A Godly Harem

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  1. When a girl wakes up in the woods lost she stumbles across an old shrine where she meets a group of Gods. Each want her to be their priestess. Who will she choose though?

    1) Smut is okay but don't make it the focus of the rp
    2) please be a God
    3) Base this on Japanese culture
    4) Not all Gods have to be real.
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  2. Gina wandered through the forests slowly. Her blue dress was tattered and her hair messy. She was more lost than she'd ever been in her life unable to find even a glimpse of a road. The woods were slowly growing darker and darker on her when suddenly in the distance she saw a glimpse of light belong to a lamp. She rushed towards it as fast as she could, finding herself standing in front of an old looking shrine. She stared at it for a long moment before cautiously, in case it may break, stepped up on the old wood. It looked abandoned, but even so there was still that lamp outside. " Someone has to live here," she said softly. Sliding open the door she was greeted with the smell of incense as she spotted a man sitting there dressed in traditional clothing. She was overjoyed that someone was actually here that the clothing paid her no mind. " Excuse me?" she asked quickly.