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  1. Naoto (open)

    Today was the big day for him. Some people would call their 'big day' as a test that they had been studying for, or a job interview that they had worked so hard to get. Others would call a 'big day' as the competition that they would partake in or an important stepping stone in their lives. For him, however, all of these things seemed to come together into a weird way.

    Today was the release of the game known as Dragon's Arc Online or DAO for short. A long-awaited MMORPG, it was being internationally released by CC Corporation, a very highly-regarded company for gaming, particularly online gaming. The boy laid down on his bed, his Nerve Gear resting to his side. Because he wanted to make sure that it fit his head properly, he bought the Nerve Gear separately from the actual game. As for the game, he spent hours- no, days even- on message boards, on the official DAO website, and on Google. Every small tidbit of information released about the classes, he knew. Every small detail about the world that was released, he knew. Every blog post, every little twitter message- it felt as if he had read them all and then even reread them. He had prepared himself for the release of Dragon's Lancet.

    Getting up early this morning, he spent a couple of minutes searching Youtube videos. Some people who had already received the game because of the timezone differences already had begun speaking on there about their experiences. Jealousy and excitement began to set in, so he had not gone to his computer since. He had only closed his eyes, going over his eventual decisions for his class. "Light armor, with Swords Dance as my latent ability to help with my attack lag... Or maybe something to help with the effectiveness of dual swords; they tend to make both swords hit a little bit less if they're being dual wielded..."

    Ding Dong!

    His eyes snapped open and before his mother could even mention that she was going to get the door, the teenage boy had already gotten to it. He opened the door, noticing immediately that it was the delivery people, with a small package in his hand. "Does a-" the delivery person looked to the package a moment. "-Naoto Fujimoto live here?"

    "Y-Yes, that's me!" he replied, jittery. A quick signature on the man's pad was all that he needed before he was handed the box. His mouth hung as he held the box in his hand. He had only waited months for him to feel it in his hands, so much so that unwrapping it on his front porch was almost a formality.


    Touya (his character name) (open)

    After finally loading it up inside of the Nerve Gear and cycling through his classes, Naoto had finally finished deciding on a class of character and his appearance. And with that, he was taken to the world that he had been waiting to be taken to.

    His eyes were closed, and he could feel the soft bristling around him as a small gust wind blew through. It was like he was waking up from a dream, as he opened his eyes and sat up. Taking a look around, he was stunned by what he was seeing. "So this is the world... One of the first ever virtual reality MMOs..." he muttered to himself. After all of the time that he had spent waiting for this game, he was still a little bit shocked to still be part of it all.
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  2. Sapphire
    Sapphire was excited her friend Naoto had been raving about this MMO for so long he got her all pumped up for it, now was the day it would arrive she had cleared her schedule and made sure none would disturb her today so she could explore this MMO. Naoto had already gotten his and was currently playing, stupid time difference. So she laid on the couch reading a book trying to get her mind off of DAO her patients running out until finally the door bell rang. She raced to it seeing that it was the delivery man "I have a package for Sapphire Dark?" she nods excitedly and signs the pad quickly bringing in the package and racing up to her room with it.


