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    Valerna, The sol Vampiress.
    Dark and dreary clouds shrouded the once crisp cerulean skies, as the warmth of the sun seemed absent in this realm. Defiantly it stood; a tower of onyx as black as night itself. Against the contrast of darkness it blended perfectly with it's surroundings; denying the glimpse of it's presence to most. Nothing seldom the outline could be witnessed, as bolts of lighting danced across the heavens providing brief periods of illumination. A thin fog blanketed the earth, as the treacherous terrain flattered the ominous grip that did clench the land firmly. Insipid tales were woven, as the trees and wind uttered but a single name, Valerna. The frigid embrace of a constant gust, carried with it clouds of dust that limited visibility. This tapestry of bane could be felt by all, pulsating across the battered earth.

    Jagged rocks, and ruins of what once was spoke undeniably of the fragile nature of life. Once a settlement dwelt here; only to remain lost to the annexes of history as their tranquil existence was snuffed out in a single instance. The grinding mechanical shrills birthed from the machines of war, spoke of an industry preparing for the inevitable confrontation. Steel friction against steel; it's hoarse whisper lingered in the stale air. It was a gospel, a testament to the coming storm and the change it will bring about. Despite the nefarious visage; those under the rule of the onyx queen dared not complain. Her sense of justice and laws showed no clemency, carrying with it a rigid and stern sense of justice. But from this almost unrelenting code of ethics, peace now settled after the ash rested.

    Feral cries of the Gnolls pierced the expected banter, as the clamoring of shields banging proved quite intimidating. Those of flaccid hearts would find themselves shaken, perhaps maddened by the imagery painted by such disturbances. Beings once separated, now were uniformed. Under a single banner they marched, fending off their nature to disembowel one another. Such an alliance may seem brittle, but truth be told the fire that forged them would prove far more enduring than most may suspect. The delusion of power and fear; often wrought with it strong chains to bind. The fact that beings once at war now stood as brothers and sisters, would serve as a harrowing reminder of the influence that led them. Even from afar, her cold and ever vigilant gaze could be felt surveying the entirety of the realm.

    The spiraling fortress was magical in nature, it's resonating frequencies undeniable even to the untrained eye. It's vibrations caused friction within the molecules of one's own inner being. Like a stubborn tree with roots firmly planted in ground, no matter the opposition thrown it's way; the structure remained standing firm. The hearts of it's sentries and inhabitants proved unwavering, their resolve knew no falter. This was the strength of Valerna, this was her gift to the new world order. For in order for the harvest to bloom, it must be nourished with the blood of those unable to adapt to the change of the times.

    Ivory toned skin stood out against the blacken throne room, as eyes of crimson peered intently into molten orb. This artifact granted her deep insight, not only did it pierce the influence of distance. But it also made clear the plucking of fates strings, and desecrated the barrier of time. Many who dared peer into it's flaming core, would see nothing but a beautiful spectacle. But her eyes, eyes adorned with black veins strained and saw the truth of the orb for what it was. Her bodice was defined, decorated in ornate attire. Rich velvet and amethyst colored fabrics clung tightly to her enamoring yet defined frame. In the eyes of most it seemed unnatural, as if designed and contoured for her very body alone. Resembling another layer of skin, as oppose to a form of attire.

    Luscious lips contorted, as a grin dared to stain her picturesque face. Here within the epicenter of her dreams, she felt at ease but never complacent. The threat of assassination or death proved ever constant. Naturally her arrival stirred quite a few bee hives, some queens were bold enough to send soldiers into her bosom. Those that didn't face a gruesome and morbid death; became one with the flock against their will. As the Illithids branded them as property of their porcelain toned queen; consuming what little freewill such drones possessed with relative ease. If the dangers did not hail from the outside world, than it could be found conspiring against her from the inside. But despite facing foes from both sides, she somehow managed to maintain her mental fortitude. As well as the unification of her troops.

    Talons drummed against the steel handle of her throne, a seat forged from the melted blades, and armors of her victims. Some of which still bare the crusted blood of those that once claimed ownership of them. "My queen..." A watery, other worldly voice was uttered from swarthy embrace, as a lanky figure levitated down from the ceiling. This skinny being was an Illithid by the name of Jurn, one of her generals. Most would cringe at the sight of slime trailing from tendril mouth, but his tentacle and monstrous appearance was always a b=momentary comfort to the ash vampiress. "Speak quickly Jurn, you are disturbing my meditation." She hissed, like a snake her tongue flailed as feral pupils honed in on the man. "Our informant has sent us word, another comes for your head!" He boasted, his heart swelling with pride at the success of his network.

