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Do you have someone who should be on such a meeting?

  1. I cannot imagine such an even without a representative of my people!

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  2. Words are for the weak!

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  1. Do you have a race of aliens who doesn't just shoot anything they see? A race who might be interested in starting trade or making a alliance with other races?

    Then you might be interested in this idea i have! It's essentially a big meeting between ambassadors, represantives and others who has an interest there!

    Anyone interested?
  2. Well, I certainly have races for it... question is how they would go about an intergalactic meeting...
    Depending on how you are thinking of going about it I may be interested indeed.
    (I really need some of my races to get of their lazy asses and do something productive.)
  3. I chose to keep it simple in how the meeting works. One race, the Nae'Thran, decided that with all the conflict in the galaxy, a meeting of wisely chosen words rather than arms could do a lot more to change the situation. So they declared that they were going to have a meeting of diplomats and other figures of similar roles, and started sending out invitations. Word spread, and they got requests from other races for invitations, which they happily sent out.

    In the end, they were positively surprised by the number of people interested. And so, the original conference hall they had planned to use simply became too small. So they made a space-station, which orbits their home planet, made specifically for this occasion. And as they are in a rather safe part of the galaxy, they have naval superiority in the area, allowing them to set the rule that each represent could bring one ship, then take a shuttle to the station from orbit. There, there will be free food, drinks and lodgings for the entire event, making it essentially one big ambassador's ball!

    I did not plan to write that much about it. I planned like a sentence o.o
  4. I have a race that i created that all in the universe knows, but knows very little about them. By any chance would this race be allowed? They are known for their defense of the weaker races, and their superior technolgy, but mostly a peaceful race.
  5. @Death
    I see no reason such a race cant come. They'd probably be one of the ones who got a invitation in the beginning if they're so well know :P
  6. Can i bring a friend?
  7. Is there a reason the ambassador should bring that friend? I havent decided on whether people can bring a +1 or not.
  8. Is it possible a race stumbled upon the gathering ?
    As in "was close enough to notice the many different races traveling in that direction and decided to send a ship of their own ?
  9. I don't think so. They might be happy to hand out invitations, but they wont just let riff-raff come in because of that!

    If there is someone important on there, he/she/it may request a invite though. Important people are lucky like that.
  10. Who are you calling riff-raff xD
    And regarding important, they would ask for an invite, always good to know whats out there.

    Now then, what kind of universe is this ? What kind of rules and settings O_o
  11. Uhm... A big galaxy, with a lot of different races and types of technology. Meaning that I wont have to put down many rules about what exists there and not! ;P

    But yeah. Lets see, some rules then: No empires that stretch all over the galaxy, having thousands of planets, cause that'd be a bit too big.
    Faster than light travel exists, in many different forms, varying in speed. Traveling between planets in one solar system tends to be of too small scale for such travel though. Traveling between systems can take from days, to months to years, depending on the efficiency and distance, of course.

    I cant really think of any more rules atm >_<
  12. Fair enough ^^
    So I guess mental powers are feasible then, (as it is sci-fi and not fantasy, where I would say magic)

    So, do you have a plot lined out, or is it mostly up to the players ?
    Peace talks...
    Or peaceful declaration of war xD
  13. Mind-powers are fine with me! :D

    And no, there's no real plot outlined. Just put a bunch of people who can declare war or peace and other such things together and see what happens :P
  14. Lovely, as per both things ^^
    Do you have some kind of CS for us to write our space-nations/races in ?
    Or are you saving it for the OOC :)
  15. Havent thought about it, but when you mention it, I'll probably toss up a CS for the OOC!
  16. The plus one would be a close friend and ally to what my character would be, not to mention a representative of his own race.
  17. If he's a representative of his own friend, he doesn't have to be a +1, he can be a invited guest as well.

    Oh, and yes, I will allow multiple characters per person.
  18. I have a race of aliens I've used in short stories who are considered evil and manipulative by a lot of other races (especially humans) but aren't really that bad. The reason why they've done some pretty nasty stuff in the past is due to another race of what I can best describe as a mix between the Sontaran empire from Doctor Who and "Space Nazis".

    The race they're fighting are called the Exen and the actual race itself are called the Curabitur.

    So I'm thinking that although the Exen aren't invited (as they'd open fire on all of the diplomats) the Curabitur are and use this to explain their actions and gain support for the war against the Exen or something.
  19. @Some_Bloke Sounds like a plan! You're more than welcome to try to garner some support! Who knows, there might even be some races out there, looking for someone to do some mercenary work! ;)
  20. I have a lovely few races that would be more than willing to do some war.
    Just find them among the others xD
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