    After figuring out all the mechanics and loading up the Nerve Gear she finally chose her class and character appearance, within moments she was taken to the virtual world of DAO. She opened her eyes looking around at this new world, everything felt so real...she could feel the wind, the sun, she could hear everything perfectly, everything was so vivid...it was awesome!​
  3. He soon brought up the menu and went to his member’s list. There listed out every member of the game that was currently logged in. Bringing up his search function, he began typing in a name that was familiar to him. He had a small group of friends who he had spent time question with in another MMO that he was playing. Usernames could tend to carry over from game-to-game, and as a result, he felt confident in checking on the name ‘Luna’ when it popped up in his member search. He decided to send a quick message to her. ‘Hey, do you want to make a party with me?’ A simple question that would not ask too much. After all, it could have been a completely different person…
  4. Hearing a ping signaling she had a message she pulls up her menu finding her new messages she pulls it up seeing a player named "Touya" had sent her a message asking if she wants to be in a party with him. Recognizing the name from Naoto's username with the MMO they played together she messages back immediately "Hey is that you Naoto? Its Sapphire" she sends it hoping its him
  5. Naoto had sit back, basking in the light breeze that was swirling around him. Some people had already begun moving towards town, being led by the game's tutorial system. A small ding could be heard as a mail icon came up in front of him. He tapped it and read the email's contents with a small smile. 'I knew it! This is Naoya! Where are you? I just logged in, so I'm outside of the main city for the first level.' He stood up with a start before finishing his message. 'We should meet up. I would love to be in a party with you again!'
  6. (Is your username Touya or Naoya im confused lol)
    Seeing the mail icon pop up again she opens it and smiles at Naoya's enthusiasim "I am outside the main city too, im right next to the gate. Me too! This is gonna be fun!" she sends the message then sends a party invite to him. After she gets up from leaning against the wall looking for any guys with the name Naoya
  7. (Irl, he's named Naoto. In the game, he's known as Touya- so that's his username. Since its more of him in a virtual reality, I thought I would call him Naoto when he's doing actions, but only be named by others by his username. So he'll probably want her to call him Touya in public. xDD Of course, if its too confusing, then I'll refer to him as Touya instead. It'll be cute; the two of them will have names for them to use when they're around each other.))

    Naoya saw the email, and not even before he had the opportunity to click on it, he saw the party invite as well. "She certainly does move quickly." He pressed on the party invite, checking on the email to make sure of where they were to meet before taking off. Arriving at the front gate, he noticed Luna- weirdly enough, he more or less noticed her appearance before even noticing her username. He stood strode over in her direction. "Hey there, partner!" He raised his hand up to her with a bright, toothy mile on his face.
  8. (Ah okay that works =D hehe yes it will)

    Seeing Naoya approaching she smiles big excitement in her eyes "Heya! nice character" she high fives him giggling "This is so weird, its awesome!" she looks around at all the people "So where too now?"
  9. (So wait, should I refer to him as Touya or no?)

    Naoya surveyed the town's people. Many of the people, a lot of them freshly joining the game, were going back and forth, following the game's instructions. "Hey," he began, looking over to Sapphire. "Have you actually done virtual reality gaming before? ... Because I haven't, so I might have some problems adjusting a little bit. Moving's okay... But fighting..."
  10. (Up to you his real name or game name is fine with me, Ill go by Sapphire or Luna)

    Luna follows where Naoya is looking "No this is the first for me as well....but if we follow the tutorial we should get the hang of it, right?" she smiles at him pulling her big long-sword off her back inspecting it
  11. ((Alrighty~! And I just realized that I've been calling him Naoya all this time. xDD Naoto+Touya= Naoya! I so meant that to happen!))

    Naoto pondered for a moment to himself before looking to Luna. "You're right," he answered her, bringing up the blinking notification box that had been minimized all this time. Pressing on accept, an arrow appeared, pointing in the direction of the center of the town. "First things first... Oh, it looks like we can get some potions from finishing this tutorial." He pointed in te direction that the arrow was pointing him to. "So, its this way. Looks like we're going to go through the whole buying items drill..."
  12. ((Lol I was wondering..... XD))

