A Glimpse at the Heart of the Shadows

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  1. I've found that very few people truly see me through anything aside from my writing. Coincidentally, I've often been encouraged to get it out there. So, here goes. Many of them are untitled. If you'd like to suggest something, go ahead and PM me.
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  2. Break Free (working title)

    Chasing what isn't there in the hopes of making it true,
    The power to bend, to break, to twist that which is,
    This power lies at my fingertips.
    But to chance it all, to take one more risk,
    To roll the dice and pray that I may save myself from loneliness.
    But should I lose in this game of fate,
    There are two dark paths which wickedly await.
    To rip apart the world that is and rebuild it into the one that I pursue,
    But in doing so, tear all that is familiar from you?
    The flip of a coin, the roll of a die,
    To put your neck on the line when the fault should be mine.
    Should my hopes fall short and the paths draw near,
    May my ashes be scattered should I pain those I hold dear.
    The path of the rose, that of the beautiful bladed vine,
    For I fear that I may not succeed to fill the hole wraught, so benign;
    Or the path of the black flame, dark, vicious, and impossible to quench,
    The bounty of my efforts leaving us burned and in torment.
    To strive to be more but to fail as a friend,
    To bring forth suffering that will bring us to an end,
    Or to live behind a lie and continue to pretend?
    To harmonize with your silence, never to show you that you could have more?
    But to try, to sever everything you have and to fail to fill the gap,
    To ruin everything one more time.
    This war; inside, it's killing me,
    So here I'll sit, biting my tongue until it bleeds,
    My open arms withheld by this straitjacket I put on myself,
    Drowning in loneliness until you pull me from this hell.
    But I'll sit here and wait for my chance to defend,
    And wonder if your silence screams as loudly as mine does within.
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  3. The Pain

    As the dark of night closes in,
    It draws attention to the pain within.
    And as it grows late and sight is made blind,
    Nothing but thoughts of pain fill the mind.

    The pain of REGRET, cold with self-hate,
    The pain of REALIZING you acted too late.
    The pain of DESPAIR, sadness to the bone,
    Weighing on the mind and the heart like a stone.

    The pain of FAILURE, having let yourself down,
    The pain of WATCHING, the casket pulled into the ground.
    The pain of KNOWING, unable to bring yourself to act,
    Reduced to only being aware of the cold, grisly fact.

    The pain of ANXIETY, dreading the gun's blast,
    The pain of the RUSH, for you have to act fast.
    The pain of TENSION, the bomb waiting to blow,
    A violent explosion caused by a break in the flow.

    The pain of LONELINESS, being shackled in the dark,
    A need to have someone but no way to speak.
    Unable to move, left only to yearn and to think,
    A longing to relax, instead being wound to the brink.

    The pain of the FEAR, questioning what is ahead,
    Both craving and dreading tomorrow as I lie here in bed.
    We all pray for the best, but we know well get the worst.
    And we know we can't change it, no matter how much it hurts.

    The pain of TODAY, once again living the lie,
    Kept from the ones who know what's truly inside.
    We must take care who we trust or be stabbed in the back,
    And ensure that our "friends" aren't donning smiling masks.

    The pain of LOSS, desiring what is no more,
    The pain of CONFLICT, a tearing self war.
    The pain of the END, not an escape but a sleep,
    As they goodbye and leave him to reap.
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  4. Motionless Search

    Stumbling and lost in what's felt inside,
    The fear and the hate,
    The sense of living a lie.
    The rage, the pain
    It's all the same
    We're always just a piece in someone's game,
    Often less valued than a simple pawn
    Yet we endlessly search for where we belong.
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  5. The Gamble of Life

    Life is a coin, a gamble of fate.
    One side is kindness, a life filled with love.
    The other side's different, for its roots are in hate.
    On rare occasion the coin lands on the edge,
    Creating a life that hangs in the balance.
    The sides sway the coin, and the life along with it,
    And each side's effect causes the life to be shifted.
    But the sides push rather than pull,
    Trying to snuff out the other's control.
    In a war between forces dating back to times unknown,
    The life can only watch through dirty windows.
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  6. What the Blind Ignore

