A Ghostly Adventure

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  1. The Long And Short:
    Hello! I'm Cotton, and I'm looking for someone who will join me on a long-term ghost / Underworld themed roleplay, and help me develop a currently outlined plot of my own creation. I would like this partner to have a complete understanding of grammar, and be able to write 600 words at a quite relaxed pace.

    About Me:
    I am a student, meaning I am active most afternoons (EST). Because of projects and such, I can occasionally be unavailable to post a written reply, but will still be sure to communicate with you OOC. I am not interested in sexual roleplay on any level, but romance occurring naturally in a roleplay is fine for me. I write anywhere between 600-4000 words, and my posts tend to come in once a week or, during a busy period, every two weeks. As a writer I seldom use simile and metaphor, but I'm working on creating a more colourful canvas of words in my pieces.

    Who I'm Looking For

    I get along with most writers, as long as you let me know when you're unable to post, and communicate with me. As I said, I would love someone to match my posting length, which I understand can be sporadic. Anything between the range works well, as I find it easier to match content for content. Of course, quality over quantity is important to say here. Grammar and spelling is an automatic given, but the occasional sincere slip is fine. Things like the constant misuse of the apostrophe and the incorrect phrase "could of" grind me a bit, but if the quality and substance of your writing is otherwise nice, I don't harp!
    I am also looking for someone who can really stay to complete the story, as this plot is something close to my heart. If there's a gap of three months between our last contact, either OOC or IC, I'll send you a PM. If I don't receive a response, I'll probably worry something has happened to you, but also have to no longer continue the roleplay.

    The Plot
    "Finally, to the important bit!" I suppose you could say.

    The story follows a ghost and the person she has been hired to haunt. I would like the ghost to be played by me, because I know the Underworld of the story, and how ghost life functions. My partner would play the haunted person. If you're interested in possible romance, the character would be male. My character has no memory of her life except her name and birthday. She follows the person around and causes them to hallucinate, have visions, and other mind-altering things, though her job is not to cause them to take their own life. This is (generally) the progression of the story below, though I would love to brainstorm ideas with my partner about these details!

    Part One:
    My character haunts your character, who goes about their life while she sneakily interferes / develops a friendly interest in them. This can be set anywhere you might be interested in.

    Part Two:
    Your character sees my character on TV, discovering how she died. She accidentally reveals herself, but they believe she's just another hallucination sprung from the TV. She ends up having to play as a hallucination of herself.

    Part Three:
    My character manages to convince your character she really is a ghost after they've developed a strong connection with each other. Your character decides through whatever motivation that my character shouldn't have died. My character reluctantly reveals that there is a rumour-based possibility that the dead can live again. It is said that, if one went behind The Boss's (Hades, Satan, etc.) throne, there is a room filled with bell jars of beautifully coloured flame, which are the trapped souls of the dead. If you enter the room, your bell jar will call to you. Should you escape with the bell jar, you soul will no longer be tethered to the Underworld, and you will live again. Your character decides to go with her to the entrance of the Underworld (which can be any physical town or location you think would work well, of course quite far from where they start!) to possibly regain her soul.

    Part Four:
    They travel together, learn more about each other, encounter demons, monsters, harpies, and other characters intent on either helping or hindering them. I'm interested in this roleplay having a sort of Greek / Roman / Norse mythology feel to it, so if you like discussing those kinds of things, that's awesome!

    Part Five:
    They get to the Underworld and have to deal with pretending to be normal. It seems that the longer your character stays in the Underworld, the more ghost-like they become.

    Part Six:
    A grand conclusion that of course, isn't at all planned out because it wholly involves the importance of having a wonderful writing partner and character.

    I just want to make it clear that my character is not the protagonist. I don't want it to be focused mainly on her, while yours is a sidekick. That's not what roleplaying is about. The more I hear about your idea for a character, the more it becomes a story of two.

    That's awesome! If you would like to roleplay with me, either send me a PM or post on this board, and I'll send you a message! I would like to know similar things about you that I've said about myself, and any plot ideas or concepts you think would really add to the story. For the roleplay itself, either through PMs or on the board works for me.

    Thank you for reading, and I hope we get to work together! c:
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  2. Still interested and looking for a partner!
  3. I'm interested, will drop you a pm
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