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  1. This role-play takes place towards the beginning of A Dance Of Dragons. It'd be great if you have read or watched the series, but newcomers are welcomed! If you need a timeline of events and backstory of Westoros & Essos, here is a link: GoT Timeline
    Your character may be of any allegiance and walk of life. You may play a character from the series. You can also create a character and put them into an already existing house,(I frown upon a major house character, but if it is, please make them a distant cousin) or create a whole new house, though it would be very small and not of much importance. Also, your character cannot have dragon, ever. Don't ask. Three character total per role-player, and please keep your character active or I MAY HAVE THEM KILLED OFF. You will be expected to post at least once a week, 2-3 times preferably.If you want to create a House sigil heres a link: Sigil Creator
    Character Template:
    Origin(Basically history):
    Status(Is your character rich, poor, etc.):
    Allegiance(You can have no allegiance):
    Starting Location(You may create a small fictional village with a castle for nobility):
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  2. Name:Ilkanah Zaerasz
    Imagine him without all the Christian stuff and a scimitar and wearing a turban.
    Age: 23
    Origin(Basically history): The second son of a minor noble, Ilkanah Zaerasz has always been well off. Not swimming in gold, but money was not a concern for his family. Very smart, his tutors always gave him the highest praises. He did however, always get into fights. He also seemed to have a knack for fighting. His father had always pounded into him a deep pride for his heritage, and with that came the endless training in archery, since he was very young. However, he was also very good with a sword & shield, and okay with a spear. In addition to a his mastery of the bow, he also mastered the saber, and carries a scimitar around.
    Status(Is your character rich, poor, etc.): Moderately rich
    Allegiance(You can have no allegiance): Dorne
    Starting Location: Zaera, a small village with a castle at the end of the Green Blood.
    Extras: House Zaerasz.png
    Name: Aegon Targaryen VI
    Age: 25
    Origin(Basically history): Saved by Varys as a baby, Aegon is the leader of the Golden Company, a sellsword band. They have landed in the Stormlands and hold several castles, and are trying to establish a base of operations to continue their conquest and to put Aegon VI on the throne.
    Status(Is your character rich, poor, etc.): Moderately Rich, with enough money to support a sellsword company.
    Allegiance(You can have no allegiance): Targaryen
    Starting Location(You may create a small fictional village with a castle for nobility): Griffin Roost
    Extras: Leader of Golden Company, Claimant to Targaryen throne
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  3. Name: Qotho

    Age: 27
    Origin(Basically history): Qotho was a dothraki kal, his khalasar being the strongest of the 3 of them. He wasn't born as heir to the khalasar, but instead proved his might by defeating the previous khal at a very young age. Since then he started waging war in Essos, against the free cities, against the other Khals, people came to fear and respect him. The other two Khals plotted against him, and so a large rebellion popped in his khalasar. The free city of Meeren alongside the other two khals supported the rebels. Qotho lost and lived fled to the west. He didn't cut his braids off, for he didn't loose to swords, but to quills. He now lives his life as a sellsword accompanied by one of his former bloodriders.
    Status(Is your character rich, poor, etc.): He made it out of the Dothraki see with large amounts of loot. He's set up for life.
    Allegiance: The highest bidder.
    Starting Location: King's Landing
    Extras: Since he was a khal, you can imagine how good of a fighter and leader he was. He is also very lustful and greedy, sharing with no one but Orus.

    Name: Orus
    Age: 40
    Origin(Basically history): Orus was the brother of the Khal that ruled the khalassar before Qotho. He hated his brother due to his arrogance and was very welcoming of Qotho. Since then they became best friends and Orus was named Bloodrider. He's extremely loyal to Qotho and very religious.
    Status: Orus shares wealth with Qutho, so he's also doing fine
    Allegiance: Whoever hires Qotho also hires Orus
    Starting Location: King's Landing
    Extras: He's known to be one of the best archers in the Dothraki sea. He's very religious and hot heated when someone insults him for that aspect.
  5. Ill lool into this a bit better
  6. Name:
    Alodia Nightingale

    Age: 17

    Appearance when 19-20 of age:

    Origin(Basically history):
    Alodia is a foreign traveling merchant from the distant Eastern continents. She had left her country to pursue her dream of traveling the world like her great grandfather, much to her fathers reluctance. With a bit of help and coaxing from Alodia's mother, she was eventually able to set out on her journey.

