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  1. The world of EverMore was one of vast variety, sporting great landscapes it is home to every single creature, whether it be imagined, or Alive on Earthland, It will live somewhere In this world, That is what links these two Worlds. But EverMore is in great peril.

    Virgo hit the floor with a thump. Raising himself of the ground, brushing himself off, he looked around. Startled by the sudden change of scene, this definitely was not the local store. Slap Bang in the middle of a courtyard, A circle of tall armed guards blocking all exits. His confused train of thought interrupted by a stern voice from above.
    "Are you Virgo of Earthland?"
    Looking puzzled he couldn't find words to speak.
    "I will repeat. Are you Virgo, From Earthland? Speak boy or my voice will be the last you hear."
    "Y-yes, my name is Virgo."
    "Good. You are to embark on a quest in this world, you must find the three great gems, and safely return them. Both yours and our world depend on the success of this quest and you are the chosen one. Guards, take him to the armory, and then the end of the forest."
    He is dragged into a large room, and given a full set of leather armor, and a Pole about 6 feet long, with metal caps at the tips. What the hell is going on? Am I dreaming. Unable to resist he is taken out of a marvelous town and through a deep misty forest. How do they even know where they are going, you can barely see 2 meters ahead of you. A feeling he has felt once before in this world, He hits the ground as the drop him from horseback.

    *Virgo looks out towards the horizon,*
    A fantastic array of scenery and skyline in a 180 Span.
    "Where the hell am I....."
    *He turns around to find the Guards are gone, He walks into the forest to go after them, but every time he walks in, he finds himself back at the edge, facing outwards.
  2. Sansa watched from afar as she sat in her bedroom up in the palace, a maid combing through the thickness of her dark strands. As expected, her back remained straight, her hands neatly placed on her lap, listening to the gentle banter the maid made, nodding her head along as if she were genuinely intrigued. This time, she wasn't. Her eyes were set on a strange boy, stuck in the middle of the courtyard of the Goddess. Of course, she knew who was currently speaking to him and she was well aware of the fact of what was to be bestowed on this boy, meaning that she had but no choice to join him, speak with him even. Almost immediately, the princess shot up from her seat, startling the poor girl behind her. "Fetch me my cloak, as well as my armor." She demanded to her servant who stood by her door.

    Soon enough, she bid the maid out of her room just as her servant came in and within a few minutes, she had herself geared to the minimum she could afford without being caught. "Listen, Adama, you are not to speak a word of this, do you hear?" Sansa spoke softly to her most loyal worker who gave a brief nod as if she understood what was at risk here.
    "Good, I hope to return within four months time." She advised her and without another glance at anyone, she took off.

    It took a good while to slip past the guards and avoid bright lights and commoners, but she soon made it out of her grand palace, out of the village suited nearby and into the forest of Eerie. It took yet another round of minutes to find the boy but she soon did and a small laugh as the confused expression on his face was noted. Immediately, she ran over to him and stood a few feet in front of him, saying nothing for a few moments. "Come with me before I get caught and you die." She told him simply before turning and walking deeper in the forest, just enough so that the castle guards wouldn't catch her.

    "Do you know what you're here for? Truly here for?"
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    *He turned abruptly as a voice spoke from behind him.*
    An enemy? The guards? Who is she? A beautiful.....Human ? Everyone here seems to look slightly different. Still, I cant be any worse of going with her.
    "O-ok, sorry did you say die? I don't even know where 'here' is !?"
    *He walked quickly to catch up behind her.*
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