A Game Of Cat and Mouse

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Hello Everyone~~
I'm Wicked_"Innocence" or Wicked or whatever else you want to call me and I'm here for the one reason that everyone else is here for, I'm looking for a partner for an idea that I had~

Now I don't want to make this too long or waste your time so I'll tell you what I'm looking for in a partner, but quickly!

1) I would love a partner that's literate and can give me at least two paragraphs (but just know that way more is welcome)

2) Please be able to give me at least one post a week. Of course I'll take more but I know that holidays are around the corner and real life gets in the way.

3) Following rule 2, if you get bored or just don't want to participate in the role play anymore tell me. My feelings won't get hurt and I promise I won't cry. But if we did form a friendship I would love to keep that going >_<

4) I'm a very patient person so I would in turn love a patient person. Sometimes I get really flooded with classes and I just can't reply, of course I'll try to make sure I get you a reply but it may or may not be at lightning speed.

5) And lastly! Please be able to play both genders, I can play both male and female characters and I would love a partner that doesn't just play submissive females. If you tell me you can only play submissive females I'll turn you away...sorry~

Now the worst part is over, so now we can get onto the plot I had in mind!!!!

*Plot: A Game of Cat and Mouse
*Includes: Dark themes, strong language, violence
*Genre: Action, Romance, Modern Fantasy

Muse A had been the best CIA Agent there was, and if she was tasked with a job she completed it with no questions asked. But lately America has been having problems with Russia who's been making weapons for the war that they're trying to wage on America. These aren't just the normal atomic bombs or powerful guns, but they're making supernatural humans to do all their dirty work...and that's where Muse B steps in. She was normal once, until the genetics and DNA of an Umbra witch was placed in her genes and she was made into a dangerously beautiful weapon of the Russian assassins. And her first task, take out each and every member of the senate then aim for the president.

Muse B is sent over to America as soon as possible and is invited to a big party that the President had been throwing to make sure that the Americans and Russians were still on peaceful terms, and that party was going to be the place for her first target to die. Until she meets Muse A that is. Of course she isn't supposed to affiliate herself with the Americans but what could she say, Muse A started talking to her first. One thing leads to another and Muse A and Muse B end up sharing the same bed. What Muse A doesn't know is that Muse B is using her to get the information that she needs, but what happens if after a while Muse B isn't using her but actually falling for her instead even when she knows that failing this mission could mean the death of her and her family.

What I'm looking for:
•Someone 18+, not saying that this has to contain sexual themes but if it does, I don't want anyone to get in trouble
•A FxF pairing
•Someone who's okay with playing multiple characters.
•Someone to play Muse A

Now everything is done, but letting anyone know...I will take multiple partners for this idea, the first partner will role play in a thread if they're okay with that and my other partners will role play this in a pm. (I'll only take a maximum of three partners for this idea).

(Ps: I can use real and anime face claims for my characters but I prefer real so I would also like a someone who's okay with using real face claims)

So hopefully I'll see someone soon

~Dark Disney~

Shinigami: Death God
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