please.)

    Personality: (will be more important than usual for the decision of roles among players)
    Specialised Knowledges (Max 3): (I'll let you come up with your own specialisations, but if it's something really extreme like Gun crafting then it naturally won't be allowed. With it being so complex, it wouldn't be useful either, but that's a different matter.)
  2. I may be interested
  3. I'm... Actually really offended at the part about the Greeks. And it killed the rest for me.
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