A Gentleman's Fee

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  1. The air was filled with the smoke of expensive cigars, white wisps curling from the set mouths of well-to-do men and raising above their heads to disappear completely. The live music that was being played was calm and soft that night, the beautiful songstress having a particularly alluring voice.

    The customer's that frequented the Sandov's Gentlemen's Club were well distinguished business men or celebrities, all of them looking for a little entertainment and companionship from what they considered to be beautiful, refined women. There were actually three groups of these women: the first and most important group being the "Seducers", the females who were paid a pretty penny to sleep with the clients as their only job; then there were the "Entertainers", the women who had a certain talent to drive away the boredom of the men by either singing or dancing, etc, they were also paid part of the time to sleep with the clients if they were low on "Seducers" that night; and last, there were simply the "Waitresses", pretty women who quietly and swiftly served the men their drinks and food and were said to be off limits for sex, but every now and then, if a client is willing to pay a very high fine, even the Waitresses will go to bed with the men.

    Adette was a Waitress at Sandov's, a pretty young woman with earth brown skin, long, wavy dark hair and dark silver eyes. She had been at the club for close to a year now and, although had many clients that liked her, had always avoided having to sleep with them. She didn't feel comfortable just going to bed with any of the men, didn't feel comfortable working at the club, but the pay was exactly what she needed, so she stuck it out day after day.
  2. James entered Sandov's for the first time. He had been invited on many occasions to join his fellow businessmen in a night at Sandov's but he refused every time. He had tried to keep high morals but after a recent sum of money disappearing, he was feeling low and needed company. He entered the building wearing his beat clothes. A dark blue suit made from Valentino. He sported a 24K gold watch and and arrived in his new Bugatti. With a description such as that, one would think he'd be the typical rich asshole. However, this was far from the case. He was smart, kind, and tolerant. He used his brain to get him where he was today, not inheritance.

    James made his way to an open seat and sat down, undoing some of his buttons from his suit coat. The women here were beautiful, all in different ways. He scanned the area, and while he felt bad for being here, it was what is was. So he quickly shrugged it off.
  3. "Adette, can you handle that gentleman that just walked in, please?"

    At the sound of her name being called, the young woman turned her silver eyes to her fellow co-worker, another Waitress that had been working at the club for a year longer than Adette had and was a few years older. The other woman smiled at her and nodded her head.

    "I have my hands full with three other customers, already. Besides he looks like a new client and you're one of the best to welcome new clients. Please?" she asked Adette, giving her a puppy dog look.

    The younger female smiled in return to the woman and waved her off, "Sure, I got him. No worries."

    "Thank you!"

    Adette watched her co-worker saunter off with a tray full of drinks before she sighed, straightened up, fixed the short skirt of her uniform dress, and then made her way over to the new customer's seat. He looked like the typical business man, rich and sure of himself, but there seemed to be something in his eyes that made him look...different. She shook off the feeling and smiled welcomingly at him.

    "Good evening, sir," she greeted the man, handing him a thin menu specifically for drinks, "My name is Adette and I will be your Waitress for the evening if you approve of me. If not, I will be happy to find another Waitress for you."

    Polite and sweet; those were the traits that a Waitress at Sandov's had to have when dealing with customers for the customer was always right. She waited patiently for him to answer, brushing a lock of her dark hair behind her ear just underneath the dark blue flower that was pinned into the thick tresses.
  4. James smiled at her arrival. She was by far the most attractive woman he had seen. She seemed so innocent and pure, which were qualities not often associated with woman of this profession. Though the customers had no room to talk. "No...I approve. Thank you." He smiled and tried his best to keep his eyes from wandering across her body. James was always a traditional man, he wanted one woman to love until he died. He simply was rationalizing tonight as an escape. It was what it was.

    James began to look through the menu. The drinks ranged from traditional to exotic beverages. Even James was surprised at some of the prices. "If it's no problem to you, I'd like to order a drink now. Would I be able to get the imported Swedish vodka mixed with some cherry soda?" It was a weird request but it was also something James personally preferred. "I understand if this is not possible. It'd be quite alright." He set his menu down and looked back up at Adette. "Adette, that's a lovely name."
  5. She had been in the middle of writing down his order on a notepad with white paper and an intricately designed front cover when he paid her that compliment, Adette stopping for a moment to humbly blush before shaking it off and smiling kindly at him, "Thank you, sir. That's very nice of you to say."

