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  1. Little details:
    - Right now I'm really wanting to focus on a few roleplays. Specifically I am looking to double up - you play a male and female lead and I do the same. This is so that I can roleplay comfortably with my preferred gender (female) but also practice at getting better at roleplaying the other (male). If you wanna roleplay with me and just take on the male role for a plot or fandom - let me know.
    - Expectations are that there is romance but let's stay away from the smut. If you want just a platonic roleplay that's okay too - let me know though. Post a paragraph minimum - as long as there is substance I shouldn't mind. Be kind. The roleplay will take place in a thread - not private messages.
    - Life comes first for me. If you are waiting for a response for me, let me know and I'll try to return as quickly as I can. But I ask that you are understanding. I shall offer you the same courtesy.
    - If any plots or any fandoms interest you, send me a message and we'll talk. Thanks for taking your time to read this!

    Exiled *claimed*
    For thousands of years, the peaceful kingdom of Larimore has grown with prosperity. But such a utopia cannot last for long. As the years dragged by, greed grew in the hearts of those closest to the royal family. The queen's brother was one with such a heart. He conceived a plan of betrayal and deceit, for simply killing the king would not be enough to give him the throne - as his subjects would then most certainly rise up against him. No, he could not kill the old king just yet. That fateful night of his uncle's betrayal forever changed the young crown prince's life. Not only did he witness his mother's murder, but he was framed for the very act. Beloved by his people, they could not bring themselves to call for his execution, so the young prince was stripped of his title and exiled from his home.

    Years have passed since then and the king has grown old and ill. With the king upon his deathbed, the kingdom believes that their next king will be the king’s trusted advisor, regent, and late queen's brother. But with his last breath, the King announces a challenge. The one to find and return a legendary artifact, the Thief of Time, to the kingdom will be crowned king. Word of the challenge has spread far and wide as rogues to royals hunt for the legendary item. So it makes sense that such words have reached the exiled prince's ears. After all, his mother once told him the tales of an object said to come from the far future when the peace of Larimore is threatened. With this knowledge, the prince plans to win back the kingdom that was stolen from him and take his vengeance upon those responsible for his mother's death.

    The problem that none of the contestants foresee is that the Thief of Time is not an object, but a young woman. Born in the distant future of Larimore – she was raised in the slums of the city Arcana. In a desolate place, kindness doesn’t survive. Those that survive the harsh conditions produces some of the best mercenaries and assassins, many of which are then hired to serve the notorious corporation which oversees the city. An orphan, like so many, she must figure out by herself how to survive – eventually turning to the ways of thievery, rather than murder. But in a place so desolate and poor, the only people worth stealing from are those privileged enough to claim leadership of a city. While she is skilled, the corporation is more cunning – and the punishment of thievery is death. But not all goes as planned and the newest execution machine malfunctions, sending the thief back into the past - specifically the outskirts of a small village.

    For in such a small village, not much happens. And this simplicity has about driven one young maiden insane. A young maiden who is strong willed and dreams of adventure. For years she has defied the role expected to her of society – to find a husband and provide him with children. She believes that her opportunity to escape comes when she hears of the challenge issued through the kingdom, as it is the perfect excuse to travel the kingdom. As she begins of her journey she does not expect to witness a woman fall from the sky. While she has no desire to be queen – fate has handed her the prize.

    Still, the prince’s uncle and current regent of Larimore isn’t just about to hand over the crown. He has set out his best assassin to find the thief and kill anyone who gets in the way – most specifically the exiled prince. But the assassin has a motive of his own to go on this quest. For he is not unfamiliar with the legend of the Thief of Time and he seems to possess knowledge of a grand city called Arcana.

    The threads of fate bind them together, and interesting things can happen when love sparks in the most unlikely circumstances.