    Luna follows Naoto's gaze "Okay cool lets get through this tutorial fast so we can learn to fight!" She smiles excitedly "Im curious of how fighting works here...and if we actually feel pain if hit" she starts walking toward the center of town following the arrow placing her sword back onto her back, she looks around amazed by the detail and color of this world "Hey can you feel this?" she pokes Naoto's shoulder gently
  13. Naoto took a look at how his character was: if he understood it properly, his character was more or less made to take some damage in the hopes of being able to use its massive sword. Now that he thought of it, he wondered if he could truly feel pain in this world... He soon felt something poking him before he looked back over to Luna. "Yeah, I can feel it," he answered. "Not sure if that is what you would qualify as 'pain' though." The item shop was right ahead of them now and Naoto looked to the screen to understand what he needed to do. "So we're supposed to buy two potions each using the gold that they have given us..."
  14. Luna smiles "Wow this is weird its like real life....but not" she looks at her own character seeing shes made for mainly offense sacrificing armor for attack, she shrugs and walks over to the item shop and greets the NPC seller, she responds back "Hello how may I help you? Looking for the potions I assume?" She pulls up a item menu in front of Luna showing all of the potions she sells
  15. Naoto agreed silently with Luna's explanation. It did feel like as if this world was closer to reality than what he was expecting. "Well, at least I didn't need to receive a sword through my stomach for me to learn if it hurt or not," he sheepishly smiled. His idea of a joke, but that idea did make his hair stand on end. Approaching the item clerk himself, he spoke up, "Just two Potions, please." He went into his pouch and took out all the gold that he had. The gold in the game were in forms of coins- although they were called gold, the pieces were actually gold, silver, and bronze. One hundred bronze equaled one silver, and one hundred silvers equaled one gold. Basic and to the point. The potions turned out to be forty silvers together, so Naoto handed one gold piece to receive sixty pieces of silver back.

    After putting the potions and money back into his pouch, Naoto looked back to the arrow, which was now pointing towards the city's exit that he had just come in through. "Looks like it time for us to fight," he pointed out to Luna.
  16. Luna gave Naoto a small smile "Hey im not that cold I dont stab friends in games.....unless they piss me off of course" her tone is teasing watching him purchase the potions liking the simpleness of the currency. She looks at where the arrow is pointing and smiles enthusiastically "Cool I wonder what they'll have us fight with, a dummy, a low monster, or other gamers.....can other gamers fight each other in this game? I can touch you but to actually wound you..."
  17. Naoto gave a knowing nod and smile at Luna's reassurances, but also made sure to make a mental note to be careful about staying on her good side. Particularly because the world did feel real, he certainly did not want to feel the pain of being impaled. As they began walking towards the edge of the town, Naoto heard Luna's question. "I actually looked this up. Apparently, towns are combat-free. But outside of towns, PvP is possible. So... yeah." Naoto noticed that they were approaching some dummies with targets painted on them. "Looks like we're getting dummies. Well, if someone is really bad at this, they could get taken out early so..."
  18. "Hmm thats cool, I hope there isnt a bunch of jerks on here that are all about ganking gamers though they suck" Luna looks at the dummies then reads the instructions on what to do "It says to focus your attack....okay" she pulls her sword off her back taking a battle stance in front of the dummy she slashes down on the dummy but her sword bounces off causing her to loose balance and fall back on her butt, she glares at the dummy
  19. Naoto had sat back and decided to watch Luna as she tried to attack the practice dummy. It seemed as if she had the right idea- well, at least until she fell back on her butt. Naoto sniffled, as he bit his lip, trying to hold back a snicker at Luna. "I-It looks like it might be a little bit difficult," he tried to assure her as he removed his large sword from his back. Just trying to carry it with one hand turned out to be almost impossible. "I wonder if I increase my strength stat that I can one-hand this thing..." He grips it with his other hand before swinging at the dummy like a batter swinging at a baseball. He stumbled back, only barely regaining his balance before falling down like Luna. "G-Got it! Barely..."
  20. Luna turns her glare to Naoto seeing him trying not to snicker "Ya you go right ahead hot shot" as she sees him fall down the same as her she giggles "Mhmm ya that dummy is totally terrified of you now" her tone is teasing as she stands up lifting her sword up again with one hand focusing her gaze on the dummy she takes a deep breath and her sword starts to glow a dark blue, she quickly slashes down on the dummy slicing it in half. She looks up at Naoto with a big grin "Yay!"
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