    Moderately wealthy/poor

    ~Trades with everyone~
    (fancy of saying that picking one House to side with would be bad for business ;p)

    Starting Location:
    ~Traveling on the Roseroad from Highgarden to Kings Landing~
    (estimated time of arrival would be 2-3 days time, maybe just 1-2 if she hitches a ride)

    - Her usual products are all hand sewn dresses and accessories she makes herself.
    - Her specialties are sewing and cooking
    - Handy with knives and needles


    (no surname since his family did not have one)



    The slums of the (once) slave city of Meereen. His family had all died when he was just but the young of eight and since then he was left to fend for himself. Surprisingly enough he manged to survivor til the age of 10 and avoided being captured as a slave. He escaped the city at 12 years of age and traveled across the oceans to Westeros to start a new life. He honed his skills of swordsmanship at Kings Landing and considers the place as his second home, always stopping by if he is close enough.

    Poor but considers himself rich with memories

    None but he does secretly admire the Targaryens
    (since he had heard of one of them freeing Meereen from its Slave bound ways)

    Starting Location:
    Currently in Kings Landing

    - His jobs usually consist of guarding, assistance through traveling (since he pretty much explored all the ins and outs of Westeros), and bounty hunting (he won't kill a man though just bring him/her back to the paying customer. He usually doesn't take bounty hunting jobs but sometimes money is a necessity). He also takes animal hunting jobs (any type of animal really, excluding dragons those that's *mostly* just a joke ;p).
    - He also has a strange weapon that looks like a boomerang (depicted in the picture) that he has developed all techniques for.​
  8. Looks really interesting, I'm only about a 100 pages into A Dance With Dragons though, I hope that's not a problem

    Name: Lyria Hill
    Appearance (credit to amazing artist Wildweasel33 on deviantArt) (open)


    Age: 13

    Origin: Born as a bastard daughter of a man she doesn't know, Lyria was taken in by a kind, wealthy family that saw her begging people for money on the street. She was raised among four other girls and two boys whom she considered her siblings. After living with this family for six years, she has gotten used to a luxurious life until her house was burnt down by a group of bandits. She knows how to ride a horse and has some skill with bow and arrow.

    Status: Lyria now has nothing left but the clothes she was wearing when her village was attacked.

    Allegiance: She doesn't have any interest in politics or who sits on the throne, but prays to the Seven every day.

    Starting Location: An inn near Silverhill called "The Leaping Hound"
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  10. Does the mountain, or house Clegane for that matter, exist in this RP? This is happening 200 years before Robert took the throne..
  11. Really? I must've misread something, sorry, I'll edit
  12. No you're fine. Robert is dead by the time A Dance With Dragons occurs. In this book, Daenerys takes the slave city
  13. My mistake then, got the timeline wrong..
  15. Name: Sauldren Roselyn
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Origin(Basically history): Trained as a bounty hunter working the field sense ten, now retired. Sauldren lives with his father Julies Roselyn house. Now a Whisper for people, he
    retrieves secrets for a pay.
    Status(Is your character rich, poor, etc.): Roselyn have always been middle class.
    Allegiance(You can have no allegiance):
    Starting Location(You may create a small fictional village with a castle for nobility): Night Fall was founded by the Roselyn making them self's a well known name
    now in kings landing.
    Extras: (none,but:), Can't be trusted at most times.
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  16. What do you mean by a retired bounty hunter since 10? That doesn't really make a whole lot of sense
  17. From another perspective it doesn't what I meant to say was. "Trained as a bounty hunter working the field sense ten now retired. Is that more clear?
  18. OKay, just revise it a lil, and correct grammar and spelling
  19. My Mistake I always leave those little useless details out that in the end-end up being important and i find my self erasing it and re-doing like you see of the boy in the corner
    (<---Screenshot of my manga.)
  20. Nice
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