    And she meant it; it was nice of him to say that her name was lovely, but at the same time, she heard it often from a lot of men that she served. Most of the time, they were just trying to warm her up to see if they had a shot of perhaps getting under her skirt later in the night, but when their attempts proved in vain, they would move on to actually pay for a Seducer and leave her alone. Still, something was indeed different about the man, especially from his gentle smile, and that alone was enough to make her blush. Now that she chanced to look him over fully, she saw how so very handsome he was with his set jaw and tall stature, his wavy hair and kind eyes...and he smelled so good, like the fresh woods.

    She stored away her pen and gave him a reassuring smile, "Swedish vodka with cherry soda. It's not a problem for our bartender to put this together for you, sir, so please don't worry about it. I will be back shortly with your order."

    She gave him a small curtsy and then turned to hurry off to the bar with her order in hand. While she waited for the man's order to be completed, she went around serving a couple of the other customers who had requested her. They were nice for the most part, but there was one that had the gall to reach below her skirt and grope the back of her thigh. She had jumped and pushed him away before swiftly moving on while his drunken laughter rang behind her. The distinguished men of the club didn't usually touch the Waitresses when they visited, but every now and then, one of the men got a little too buzzed and just couldn't keep their hands to themselves. She hated it when that happened, but she kept her disgust in, as well as her dampened mood, for she knew that these kinds of things were going to happen periodically. She returned with the mysterious man's order soon after, forcing a smile and placing the glass on the coster she set down.

    "Your drink, sir," she said in a soft voice, standing straight and discreetly fixing the strap of her off-the-shoulder shirt that matched her uniform skirt, "Is there anything else I could get for you before the next show starts? Perhaps you would like something to eat?"
  6. "I'll be fine without food, but thank you for your offer." James reached into his hidden pocket within his jacket and pulled out his wallet. He then placed a one hundred dollar bill on the table. "I'm not sure if you take requests, but would you share a drink with me? I could use a decent person to talk to. I'd be pretty right to assume most of the men here won't be the best conversationalists. What do you say? Any drink you want and you can keep the change." He smiled and returned his wallet within his pocket. Although the offer sounded as if he were coming on to her, he generally wanted to talk to this waitress. Something about her intrigued him. He would rather talk to her all night than watch the show that was already commenced.

    James took a small sip oh his drink and waited for a reply, hoping for the best.
  7. A bubble of excitement rose up in Adette's chest, one that she had to push down to keep from smiling too big or looking too eager so she could remain cautious. This man had actually asked her to sit and have a drink with him; normally, she would have refused for fear of encouraging the customer if he were attempting to get sex from her. However, with this man before her, the offer seemed genuine and he made her feel like she had nothing to fear, that they really would just have a drink and a conversation. She stopped for a moment to think if sitting with a customer would be against the rules, but when she couldn't remember if it was, she took up the money and curtsied to him quickly.

    "I would be happy to, sir. If you would just give me a moment," she told him before running off to the bar.

    She came back a minute later with a cold glass of lemonade. When she noticed him looking quizzically at her choice of drink, she smiled nervously and shrugged her shoulders.

    "The Waitresses aren't allowed to drink on the job, so lemonade seemed like the best route to go," she explained, moving to slip into the seat next to him, the darkening lights doing wonders to hide her from the eyes of her coworkers and employer.

    She took a sip of her drink and eyed the man next to her, confirming that he was indeed so much taller than her since he still almost towered over her smaller frame and he was sitting down. The kind look in his eyes, a look she didn't see often at all in the club, made her heart stutter and her cheeks feel warm. She covered it up with a small smile.

    "So...sir, what is your name, if I may ask?" she asked him, giving him her attention, "And what kind of business are you in? You are a business man, right? Or perhaps a celebrity just breaking out in the business?"
  8. James whole heartily laughed. "In a question mood are we?" He smiled at her and took another sip of his drink. "You can ask whatever you want. As long as I can ask you some things in return? Deal?" James probably would not have cared if she refused to be asked questions, and answered the ones she asked anyways. "My name is James Halle, it's German. You can't really see much German in me though, but my mother sure showed it." He laughed a bit more before continuing. " I am a business man. I buy and sell damaged machine parts. It doesn't make much sense, but a simple explanation might suffice, if you don't mind a little details."

