A Game of Ice and Fire

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  1. A Game of Ice and Fire


    King Robert Baratheon is dead. His son the good King Joffery sits the iron throne. But all is not well and content in the Seven Kingdoms. Rebels stir. The traitor, Eddard Stark, has escaped and he and his son rally an army from the North. King Joffery's uncles claim the Iron throne for themselves, and each rallies an army of their own to march against the King's Peace. Renly rallies the Tyrells in the south, and Stannis a navy from the east. The King's deformed uncle, Tyrion, has taken up the role as Hand of the King, but tensions run high with the Queen Regent Cersei.

    The Seven Kingdoms stand poised to devour themselves in war.

    Winter is coming.

    Join us!
    Based on GRRM's A Song of Ice and Fire
    Our story begins at the end of book 1/season 1
    Payed for domain with no ads
    Friendly and inviting community
    Writers dedicated to quality story
    Lots of Canons available for play
    Original characters welcome too

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