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  1. I read, but no one has ever given me books for presents. ;____;

    A captivating way to put it, though.
  2. I shall give you books as presents, Elyd!
    But resist the siren call. I couldn't help myself and had to date the first guy who gave me a book as a birthday present.
    He had no other redeeming features. Do not trust it if it seems like they're just trying to get rid of the book >_>;

    **Holds Elyd close**
  3. Are you sure?
  4. At first I was insulted, because a girl HAS to buy clothes sometimes or she'd be naked! D:

    But then I read the article and it was quite nice. XD
  5. I write ^.^
  6. Literacy is sexy.
  7. I read and write...I also own some clothes...Perhaps I need to own less clothes, because nobody is dating me. LOL

    But all in all I LOVE the article. I love it because it's so true. I love it so much that I shared it with the world.
  8. I had heard that you become more popular with the guys the fewer clothes that you have, but did not think to factor books into the equation before dismissing it.
    It all makes sense now.

    (I really did like the article, Rory. Truly)
  9. :D
    -jumps up and down.-
  10. Well, I would say something as well, but I have no clue what article you're talking about >.>
  11. The orange text in the first post is a link to a blog post extolling the virtues of a woman who reads.

    (I personally love books, and love women who love books. Someone in this thread has in fact received a new book from me in the past.)
  12. *sighs* You know I once thought that girls who read tend to be nicer people, but I've come across some nasty girls who do read and screw everyone over. I don't quite understand that, but they read but don't learn anything from what they're reading.

    Overall though, the article did make me smile.
  13. OMG, you're right! There was that one time when that sweet friend actually paid attention to the things I like and gave me a book... Why doesn't that stand out in my memory? You would think! D: I'm sorry for forgetting that, Alan. Aside from you, no one has ever given me books! <3

    Also, Kitti <3
  14. You're forgiven! <3
    It was a while ago, after all. :)
  15. I read scientific articles and write boring scientific papers....my brain is a mush of facts figures and usless stuff : D

    however i enjoyed and approve this article :3
  17. You can't force anyone to like something. Yes educated women are needed, but women are allowed to spend money on clothing.

    It's all about spending the right amount. I buy books like I do clothing. It's retarded.