    James took a drink and then went on, "I can find sellers who will give me their damaged machine parts for next to nothing. It's sometimes hard to find the right seller but it is satisfying when I do. The next step is finding a buyer who can use this piece of machine to perhaps disassemble for parts, usually cheaper than buying just that part, but I run a tight business and my prices are usually high. I don't get many complaints however." He smiled at her once again. "That was probably rather boring, if I can ask...tell me about yourself Adette? You seem like you might live a double life? A secret agent? Perhaps a ninja?" he smiled and laughed playfully. he was enjoying himself, which is what he needed.
  9. Adette listened readily to his explanation of his business, finding it fascinating all the same even if he himself thought it boring mostly because he actually took the time to TRY and explain it to her. The other business men, if they actually deemed her worthy enough of their time, would simply tell her that they dealt with money and not to worry about the rest because she probably wouldn't understand anyway. She laughed when he made his joke about her perhaps living a double life, shaking her head turning her glass in her hand absently.

    "No, nothing extravagent like that, unfortunately," she answered him, "Though a life as a ninja does sound like great fun. The only double life I lead is a Waitress at night and a volunteer during the day...There's this shelter for abused and abandoned kids that my mom loved to go and visit and she would spend all of her time there helping the staff out. The kids loved her there; she organized games for them to play and read them stories and set up crafts to keep them busy. She really gave her energy to that shelter...but she recently got sick and didn't have enough energy to keep going like she wanted."

    Adette took a drink of her lemonade, "I started volunteering in her place so I could go back to her house when I went to see if she was alright and tell her all that the kids were doing and how they were fairing. It made her happy to hear that they were okay."

    She looked up at the man named James and smiled sweetly at him, "See? Nothing exciting at all, hehe. Sorry if it sounded like a sob story...it's not, really. So...what got you into the business of selling machinary?"
  10. " I am very sorry about your mother dear." He became somber for a moment before continuing. "My story of how I got into this business is even more boring than how it works. It dates back so far that even I forget sometimes. I am sorry to disappoint you, I feel bad Adette." James had now finished his drink and set it aside. "Thank you for keeping me company miss. I really needed this and am in your debt. Really! You have brought my spirits up."

    James smiled and reached for his wallet again. He now pulled out two hundred dollars. "I have another request, should you choose to accept it. It's pretty difficult." He leaned over and whispered, "Don't spend this tip all in once place." He slid the money in front of her and laughed once more. James was always joking around, it's how he keep happy in life, among other things. "Do you enjoy working here, I mean for what it is worth?" He didn't mean to sound rude he was simply curious.
  11. Adette laughed and felt a blush burn across her cheeks when he tipped her again, his whisper hot against her ear as he leaned closer. He felt bad? She was starting to feel bad taking such large tips like this! She hesitated as she looked at the money, laughing lightly again and looking up at him.

    "Please don't feel bad, James and I'm glad that I was able to bring your spirits up. Really, that makes my heart feel happy, though I feel I am the one to thank you for sharing your company with me. This is the most fun I've had in a long time." She drank some more of her lemonade as he asked her his next question, her eyes growing distant for a fraction of a second before she came back and gently shrugged her shoulders. "This work...pays for what needs to be paid for," she answered him carefully, not wanting to bad mouth her place of work in front of a paying customer, "My coworkers are all sweet women and the customers are as respectful as you can expect of men in a place like this...though there are days that it gets a bit troublesome."

    She twirled a lock of her hair around her finger and laughed nervously, "Some men get really grabby because they just can't wait for the Seducers and forget that the Waitresses aren't exactly on the menu unless they're willing to pay a VERY high fee...Oh! Speaking of which!"

    Adette reached into the pocket of her apron and produced a small book labeled 'Ladies of Seduction'; it was a menu of sorts that the Waitresses had to offer their customers to advertise the different Seducers the club offered. The clients could look through the book and choose which girl they wanted if they wanted a warm bed for the evening. She handed it to James with a polite and professional smile, like she had been trained to do.

    "If you would like a woman for the night, here is a catalogue of the club's assortment. If you're looking for a traditional woman, I would recommend Rosy; she's sweet and submissive and speaks very little. Or, if you're looking for something a little more exotic, there's Caprisha; she's a Brazilian beauty with more tricks than you can count. Our exotic girls have been very popular of late," she explained to him, pointing to the different girls listed in the catalogue; she wasn't exactly proud to promote sex with random women or to 'sell' them through the catalogue, but it brought the Seducers business too and it kept the Waitresses safe. With beautiful exotic women in front of them, women that Adette pales in comparison to, the clients would usually forget about the Waitresses, forget about her, and let her continue her work.
  12. James closed the book and shook his head. " I do not want company for the night. I have my company for the night and she is doing just fine." He smiled reassuringly. "I don't mean to be rude, but could you perhaps get me another of these drinks, they are fantastic. Better than when I make them that's for sure." James couldn't help but smiled around her. She was keeping his mood up and he couldn't be more glad about it.

