A Game of Magic but a Game of Death

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  1. I have a general idea that can be expanded on. I'm taking bits and pieces of concepts of a bunch of different animes and presenting my own unique twist.

    This story takes place around two characters, a Magician and a Summon, however they don't have a clearly defined master-servant relationship. The magician is very powerful in terms of magic however his/her control over it is minimal. S/he is able to summon a very powerful being however because of his/her lax of experience her summon refuses to follow him/her. All summoned beings of course are under contract and must protect their master until the master releases the summon from the contract however going any further than that is not necessary. We can get further into character builds and initial relationship later if I peek your interest.

    Who is the Magician, what can they do?

    The magician will have some form of magic that is not offensive or defensive. By that I mean they can't create shields or shoot fireballs. A good example of what they can do is perhaps they can touch something mechanical or electronic and tell what it can do, what is wrong with it (if broken) and how to fix it. Or perhaps they have a 'green thumb' what ever they plant and nurture will grow quicker, bigger, and (if edible) more delicious. Perhaps they have the ability to sense magic and be able to tell what the magician is using it for. Again we can get into that later.

    What about the summon?

    The summon will look like a human however they are far more powerful. Not all summons powers are the same, however generally all of them are much more physically and magically capable than any human might dream to be.

    As far as story goes I would like to work it out with whoever chooses to be my partner. I will say I do have some idea's about how the story will go but we can also get more into that later.
  2. Wow, this may be a fast reply, but I really really really like the idea!
  3. @Taichou
    I was not expecting to find someone so quickly! Let's start with some basic rules I would like us to follow. They are farly flexible so just tell me if you don't like one of them.

    1. One, I really don't like the use of strong language. Please try to keep curse words and profanities to a minimal. I don't mind them being used every once in a while but multiple times a paragraph is unnecessary.

    2. I would like one or two paragraphs. Four/Fives sentences per paragraph should be fine. Of course if you don't want to write that much then I could always lower it. This rule is extremely flexible.

    3. Finally, I really don't like the use of religion in these kind of RP's. I hope this doesn't offend you in any way, sorry if it does.

    Are these acceptable to you?
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  4. I also like this as wellll.
  5. @NorwayFOO

    I'm totally ok with not swearing, I'm not a huge fan of it when writing, to be honest.

    I will exceed 2 paragraphs, if you don't mind. I tend to write to much for my own good. But, if I write to much the first time, and you write less then I for a response, I tend to mirror my posts. So, you don't have to worry about that!

    I don't mind what so ever, religion isn't my go to to basically anything. So, once again, no need to worry!
  6. Well since I have multiple people interested I'm going to have to ask each of you to PM me before we continue working anything out.


    If your ok with the rules I posted above then please feel free to PM me!


    I'll send you a PM with more details then!
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