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  1. How to Play:
    Mafia is played by two teams: the mafia, whose members know each other's identity, and the innocents, who at first know only the number of mafiosi in the game.

    There are two phases: "night," when the mafia may eliminate a player from the game, and "day," during which players vote to "lynch" (eliminate) a suspect. The night phase in when each person sends the GM their role-based action, and the day phase is where people have the opportunity to talk with each other, investigate the scene, etc. These phases follow each other continuously until all mafiosi have been eliminated or the mafia outnumbers the innocents.

    If there are as many mafiosi as innocents in the day-phase then a mafia victory is declared immediately.

    The Roles

    Roles will be assigned in secret. You are not to tell anyone of your role or your alignment. Here are a few examples of the roles offered:

    Detective: Allied with the innocents, the Detective can detect the other roles of players at night.

    Medic: The medic is able to choose one person to protect each night. If the mafia so happens to choose that same target to kill, a substantial hint will be dropped for the innocents.

    Vigilante: The vigilante is an innocent who has two bullets, and on his or her own accord can choose to kill the person they believe is mafia during the night phase.

    Double-agent: Double agents pretend to be with both the mafia and the innocents. The traitor works to protect the mafia, but the undercover cop works to protect the innocents. If the mafia wins, the undercover cop loses. If the innocents win, the traitor loses.

    The Role-Blocker: A role-blocker has the opportunity to block one person's role each night.

    You can ask the GM for a specific role, but otherwise they will be given at random. DO NOT TELL PEOPLE YOUR ROLE D:

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