    Valerna however was not so easily moved, she hated the court games that came with her rule. And truth be told only permitted the existence of this network so Jurn may feel of use to her. After all; she knew she could fend for herself against most assailants. Some might chalk this mentality up to arrogance, however she preferred to see it more along the lines of confidence merited. "Why do you trouble me with an anthill? It doesn't matter how many drones they send, how many assassins or mercenaries...in the end they can't avert their fate. Be gone Jurn! Go back to your devices and projects! Feel empowered by your network of cries; but do so far from me!" She barked, the color from his skin flushing as he offered a bow and casually melted into the shadows from which he came. "Forgive me my grace..." His watery voice fading as the distance between them grew.

    On the inside she was smiling, her shriveled heart racing with excitement as she thought of the many ways to kill her soon to be guest. It had been a while since she had tasted blood, days since she consumed the energy of another's body with her precious tendrils resting within the folds of her palms. "I wonder dove, from what nest did you take flight? What message do you carry for me this eve..." She spoke, as blood colored eyes drifted toward the nocturnal light that was the outline of the moon; longing for it's pale glow to infiltrate the curtain of clouds that adorned the heavens. Tongue traced the outlines of her full lips, as she could only muse over what was to transpire this eve...Assuming of course the information was accurate; something that was never certain.
  2. The footfalls of a horse echoed down the small, abandoned road. Upon the stead sat a single rider with a small lithe body clad in a black set of armour and a black hood that hung down just far enough to cast shadows over the face. A set of gray eyes flickered up to the foreboding tower that could be seen on the horizon. At one point it had been just a dark speck, however it was growing in size as the rider drew closer. All to soon did it seem that she had arrived at the dreary place. This was where the newest mission had brought the warrior. After fulfilling a good deal of quests the knight had been deemed worthy for the task. They chose to send this knight in particular believing that her history would help

    Eventually she reached a point where she could no longer continue by horseback and dismounted the roan. Turning to face the steed she patted it on the muzzle and whispered quite words to it in elvish. It whinnied and then turned around beginning it's trot back to it's home. The female elf then turned and continued into the ruins that surrounded the dark building. She relied on the old ruins and the fog to help her remain hidden as she approached. Pausing she thought she heard footsteps behind her, she whirled around only to see no one there. Frowning she continued on, as she drew near she recalled the plan that the elders had given to her.

    She made sure her hood was in place just before walking into the tower. Part of her was surprised the door was left unlocked, but she thought it over slowly. Not many people would just walk in unless they belonged in this place. Upon entrance she was glanced at curiously and one of the court walked up to her. 'What are you doing here?' She scoffed and looked at him. "I am an informant. I have important news that must reach Valerna." He looked her over with scrutiny and his eyes narrowed, 'Give me the news and I shall take it to her myself.' Although he couldn't see it, she raised a brow, "How about you take me to her and I will tell her of your loyalty to her." The suggestion left no room for saying no and he agreed.

    As she was led through the tower she mentally laughed at how the elder's had actually come up with a good plan, not that they sent people on suicide missions though. To her the plan had just seemed so silly that it couldn't have worked. To her skepticism they merely said that Valerna probably had many informants so why would it be questioned. The knight was sanpped out of her thoughts as they eventually stopped at a door. The man that led her made move to knock, but the knight quickly drew her enchanted blade and severed his head from his body. "Trust me, better I kill you now. You'd be in for a world of trouble if I failed." With that she pushed open the door in front of her and prepared for what she was to do.
  3. The air had become heavy, burdened with the unmistakable aroma of a fresh kill. As face one still now grimaced over the cold heart approach of her visitor. One whom undoubtedly used her silver tongue and deception to mask her true agenda. The giant steel doors creaked as hinges strained to support their weight, as a beam of light from the outside illuminated the dark room. Basins were lit as blue hued magic fire erupted; dissipating the shadows that once wrought with it an eerie sense of mystery. There on her metal throne she remained nested, eyes of crimson barreling down on the unknown assailant who dared to leave boot prints on her once polished floor.