    This one is really long. And I won't blame any of you for not wanting to read it. (open)
    What kind of world is it that we live in,
    Where every other number is an odd one out,
    Where reputation seems to be the only thing we care about.
    We think we'll do fine, but all we do is play,
    Proving something set in stone can still fade away.
    All the pointless killing thought to solve our bouts,
    Only causing more until the lives run out.
    Taking from the world until the well runs dry,
    And when they run out, we'll just wonder why.
    When a fool looks up and he sees the sky,
    all he really sees is the clouds go by.
    When a wise man looks and sees the sky,
    He knows the pollution that lingers there,
    And he knows that mankind doesn't seem to care.
    Kill counts are climbing because our skulls are too thick,
    Soon we'll be gone, but that doesn't seem to click.
    M16's and snipers firing into the distance,
    Gatling gun bullets pounding like pistons.
    Kill counts sky rocket higher by the day,
    No one really thinking about who's going to pay.
    Cold hearted soldiers causing murderous slaughters,
    Killing them all, be it parents, sons, or daughters.
    Ruthless drill sergeants making killers from men.
    Running them through it again and again.
    Those who think this is right can join the front lines,
    Those who think it's just life can drop dead on the spot,
    Because how is there life in this endless onslaught?
    This is not life, not even close,
    This is pointless killing, but nobody cares,
    Except for the people with loved ones out there.
    They used to solve issues with chess matches they played,
    But when war came along they just threw it away.
    They say that the fool is blind but the wise man can see,
    And from what I've seen this proves true to me.
    For the fool gleefully supports the war, proving that ignorance is bliss.
    But the wise man understands.
    The wise man knows that war is really suicide.
    After every war, there are fewer people alive.
    With war after war, there's no time to recover.
    In the end, we'll run out, we'll become our own end.
    Some people out there don't even have homes to defend,
    But for some of us our biggest problem is losing a friend.
    The leaders out there think they are solving our issues,
    But they're not, they're burning houses and racking up kill after kill,
    And really they're just turning this world into a living hell.
    God gave them their chances to nourish the world,
    But then human nature decided to get in the way.
    God gave them their chance and they decide to blow it,
    Obliviously turning the world to Hell, but I know it.
    I'll carry this flag for as long as I can,
    But I'm getting pretty sick of seeing man killing man.
    And for those out there planning to join the fray,
    Remember that more and more are dying each day,
    And every kill you get casts another family into dismay.
    And for those of you that think "I can't die," it's still the start of the game,
    Remember in war there's always first blood,
    And who's to say that they weren't thinking the same?
    And when you get down to the point, what's the purpose of war?
    It's not to solve our debates, it only adds cruel intent.
    It's not to protect the people, because even more lives are spent.
    It's not for freedom, for it's with the chains of murder we're bound.
    It isn't for honor, for only shame can be brought when spilling blood on the ground,
    It's not for salvation, since each kill is a step towards Satan's Hearth,
    It's not for glory , causing the blood of the bold to stain the earth.
    But these are the lies that they feed to me and you,
    Constantly insisting that these "reasons" are true.
    The rhyme is for hatred, to make weapons from people,
    The reason is greed, for the leaders hunger for power,
    The purpose is murder, for the trees and the grass with blood are showered,
    The intention, destruction razing everything in it's path.
    The hunger for chaos, for it's kill or be killed, turning man into beast,
    The results are destruction, death, sadness, and loss,
    And far to many souls are joining those of the lost.
    For every pointless murder comes with a secret cost,
    Drawing heartless souls to the devil's facade,
    Even those who once tried to follow God.
    So open your eyes, join the few and the wise,
    See through the devil's not-so-clever disguise.
    Because Hitler's cause is going to come back,
    But this time it's won't just be the imperfect they attack.
    They'll be more organized. they won't make mistakes;
    They'll be swift and more deadly in the next retake.
    But the reason these wars have continued to blaze,
    Is because of the lies that are used as a haze.
    It's the peoples' support of this genocide,
    That helps cause the cruelty the government tries to hide.
    Through the pain of those with loved ones lost,
    We can see through their lies to the endless exhaust.
    It must be put to a stop, for we're killing ourselves,
    Killing each other just for war stories to tell.
    And don't you see what they're trying to do?
    They're using your hate to kill innocent people,
    Making guard towers from what used to be steeples.
    I bet you're irritated about being blamed for starting these wars.
    All those people whose family members have hit the floors.
    All the people that fall at the sound of the horn,
    And all of the reasons are simply ignored.
    So stand up and show me some pride,
    Don't just fall back and hide.
    Prove that your time is now,
    So man up and hold your ground.
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  7. Transcend the Darkness (working title)

    Here I sit, in darkness, calling it shadow,
    It's the closest I've been to the light, so what difference do I know?
    But now there's suddenly a light, so faint and distant, but there;
    And now I strive to reach towards it, fearful that I may inflict harm through my care.
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  8. The Coffin and the Trigger (working title)

