A Girl With Secrets

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  1. Hello!

    I'm looking for a female roleplayer who can also play a human female character!

    The plot is that These two girls have been friends since their early childhood and are now into their first year at college. Over the past few days my character has been a little less social with her best friend and its your characters aim to find out what's been at her. As things go along we can reccomend new ideas, possible situations and if you would like to try anything new for the roleplay!

    If you would like to try this out with me, just reply or private message with me for extra details or if you're confused with anything present.

    Thankyou and have a good day! :D
  2. I would wanna try and do this
  3. Hello and welcome! Feel free to private message me and we can talk more about the roleplay and I'll answer any questions for you :)
  4. Oh and another quick notice to any new comers to the sign up thread! I am looking for someone who can post quite a lot for the roleplay. Sorry it's not mentioned in the original post!