    James, in the back of his mind, was worried that he perhaps was having too much fun. He was one to sometimes get overhand with people with being kind. This was to be his only visit here and he might have needed to keep interaction with Adette short. It's unlikely that anything more than simple chat would come from this, but James became worried none the less.
  13. For the first time in a long time that she had been working there, Adette gave a genuine smile and nodded her head at his request, happy to oblige it. She felt ready to do just about anything for James at that point because of how kind and refreshing he was. He was so warm and sweet...it scared her at how much she was enjoying his company, but she didn't know how long she was going to have it. Hell, for all she knew, this could be the first and last night she saw him, so she might as well enjoy it.

    "Of course, I'd be happy to get you another one," she replied, reaching over to take his drink.

    She jumped a little when their fingers brushed against one another, the contact leaving a warm impact on her. She looked up at him, her silver eyes locking with his. She felt her cheeks grow hot again before she tore her gaze away and stood up, curtsying quickly.

    "Excuse me. Please wait a moment and I'll be back shortly with your drink," she recited, leaving his table to head back to the bar.

    That was when trouble started.

    As she was going back from the bar with a fresh drink for James, a regular to Sandov's who seemed rather fond of Adette, a slightly older gentleman with graying brown hair and piercing blue eyes, stepped into her path. She smiled politely at him and made to go around him when he seized her arm gently, but firmly. She looked at him with curious eyes, her heart suddenly jumping into her throat at the heated look he was giving her.

    "Uh...good evening, Mr. Morris. Is there something that you needed, sir?" she asked him, beginning to feel nervous when his gaze continued to bore into her.

    "...Yes, there is something I need," he answered in a low voice, tugging her a little closer, "I need a companion for the evening. A pretty one to warm my sheets."

    "Oh, okay then." Adette reached into her apron pocket and produced the Seducers catalogue, "Here you go then, sir. When you've chosen a girl, then you can let one of the other Waitresses know and they'll be happy to assist you."

    Thinking that was all, Adette prepared to deliver James his drink, eager to be in his company again, when she was pulled back and into the older man's body. She gasped at the sudden move, staring up at him with wide and worried eyes. He leaned close, his arm around her waist.

    "I already know which girl I want, but she's not a Seducer," he told her.

    "Then perhaps an Entertainer?"

    He shook his head; Adette was more than just worried now. She swallowed the lump in her throat.


    "I've had my eye on a pretty, ebony little Waitress for quite some time. A Waitress with dark hair and eyes like melted silver," he explained with lust in his eye as he caressed her cheek with his fingers, "She's ignored my advances for a while now, but tonight, I plan I have her."

    He leaned down, as if trying to kiss her, but she quickly ducked; "Please, Mr. Morris, the fee for asking for a Waitress is very high," she told him quickly, hoping to discourage him from trying to have sex with her.

    "The fee is not a problem. I'll willing pay it to have one night with you and this glorious body of yours," be retorted with a smirk, his hand sliding over her butt to feel her thighs under her skirt.

    "W-Wait, please, Mr. Morris." Adette felt close to tears, praying that someone, anyone, would jump in and save her from this fate. She had no desire to sleep with this man who smelled of cheap cologne and cigar smoke, who did not smell like frsh wood.
  14. James had seen the commotion, mostly because he allowed himself to watch her as he went, not in a sexual manner, but more of in a lovely gaze. He got up from his chair and walked over to the two, adjusting his coat. "Excuse me, sir, I am very sorry to inform you but I have this woman for the night. I have payed the extreme fee and she will totally be worth it I am sure of it. I am sorry to disappoint." He was obviously just saying this to seem as if he were just as any other man in here. He had no interest in sleeping with her like she was an item. He loved her company, it was that simple. He took her by the arm gently and held on until the man had released. He then walked her over, back to the table.

    "Who was that man, and I didn't mean what I said. I do not want to sleep with you. I mean it's not that I find you unattractiv-I just- you know-" He then ceased talking and reconfigured his thoughts. "Are you ok Adette?" he placed his hand on hers on the table. That man obviously knew her and God only knows what he would have done.
  15. Adette was a little shaken, but she took a deep breath to calm her nerves and smiled wearily at James. That was a close call and the realization of it made her stomach churn; never before had a customer been so serious about sleeping with her.

    However, now they had a bit of another problem.

    "I'm okay, James...really," she answered him, tightening her grip on his hand as he held hers, "I'm sorry you were troubled to come and save me. That was Mr. Morris; he's a regular here at the club and prefers that I serve him instead of the other Waitresses because he liked me the most...now I see why."

