A girl and her kitty

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  1. Lupe Came home early after school to find her father waiting for heroutside on the porch. He smiled at her as she walked up saying "Hey Sweaty. Happy Birthday. Hey listen, I got you a present so me and your brother are going to go out to eat and I'll leave you to play with your new present for the night. Have fun. we'll be back in a couple of hours." and Just like that he left. Lupe stepped inside wondering what he meant until she saw the large box sitting on the floor by the coach. She walked up to it and read the card on the Box that said "Happy birthday, have fun" She slowly opened the box and looked inside finding a little Neko boy inside staring Up at her. She blinked Down into the large box before reaching in and scooped him up into her arms pulling him out. He was completely naked and the only thing he had on was a small red ribbon tied gently around his neck. She set him down on the coach a little surprised and stunned at the gift before smiling at Him saying "What's your name little guy?"
  2. Danny was frightened... He had been dragged from his litter a week ago and sold... He was too frail for his owner and broke too many dishes so he was sold once more... He had been trapped in that box for hours. His large eyes glanced around and he blushes at his new owner aware of his nudity, he tries to hide his manhood and blushes shyly blinking at her when she asks him his name, " it's... It's Daniel....." he stammers out. His eyes look at her before looking awy horrified not wanting to be beaten for not knowing his place
  3. Lupe smiled before running her hands through his hair saying "Hey what's the matter. You OK? There's no need to be afraid of me. I promise?" She smiled softly before noticing him covering up his privates. Which gave her an almost mean Idea that she couldn't help but capitalize on. She slowly leaned forward taking both his hands in hers and lifte them high above his head before laying him on his back keeping his hands held above him leaving his entire body in plain sight. She smiled softly before running her other hand down from his collar bone to his belly and then lower letting it caress over his manhood. She smiled softly as he twitched before saying "You quite the big boy aren't you?"
  4. He looks at her meekly and when she moves his hands he whimpers. He doesn't dare stop her and she runs her hands down his form he pales, " you're a big boy aren't you? he flinches when she touches his manhood and looks at her meekly, " I.... I g-guess..." It is clear he is uncomfortable but it is also clear that he is too scared and whipped to dare stop her. He has wounds, and even signs of malnutrition.... he was clearly not from the happiest of homes
  5. Lupe smiled a little softer and warmer at the boy before leaning in and pressing her forehead gently to his she said "Calm down. I'm never going to hurt you. O promise you that as long as you are with me, I will do nothing to hurt you. and to prove that I'm going to make you feel good. But only if you will let me." She stopped her hand and slowly wrapped her fingers deliquetly around his member saying "Will you let me make you feel good?" She only wanted to show her new pet her love and make him happy wether it be with her hands or her body. She was going to show him that she wanted him to be happy and she wanted him and needed him to not fear her. Even though he was bruised and battered she made sure to be gentle not hurting him one bit as she released his hands and moved it to his cheek caressing his cheek with her thumb.
  6. She was aggressive and he was scared.... " I..... It... I...." he stammers panicked and flinches at her touching him " you... You can do whatever you want with me.... You own me...." he mutters and flinches when he touches him
  7. He was obviously to scared to do anything at this point and she could see that so she smiled softly at him and said "In that case Let's go get you cleaned up. You look like you might enjoy a nice hot bath. She then scooped the little boy up in her arms and carried him to the bathroom before setting him down on the edge of the tub running a nice hot bath while she slowly slipped out of her clothes letting them drop to the floor as she got as naked as he was. SHe then pulledthe ribbon gently off of his neck before slipping into the tub setting him gently in her lap saying "How does that feel?"
  8. He blinks and before he could even reply he is in the tub sitting on her naked lap and the water was... Warm and nice... Admittedly and he blushes " I like it"
  9. She smiled reluctantly at his awnser before wrapping her arms around him and leaning back in the tub letting him lay on her bare chest as she relaxed in the nice and warm water. Some thing about this little neko made her feel all wamr and fuzzy inside he was obviously not the most well cared for neko in the world but she didn't care. She was going to change that. As she sat there in the tub letting him rest against her bare chest she smiled and said to him "Let me know when your ready for me to wash you off. Ok." She was just enjoying having him pressed against her. He was warm and his skin was undeniably soft for some reason.
  10. He nods and nuzzles into her chest and smiles at his owner rewarding her with soft purr and he nods in response " I'm tired ma'am and you can wash me whenever you like... Is there anything you'd like me to do?"
  11. Lupe reached over and grabbed a sponge slowly before pouring some soap on it which smelled of vanilla and Rose pedals. SHe then slowly ran it across his back washing him gently. She made sure to leave to part of his back unwashed before finally pouring the warm bath water down over his back rinsing the suds down into the water. She then reached around slowly placing her left hand to his chest leaning him back gently into her breast before leaning them both back so she could see over him and see his chest, and even his member through the water of the bath. She then slowly and gently ran the sponger over his chest gently massaging his nipples and belly with the warm sponge until his chest was completely covered in suds. She then rinsed his chest off before reaching the sponge down under water and after parting his legs she began to wash his member gently running the sponge softly over his deliquete feature. She could tell by the way it twitched and began to grow that his body liked the feel. SHe slowly leaned her head forward to whisper in his ear. "I want you to tell me when you don't like what I'm doing. I'm going to pleasure you, I want you to feel very good OK. But If somethin Doesn't feel good or it feels uncomfortable or painfull, I want you to tell me and I'll stop. I Promise I won't be mad at you." The then ran the sponger gently lower between his legs before working it between his but cheeks cleaning his gentlyas he left hand began to rub his nipples very softly feeling them grow hard under her hand. She wanted her kitty to trust her, and she wantedhim to enjoy her touch. SHe could tell his life had been hard up till now and she wanted to erase that pain and fear.
  12. He squeaks when she first touches his manhood, he was enjoying the touches and the feels and th love on his back and his chest but he always got nervous when attention was given to his most private of places.... He whimpers but let's get his body crawling when the sponge goes further back, he gasps as she toys with his nipples and whispers in his delicate little ears. He nods to her command his whole body tingling
  13. She slowly released the sponge letting it float to the waters surface before wrapping her newly empty hand around him stroking his shaft gently while she kissed his neck her other hand slowly massaging his chest and nipples. She could feel the heat coming from his member as it became hard as marble and as she began to stroke it faster she smiled softly at the soft pants and moans that escaped from the boys lips. She only wanted to show him love, and for now this was what she could do for him, she could pleasure him, feed him, and make him feel safe, and when he felt up to it, he might even return the favor. Her grip on his member tightened for a second as his body lurched in pleasure and then she loosened it again slowly moving her other hand to massage the head of his member toying with the little slit at the top smiling wide at the sounds of his gasps and moans.
  14. His whole body was crawling and he was twitching, " m-mstress it feels really weird....why...." his claws came out, he was starting to panic, he didn't know what pleasire was which means he didn't know about release or cum or anything