A girl in the woods

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  1. Yanis sighed as they finally made it to the house, he was worried it was only a lie that there was one here, but it was true, there was such a thing and it seemed so safe, a reasonably large place all safe with walls and a garden to grow foods, even chickens were here, it was like a miracle, maybe they could live here, finally peacefully again.

    He sighed and went to a room that he claimed at his bedroom, nobody had found anyone in the house yet and he just fell on the bed, a happy smile on his lips, "Finally...we did it..we can survive out here..nobody knows we are here either..."
  2. Selah looked up at the sky. It was blue, and she couldn't see much clouds. Not that she thought she would do, as most of the sky was covered by leaves from the trees, anyway. She was wearing a red hoodie and a pair of jeans, pulling up the zipper on the hoodie as the wind blew in her hair and made her feel slightly cold. She took her hair out of her eyes with her fingers before she began to walk again.

    It was quiet, as normal. Of course, here and there she could hear some footsteps, an animal wandering around. Apart from that, she didn't usually hear much. This was her forest. She knew it well. She wouldn't say that she knew everyone who lived in it, no, but she could make her way around. This day though, she had decided to go on a bit of an adventure, exploring a part of the woods that she hadn't really been in before. Or rather - investigate the intruders that seemed to have come to her forest.
  3. He didn't managed to get his nap, he sighed and walked along the lines of the building and the walls, nobody could enter this place, well unless there would have been some secret path, but even then, the ones that would want to cause them harm wouldn't enter this place, right? It was secure and not too well known. He looked through the gate, checking the locks to feel safer, he saw a girl though, or so he felt, he just locked the door, even if it was a girl, nobody was allowed to come in, right? This was a safe place, she wouldn't get in, there couldn't be a secret place, they would have found!

    Yanis just tried to stay calm, his worries were present, but these walls just seemed too secure, he decided to check on his friends, but all of them took the nap he wished for, they were all resting but him, he just sat down in the garden, looking up to the sky, hoping it would be safe.
  4. Selah watched the house closely. She had seen the house before, walked passed it many times, but not really bothering to have a closer look at it. Now though, she saw someone there. Really? Yes. An intruder. She watched him closely, wondering whether there were more around. Seeing the gate and the locks, she didn't bother to get closer to it, though. And why would she? As long as they stayed in there, she would stay out here, she thought. She sat down on the grass outside of the gates, watching the guy sitting in the garden.

    She thought about what options she had. Either, she could walk away, as if she hadn't seen that guy, or, she could let him know that this was her place. What was he doing, really? She stood up, unsure whether to approach him or not, as he seemed kind. At least, he hadn't made any sudden movements or anything else that would make Selah think that he was a threat.
  5. Yanis sighed as he was about to lean back on the ground, though then he suddenly saw a girl and he slowly got up, closer to the gate, looking at her, "A-are you human?" he had to ask, what else could he ask, she seemed like she was just living out there or was watching them, he didn't see her before either, so she surely wasn't part of their small group of friends either, just who was she, was she dangerous? "P-please..t-talk to me! I don't want to hurt you, I just..never saw you here..."

    The boy opened the gates and walked towards her slowly, he never did something like that, breaking a rule they set up, but there was no threat out here, he was only leaving for a moment right? It wouldn't go wrong and she wouldn't do anything, she was maybe his age and there was no way she'd hurt him.
  6. Selah could definitely see that the boy was surprised at seeing her there. She was surprised at seeing him, too. She wondered if it showed as much. She kept her mouth closed even though the boy spoke, not really knowing what to say, just observing for now. As he opened the gate, Selah took a small step backward. What was he doing? This was her place. Was he really thinking that he could come and take it away from her? As if he, all of sudden, owned this place? The thought of that made her grin.

    She stood still though, as he made his way toward her. Was he just curious? She glanced at the house, just to make sure that they were still alone. The best thing to do would be to go somewhere safer, somewhere where she felt comfortable. She managed to smile, although it was a weak one. "Of course I'm human!" she said, taking a couple of steps forward, reaching for his hand gently. "And I guess you're, too?" she said with a wide grin on her face, taking a firmer hold of the boy's hand, taking a couple of steps back toward where she had come from, to see if he would follow, still holding his hand in hers.
  7. He was surprised to hear her reply, not because the reply in itself was weird, but because she didn't speak before, "Yes, I am human.." He gave her back and smiled, when she took his hand he blushed a little, she seemed to want him to follow her, she seemed nice and he had locked the gate, nobody would get in now, well, besides him, he had the keys. He followed her, taking the steps after her quickly. "Where are we going?" He had to ask, seeing the girl so close and holding her hand like this made him feel a little weird about it.

    "Are you living by yourself?" He wondered as he looked her over again, something about her made him feel a little safer, maybe she just knew how to get around here and that made him feel as if he wouldn't get lost, besides, she didn't hurt him or anything, so why even bother trying to fight it, maybe she could even help him and his friends out by giving them a map of the area or something. Still holding her hand he followed her, deeper into the forest and away from the building they took over a while ago, what could she want from him?
  8. "Where are we going?" he asked. What was she going to answer him? She looked thoughtful as she went further into the forest. "The forest", she said, looking at him with a small smile on her face before looking ahead again. Hearing that he asked a second question, she was about to sigh, but stopped herself from doing so. It was perfectly normal that he was curious, she thought - she was curious about him too, although she didn't say it out loud.

    "Yes", she answered simply, without looking at him. "I guess you're not?" she asked and glanced at him. She looked almost a bit suspicious, but then smiled.

    "So, tell me. How come you wandered off with an unknown girl deep into the forest?" she said, looking at him, sounding rather amused, smiling. She had stopped as they had reached one of her favorite spots - a small meadow surrounded by trees. She leaned backward toward a tree, keeping her eyes at him, looking thoughtful. "And, more importantly..." she said in a low voice, moving closer to him, grabbing his arm with her hand, grinning. "...all alone?" she whispered in his ear before letting go of him, taking a step back. "Alone, alone... Alone, alone, alone", she said, almost singing, moving in a circle almost as if she was dancing. Suddenly she stopped, pulling him close to her, with a big grin on her face. "Come on, say something" she said softly.
  9. He followed the girl, her answer was probably the most useless answer she could have given, he looked at her again and when she mentioned being all alone, "I wouldn't have expected anyone to live by themselves out here, I am surely not, I have a few friends back at the..." He turned around for a moment, not seeing the house, he shrugged, it was just back to the house, they wouldn't have gone all that far that he would get lost, at least he thought so.

    When she started her little singing he looked at her a little worried, she seemed like something suddenly took her over and made her do all this, he followed her every movement with his eyes and when she suddenly stopped to pull him so close he blushed a little, "What should I tell you? You seem to enjoy yourself? Though...what is so important about me being alone...we are in the middle of the forest after all.." Yanis worried a little about what the girl was trying to do, considering that she indeed got him all the way out, but overall she seemed somewhat reliable, he couldn't just go and leave either. "How long do you live all alone out here...?" A question that shot up when he gave more thoughts to her dancing, maybe she was just really bored out here alone, he had another thought about her being crazy, but he wouldn't want to reveal that, considering it indeed would be weird if she was.
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