    She sighed deeply and rubbed her arm, glancing at James again with worry glinting in her eyes, "James, I know you said you had no interest in sleeping with me, which is fine, I'm not offended by it, but because of your interference and stating that you would pay the fee, there may be another problem. The owner of the club will come to collect the fee and give us a room for the night; if you truly have no intention of paying that fee...then Mr. Morris will surely use that opening."

    She stopped talking and bit her bottom lip, shaking her head. What was she doing? Why was she telling him that? Maybe she didn't want James to be bothered to actually spend that kind of money on her...or perhaps, secretly, she hoped he would so he wouldn't leave yet.

    "I'm sorry, I don't want to trouble you anymore about this," she apologized, "Please forget I said that. If Mr. Morris does pay the fee, I'm sure if I close my eyes...I'll be alright."
  16. "I don't like the look of him, nor much of anything about him. I'll pay for the room. We won't have to do anything. It's a large sum of money I'd imagine but I don't want you to suffer. This is my fault that I approached the situation as such, and I'll fix it." James gripped her hand gently for comfort. " We can just pretend something happened. It's simple, right?" He rubbed her hand and tried quickly changed the conversation. "Now about my drink," He smiled comfortably, " I believe it's sitting at the counter." He got up and extended his arm, as if they were about to head into a ball. "Shall you join me?" He tried his best to make light of a tense scenario.

    James was not leaving Sandov's until he was sure Adette would remain untouched by unwanted hands and she would be left to her job and that's all of it.
  17. Adette stared up at James, confusion riddling her features. She was left speechless by his declaration and his kind manner. This was...a first. There was never a man at Sandov's that would pay for a night with one of the women...and then not sleep with her. Especially not if he was paying for a Waitress! Considering the amount of money the clients had to pay, the Waitresses rarely got any kind of rest that night for the clients wanted to make sure they got their money's worth for them. Moving robotically for she was still surprised, the ebony woman rose up from her seat and linked her arm through his, feeling like a lady for once with this real gentleman.

    "I'm sorry...for forgetting your drink at the bar," she said quietly, placing her other hand on his arm and walking with him towards the bar, "That was unprofessional of me."
  18. James smiled at her remarks. "That wasn't your fault. I could use more moving around though. I don't plan to sit in that chair all night." They arrived at the bar counter and he picked up his drink. " Here is to hoping this isn't spiked!" He laughed and took an extended drink. "I suppose we will find out." "Is there anything to do here besides sit in a comfy chair and google at the women?" He couldn't bare to think that was all that was available. That would be...well perhaps normal for an estashblishment such as this.
  19. Adette giggled in response, fixing the pleats of her skirt, "Unfortunately, James, that's all there is to do here at Sandov's. That's the very reason why our clients come here. Business men that don't want to go home to their wives or that want to spend a night in the company of beautiful women without the fear of being exposed."

    She stopped to gaze around her work establishment, at the men laughing while the Waitresses serve them and the Entertainers gave them something to be happy about. She saw a man being lead away to one of the rooms in the back, going to meet his Aeducer for the the night. She sighed gently.

    "They come here to indulge in the pleasure of a woman's body...that's all they want and that's all they get."

    Before she could continue, a man with well styled hair and a professional mask on his face approached her and James. He was dressed in an expensive suit and looked every bit as distinguished as the clients.

    This was Sandov.

    "Good evening, sir. I hope you are enjoying your time here," he greeted James, shaking his hand while giving him a polite smile, "My name is Sandov and I personally handle the business involved with our Waitresses. I am told you wish to have our dear Adette for the night? I must inform you that the fee for Adette is quite extensive. Are you positive that you would not prefer a Seducer instead?"
  20. "I assure you I am happy with Adette. In fact." He pulled out a credit card and handed it to Sandov." Is it possible to reserve a waitress? If so I would love to reserve Adette for...a week. I have the income to pay and you can take my card and complete the purchase now. I will arrive every night to take my reservation. I understand that this may deter customers from her but if this is a problem I will pay an extra fee perhaps?" James was bold in this request. The cost would surely be a fortune and no man would ever request this. James had recently come into a large fortune off a sweet deal and was planning to use the money otherwise, but for some reason, one he might not even know, he felt the need to protect Adette. Mr. Morris was clearly not a safe man. James recognized this and needed to ask upon it, at least he thought so. Perhaps reserving Adette, if possible, would drive Morris away. This was his hopes and he awaited the answer with great anxiousness.