    [Looking for someone to play the Young Maiden and Assassin]
    Step Into Your Imagination *claimed*
    He was a dreamer, always coming up with fantasy plots where he was a hero. Saving the princess and defeating the villain was always the top of his list. No matter what happened to the world around him, he could always rely upon his imagination. Of course no one in his life knew about this. This was a secret he kept to himself. But a fateful day arrives and he’s dragged into the world of his imagination. Can he truly become a hero and save the kingdom?

    She belongs to his imagination, a slave to his mind. She obeys the personalities placed upon her with each new plot. She’s been killed several times before, when he did not want a happy ending to his story. But behind this façade, she has her own strong personality and despises the weaver of the dream. So imagine her surprise when she finds that he has entered her world without control. What is he supposed to think when she shows her distaste for him?

    He is just a normal guy and the best friend of the dreamer. He has no clue about the world that his friend has come up with. However he finds himself mixed up this strange world of imagination when the creator of the world wishes for him to be there. Now he must figure out how to deal with this strange new world and the inhabitants there in. What will he do to escape, and when he does find an escape route will he be willing to leave?

    She has always had her freedom. Never has she had to hide her true personality. The only thing that changes in each plot is her relationship with her true sister. She’s been a maid or even a niece of the leading woman, but even as the more subtle roles it was always mentioned that the two were like sisters because they were. So now with her world upside down, does she have the strength to also become a leading woman like her sister?
    Ingredients for Disaster *claimed*
    There is an ancient legend tells about a brave human King and a vicious vampire Queen. Under their Queen, the vampires’ reign was strong. However, the human King was just as powerful for he possessed knowledge of magic. During the great war between the two races, the two leaders engaged in a life and death struggle, for there could only be one victor of this war. But the King knew of only one spell that would kill the vampire Queen - an ancient spell that required the sacrifice of the spell caster’s life. Following the death of their Queen the vampires disbanded and disappeared into the shadows of the night. The humans laid their King to rest and prayed that the war between humans and vampires was finally over. This was a foolish hope, for the Queen swore that she would return, and hunt down the King’s soul to exact her revenge.

    The time for the Queen’s reincarnation is at hand. However, her plans for revenge are skewed for she is reincarnated into the body of cat. Not only that, but the ancient spell that was used to kill her has weakened her powers. Forcing her to patiently wait for the day when the spell wares off and she can transform into the person she used to be.

    It is during this time that the Queen is taken in off the streets by a simple college student. A Human girl who aspires to make a difference in the world - but first must overcome the weight of her past. Content as a house pet, the Queen decides to focus her attention and efforts in supporting the Human as she can.

    All this changes when the Human girl is attacked by a vampire on her way home one night. Not just any vampire, but the former Advisor to the Queen. Even more surprising, the Human is saved by a vampire Hunter - who just so happens to be the reincarnation of the King. And now that all pawns are in place, fate just needs to throw in love and you have the ingredients for disaster.

    [Looking for someone to play the Human girl and either the reincarnated King or the Vampire/former Advisor]
    In Life and Death
    There once was a pair of girls, close friends who would do everything together. But slowly they're dragged apart by their love for the same boy. Both have confessed their love for him, but before he is able to give them an answer one of the girls is killed in a car accident. Drowning in guilt for never being able to apologize to her friend, the girl left behind becomes cold and antisocial.

    Now several months after the horrible accident, the boy who unknowingly split the two apart realizes that he truly loved the girl who is still alive. Unfortunately she wants nothing to do with him. And so the boy begs his friend to help him return the girl to who she once was. What the boy doesn't know is that his friend is able to see ghosts and only a week before did he meet the girl who died. Now determined to get their friends together, the ghost and psychic will let nothing stop them... not even death.

    [Looking for someone to play the Girl left behind and the Psychic]

    Fandoms! [OC x Canon]
    searching for someone to play the listed characters
    Dragon Age Series
    Cullen , Fenris
    Final Fantasy VII
    Cloud , Zack
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Kyoya , Mori
    Yu Yu Hakusho
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  2. Really wanting to roleplay the "Ingredients for Disaster" If anyone is interested.
  3. Still searching for one or two roleplays. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have as well.
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