    The smell of her kill like wine became refined in time, as a pool of red now began to build up as saevered head rolled into her presence. "A pity..." She purred, Valerna arching a brow as she pushed herself from off of her station. "I would of relished his torture so." Her words frigid, riddled with a sense of weight from their solemnity as she casually waltzed down the few steps in front of her throne. Raising her right hand as the molten orb launched itself skyward; eluding this strangers grasp. "I don't know whether to thank you, or harbor bitter resentment toward your actions? You've stolen my chance to kill, yet removed the possibility of staining these intricate boots with such unworthy blood..." She mused, arms now resting against her partially exposed abdomen. Her pointer finger stroking her chin as porcelain toned abs melted into the light.

    "Regardless; it is rude to take justice into your own hands!" She barked, her eyes now adorned with an inner unquenchable fire. Justified wrath furled her picturesque face, as lips contorted birthing a subtle frown. Valerna could of weaved a powerful spell and easily dispatched of the knight by now, but such a path violated one of her codes...that being honor. Such a underhanded tactic she thought as below her, instead opting for a more just and entertaining approach. Her hips swayed in seductive unity with her stride, as hungry gaze remained fixated on this child. "Shall I kill her my queen?" A watery; other worldly voice dare intrude on the scene.

    The ash vampiress did cast a venomous sharp glare toward the general direction of the voice. As the temperature within the throne room seemed to drop by a few notable degrees. "You think me as cripple? Or do you think me as one who needs to fight dirty to survive?" She paused, granting the Illithid a moment the ponder over the extent of his reach. One that has far surpassed it's rightful place. "I assure you I can hold my own with this lone knight, for a single soldier sent to die is seldom a threat. Her existence but a speck of dust caught in cosmic winds, being violently tossed every which direction by the relentless will of fate; an entity that knows no clemency young Jurn. Recall your place in this court; less I be force to remind you of it!"

    She bellowed, her harsh tone reverberating within these walls; amplifying it's sound beyond that which seemed possible for her tiny lungs. Tongue dare trace her luscious lips, moistening them as nostrils flared. Taking in her scent, the scent of her homeland that still clung to her armor as well as that of her beast of burden. "You're passionate and determined, but such traits are ill guided child. My name is Valerna, I am one of the oldest and most powerful vampires in all the realms; and sovereign within these humble walls. Pray tell me, why does hands so pure willingly wish to be defiled? Surely you know what your doing is a crime, being leveled on one who does not deserve this punishment?"

    She spoke not out of anger this time, no rather her thoughts seemed poised with authentic pity. Pity toward he cards she had been dealt, and the frivolity of th plans woven by her superiors. "Humble knight, what court sends you? So I may see them put to justice for their crimes..." She inquired, unsure of and not truly caring if she seemed willing to comply. For if she proved stubborn; Valerna would loosen her lips through various tortures. For all beings, no matter how fiercely loyal to their cause; can be swayed with the right barbaric approach. For even a mountain side, firm and enduring can be chipped with enough time from even the blow of a dull knife.
  4. As she entered the room, the scene hit the warrior as a bit theatrical, and she had to admit she was impressed that her arrival was noticed. Soon she took in Valerna's words and she scoffed lightly, "I sincerely do not care which emotions you choose to harbor, gratitude or hatred alike. Also that was not necessarily justice. I am simply following orders. Surely someone of your position can understand that underlings need to fulfill their tasks perfectly after all. But I think I veer from why I am here." After all Lithoniel wished to leave this place as soon as she possibly could.

    The girl placed her hand on the hilt of her sword as Valerna approached her. She needed to complete her goal but she knew she couldn't be careless right now. When a second voice called out it made her a bit nervous, she was certain no one else was there. The room felt a bit colder to her skin but was still nothing compared to what her homeland could be like. She paid close attention to the angry speech of the vampire and the realized a few things. The immediate thing that stood out is that there seemed to be an interesting relation between the ruler and the nobles, one which seemed to bring Valerna great irritation, though she supposed that could be found everywhere. Secondly, she noticed she was being underestimated, while that was good it still irked her.

    When she was once again addressed she felt her anger bubble up. "As much as I would love to inform you I only have permission to give my name, which I am sure would not please you. Revealing the group would mar my honor and I feel no need to do so. Moreover, If I were to reveal to you the name of the group regardless of those issues you would be unable to find them. They are smart and tarry not in one place for longer than necessary, they might even be in a new place as we speak." Of course she would know where they were possibly headed, but best not to say that. Her hand that still lay on her hilt grasped the sword firmly. "Any other inquiries or shall I continue with my job?" She did not wait for a response and drew her sword before moving quickly to deliver what could be a series of deadly strikes. After all, if she allowed the vampire to have to much time it could end badly for her.
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