    The hammer swings home with an echoing bang,
    Sealing a fate with cries of pain.
    Memories come flooding back,
    Returning thoughts, both good and bad.
    Gathering 'round, they pay their respects
    And say their goodbyes to the one they failed to protect.
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  9. Darkness Manifests

    Darkness manifests
    In every blood drop that's shed
    In every one counted dead
    In every cruel thought
    In every head.
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  10. Untitled

    There's a world underneath that which we live in,
    A world that by ours is ignored and hidden.
    This is where dangers creep in the shadows,
    The dangers of repression and violence which everyone knows.
    But what they don't know is that these dangers are closer than they seem,
    Blending into our schools, our jobs, our everything.
    They are the man with the cold look in his eye,
    They are the bully who no-one dares to defy.
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  11. Untitled

    Locked in a room behind my own eyes,
    Helplessly living with society's lies.
    There is light hiding the darkness that we fail to see,
    Or maybe we ignore it or justify the deeds.
    Someone once said that there's darkness in every man's heart,
    And it seeps into our lives, driving friends and families apart.
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  12. Untitled

    They draw their lies from hatred blind,
    Planting seeds of doubt and fear in the mind.
    Drawing pleasure from the tears of despair,
    And the gnawing desire for a barrel's glare.

    We hide behind masks each day that we live,
    Locking the pain and despair deep within.
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  13. Untitled

    Here I am as I lie here again,
    Destroyed by those who swore to defend.
    I'm sick of being treated like a puppet on a string,
    It's like my mouth is sewn shut and they make me want to scream.

    They think they have the answers when the questions are untold,
    And to tell you the truth, it's gotten quite old.
    It's hard to move forward with your feet nailed to the floor,
    Forced to sit and fake it while they scream like they're at war.

    They smile and call it "helping" when they lock you in a padded room,
    Because they take you from the problem, but the solution's stolen, too.
    They ask me what is wrong as the magnum's chambers load,
    And the moment I deem it safe, I hear the powder explode.
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  14. Untitled

    Beaten, broken, in distress,
    Forced to succumb to our emptiness.
    We run, we hide, fleeing he pain,
    Wearing the tattered clothes that the blood has stained.
    No distance enough to escape ourselves,
    The sadness, the anger, the fear we've felt.
    No reason to live so we push on instead,
    Their insults, twisting every thought in our heads.
    They've forced us to believe their jeering lies,
    And now we see through their wicked eyes.
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  15. Untitled

    What's the point in pushing on,
    When all you knew as safe is gone?
    Stripped from you with no remorse,
    Their kindness a fa├žade hiding brutal force.
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  16. Untitled

    Living life behind an endless facade,
    Guarding the heart with all that I've got.
    Sweet words hiding the venom within,
    Blind made self-righteous by the lies of false vision
    Pushed to the edge by those sworn to protect
    No longer caring about what to expect.
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  17. Untitled

    Living a life riddled with lies,
    One in a million; the one millions despise.
    Searching fruitlessly for a reason to live,
    They've stolen more than I was able to give.
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  18. Beauty (Iwaku Poetry Challenge)

    A gentle caress,
    A faint breath.
    A soft kiss, a tight embrace,
    Beauty in a touch or beauty in a face.
    A sunset, a fire, beauty and desire,
    Beauty lifts the heart higher and higher.
    It may be apparent maybe just a trace,
    But when found, beauty is an angel's choir.
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  19. In The Dark (Iwaku Poetry Challenge)

    Turn on a light, and the shadows slink away,
    But the darkness within draws nearer every day.
    Inside, where night reigns on forevermore,
    The light is merely a casualty of war.
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  20. Somewhere

    They say there exists a mate for every soul,
    To fill in life's chasms and to make one truly whole.
    This is without exception, though many still seek,
    Never knowing that they pass their match on the street.
    As I wade through my life, I let this thought shine bright.
    After all, she's got to be out there somewhere, right?

    But after so often being kicked to the curb, and kicked in the throat,
    I begin to notice my heart's beat take on a heavier note.
    After all, they say that I'm worthless, that I'm a waste, a disgrace,
    That nobody would pursue someone who's not worth the chase.
    She's got to be out there somewhere. Yeah, right.

    Yet when all I want is someone to love and to hold,
    To save me from this solitary hell in the darkness, so cold,
    To offer an escape from loneliness's harsh bite.
    What have I done to suffer this plight?
    She's got to be out there somewhere... Right?
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